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Your boy.. looks like you're carrying yourself as a kid, dont need to look twice to tell the similarities!

Yeah, pretty sure I would not be driving behind you with that set up

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I haven't been where the water is that cold, but it would make sense on smaller Lakers, but also canoe close to shore so if you do take a tumble, you'll have a short distance to swim.

I like the yellow and black combo :)

Chemical fiber clothes especially easy to wash pet hair, if they do not have hair removal tool, this method can bring help for us. We need to use some water, so that water can clean up the hair. This method is very simple and practical. First, wet hands in tap water, and gently wipe clothes from hands. The pet fur on clothes is easily glued to the hands. This method is really too economical.

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Also dryer sheets remove the static electricity and make it easier to wipe off.

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Interesting! I'll keep that in mind!

So where would you get water from, lol! Do you bring it or are there small ponds of water in the dessert?

What camera did you take these photos with (referring to Imgur album below as well!) Looking good!

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Thank you! Honestly, all of those photos were taken with my Galaxy S6 Edge.

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I'm in my fourth year of undergraduate in biology, mainly in health sciences and we learned in our exercise physiology class that our core body temperature drops naturally when we sleep, possibly making you feel colder when you wake up in the night. Not sure about the full bladder scenario, but I've heard of it as well. I almost think it doesn't make you colder cause it's part of your body internally so it's already warm... Might have to do some research!

One if the favourites for /r/ultralight is the Sony Rx100 series. Alot of people rave over that camera for it's lightness and sharp inage quality for a compact camera. Also the Canon G7x series that is also decent camera as well, but specs aren't quite up to par with it. The Sony cameras range from $500ish - 1200 so they're a bit price y

Does sleeping in a tent in your front yard really qualify as camping and hiking?

Not trying to diss your pic OP, looks nice, just trying to start a discussion.

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I mean, sure! But I think the purpose of camping itself is to move a shelter away from your "home base" since you can't move you house (obviously) and experience a new setting away from your home base. I think that's one of the intriguing concepts of camping that so many people enjoy around the world.

After all, when humans were dispersing throughout the world thousands and thousands of years ago, we rarely stayed in one spot. So our living quarters changed very frequently, so (in my opinion) we're kinda connecting to our inner human of what we just naturally do.

What kind it camera did you use to take these pics? Looks great!

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Thanks! Fuji X-T2

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Just looked at the price and being a student, nearly had a heart attack

I like to bring a sketchbook, a mechanical pencil, and plenty of lead. Nothing better than drawing happy little trees while outdoors.

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Does you book not get bent or folded when it's in your pack? I always have a full pack and I would think I could damage a sketchbook with all the stuff in it!

It does get bent sometimes, but usually I align it with a vertical side of my pack so it's pressed flat.

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Ah, good idea!

I just go with the tried and true: Vaseline, half a tampon. Works for rugby, works for backpacking.

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Played rugby for 8 years. Can confirm. But even just tampon without Vaseline works just as well.

I think it's spelt "Algonquin" :( but still looks awesome!

Setting your tent up in all those jagged rocks, does it not rip the bottom if you move around in the your tent?

All the backpacking bags I've ever had have had a drawstring closure and a flap that buckles down over the opening. I find that no matter what I do the flap never sits snugly at the top like you see in the product/model pics. This is the current bag I have. Any suggestions on what to do to get a snug fit?

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Only thing I could think of is get a smaller bag or stuff puffier (but lighter) items at the top of your bag to make more snug fit.

Never in my life have seen such a fucking call like that. Unbelievable.

I'm from Canada, but I've always wanted to go to Yosemite... Why do you guys think the prices went up? I know that the park is friggen' busy all the time, so would it be an attempt to reduce the visitors?

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