New Premium TV service from Silicondust (HDHomerun) integrates OTT delivered cable networks with your OTA channels. by joeysdad in cordcutters

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Yeah, everyone is busy freaking out about Netflix showing ads.

But an OTA DVR now offereing live cable channel streaming packages is kind of a big deal. Especially for those that live in areas where their local OTA channels are not offered on any streaming package.

And this works with their DVR hardware...so no real file size or time limitations. That kicks all the other services right in the face.

This could be a really nice all-in-one deal that passes the "grandparents and kids test".

People really aren't appreciating what this means.

GA Car camping arrival times by Oztotl in lockn

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They usually line people up on the race track area who arrive early.

Last year we showed up an hour prior to the time they opened the gates. There were probably a good 200-300 cars there early. They were very prompt on when they opened the gates.

Resonance Festival once again dropping a diverse and unique lineup filled with heavy hitters from the jam and electronic scenes. by lunchbockslarry in festivals

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Yeah, that caught my eye for sure. Would love to hit this up but probably not in the cards for me (can only do so many fests a year).

Forest Camping Question by trevred08 in lockn

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Going off of years past, will be no issue whatsoever. Zero people checking wristbands or anything. Also people ignore main entrance into forest camping and come and go through whatever path they feel like.

But they have also never sold out of forest camping like they did this year (honestly not sure if they ever have sold out). Curious to see if the area is smaller or if they lock it down this year.

Cant Miss Bands by illinest1 in lockn

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More than 5....

  • umphrey's
  • lettuce
  • toots
  • tedeschi trucks
  • pigeons
  • anything keller
  • jrad
  • big something

And I agree with what /u/1ncog said, bring some folding chairs and bring a blanket. You can setup shop out in the main field and hang out all day. Check out this picture.

We usually come into the main area around 1-2pm, drop out stuff, and come and go all day long. Nobody is going to touch your shit.

Must haves by illinest1 in lockn

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For sleeping

For hanging out at camp

  • small tarps. We roll with two EZ-UPs. One for over tent and one for chairs to hang out under. Put down tarp in front of tent entrance. Nice to be able to kick off shoes before entering tent. And another tarp for under chairs for same reason.
  • solar lights. Hang them up under ezup. Put solar panel in sun. Now you dont have to worry about camp lights all weekend. Lights come on automatically at night.

For inside venue

  • folding chairs to take inside. It's going to be a long weekend. And you can take chairs in to main stage area. We usually go in when music starts, setup a camp in front of stage (but behind soundboard), then wander in and out of the camp all day long. Also makes it easy to meetup with crew throughout the day.
  • packable nylon blanket. Drop this bad boy down for your setup inside the venue.

Forest Camping Sites available! by keleful68 in lockn

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Does this include the GA tickets? Or is this just your forest camping vehicle tickets? It isnt very clear from the posting.

I ask because you have set it to where you have to buy both tickets of whatever you are selling. No option to just buy one. Would be a curious way to sell camping passes only that way.

YTTV Down? by hoosier031989 in youtubetv

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willing to bet money that match and the corresponding network load play into the outage.

What Bonnaroo really needs by Brandonbest4 in bonnaroo

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Wandering from Skrillex into Alice Cooper is one of mine

Happy high five Friday y’all! by caitylyn27 in bonnaroo

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While I know everybody does love this...please wash/sanitize your hands after you enter.

This is how the Bonna-flu spreads so easy....

What kind of files will be so rare to find in 10~ years? by Blackwater_7 in DataHoarder

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Live Webcasts.

All those concerts, talks, book reads, interviews, etc.

Half of the companies doing the streaming probably won't exist in 10 years. Lord knows what will happen to all the content that was streamed once and potentially never properly archived.

Mid-Year Sale Incoming by OR3OTHUG in PS4

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Yes, really enjoying it now.

Totems? by [deleted] in lockn

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Totems and flags are a thing. Just don't be a jerk about it and stay behind the soundboard (aka stay out of pit area). Nothing more annoying than somebody waving around something stupid 5 feet away from the artist playing.