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30 points · 5 days ago

Get yourself some decent size cones and lay your figure 8 over 2 of them. Reduces tangles even more.

I used to call them my orange apprentices. Except they followed instructions better.

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Except they followed instructions better.

Truer words were never said.

Apparently Wesley Snipes doesn’t read r/tifu

CBTNUGGETS does have an old BGP course from the CCIP/CCNA-SP course they did years ago, much of that information is still relevant. You should check it out.

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This is a known bug with these switches which is fixed in NOS 6.0.2h.

We had these problems in a 19 Unit VCS fabric and needed to netinstall the failed units. Contact your TAC to get the Netinstall instructions and the needed upgrade Licenses for your unit.

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This is the right answer, call TAC, and push hard. Even if you don’t have support you should be able to get the netinstall information.


Fun one, done with tongue in cheek.

Bought a new house mid July, got a great deal but needed to do some updating to it (mid 90’s home, nothing since it has been built was updated).

Fast forward to today, we’re finally done with most of everything, got our punch list going, and are running through it.

A little side note on folks helping me, my father in law, we’ll call him Phil, was a construction superintendent for over 30 years, knows a lot about home construction, but isn’t a great teacher. Expects us to run like a group of subcontractors who know what we’re doing, we don’t. He yells about everything, he’s a great man, but just doesn’t know how to not yell”.

At any rate, he gives my nephew (19 yo) a roll of blue masking tape, and tells him to put a piece of tape where there’s a defect/blemish on the walls. Nephew starts taping up the blemishes, and misses a few spots, Phil starts yelling “you dumbass, I told you to make everything!” .

My nephew says something to the effect that his eyes are no good, but keeps going. After he finished up, he said “I gotta go be somewhere in a half hour”. This was pre arranged, so we knew about it.

An hour later Phil goes to leave, and as he’s walking out we hear him say “that son of a bitch!” And starts laughing. We run over and see this, so we all start laughing and then clean it up.

Edit: “in”.


Can somebody help me understand the malicious part of this? To me it looks like he just marked the blemishes on the door in addition to the wall. It seems like he was just trying to be as helpful as possible. It's not like it's a ton of blemishes that were marked or anything, it's just a few pieces of tape on the door.

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Original Poster40 points · 8 days ago

Knew he only needed to do the interior, missed a spot, got told all the blemishes, this in spite of knowing that the spirit of the request was the interior. It was harmless and funny, but it’s also MC.

-1 points · 8 days ago

Suggested Edits: for post clarity.

(mid 90's home, nothing since it has been built was updated.)

(mid 90's home, no rennovations were made in the home since it was first built.)

Fast forward to today, we're finally done with most of everything, got our punch list going, and are running through it.

Fast forward to today, we're almost done with everything so we decided to run through our checklist to make sure we covered what needs to be done.

A little side note on the folks helping me, my father in law, we'll call him Phil, was a construction superintendent for over 30 years, knows a lot about home construction, but isn't a great teacher. Expects us to run like a group of subcontractors who know what we're doing, we don't. He yells about everything, he's a a great man, but just doesn't not know how to yell".

A little side note: My father in law (Phil) was a construction superintendent for over 30 years. He knows a lot about home construction; however, he isn't a great teacher. Phil expects us to run like a group of subcontractors who know what we're doing even though we clearly lack experience. He's a great man but Phil yells about everything, sometimes I wish he had an off switch because all he does is yell!

  • Phil starts yelling, "you dumbass, I told you to make everything!"

The exclamation point is fine but you can bold the quote by using two asterisks “**” or type in caps to show intonation, or you can do both.

you dumbass, I told you to tape everything!


-"I gotta go be somewhere in half an hour."

(If your nephew said that put [sic] at the end of the quote to show you're directly quoting his words even though he has poor word choice.)

"I have to be somewhere in half an hour." or "I have to go somewhere in half an hour."

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Original Poster8 points · 8 days ago

Thank you teacher Harriet!

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Shouldn't it be using a bash prompt instead of dos since its android?

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In that case wouldn’t it be a kernel panic instead of a BSoD?

Cool, but why would


return those values?

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If you had files named that, it could. Granted the special chars are a stretch, it would.

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For a couple of summers during college I was a dishwasher at a local youth correctional facility. The job sucked, but the pay was really awesome (about $3 dollars more than the min. wage at the time) and I was able to get free (shitty cafeteria) food. Most of the staff really didn't give a fuck about the job and the kitchen was always gross. For example the industrial dishwasher we had was almost never cleaned before I got there. They would clean it maybe twice a month when the supervisor would bother with an inspection. The dishwasher was like a mini car wash, you would put the plates on a conveyor belt and they would go through each section before coming out. That means all the gunk, all the leftover food on the plates (that were usually not even completely cleared off) isn't really cleared off. This is doubly true with those plastic cafeteria trays because the curves on the tray (especially the back) is perfect for collecting gunk. I was completely grossed out by this, all the staff used the same stuff as the kids so they were eating off of these filthy trays, bowls, plates etc.. So I would always clean the dishwasher before I left, which was super tedious, but completely worth it. It would even work better when taken care of properly.

Fast forward to a college break, I think it was Spring break, and I decide to pick up a couple of shifts to make some quick cash. It was a standard shitty day (I also had to be a server that day, which is always awful) so come around the end of the day I go to dissemble and clean out the dishwasher and immediately regretted that decision. Like I mentioned taking apart the dishwasher was tedious and there were a lot of different compartments to it. The most important one to clean was basically where all the trash would go after wiped form the plates, which was like a gutter in the bottom of the machine. As I get closer down to this gutter I can smell that it hasn't been cleaned in a while, it smelled awful. So I take a deep breathe and undo the hatch and was immediately hit with literally the worst thing I've ever smelled. I can't even really put into words how awful the smell was, I would imagine it smelled pretty similar to the cumbox if it was also home to a collection of putrid dick cheese, rotting meat, and a heaping scoop of pig's shit. I immediately threw up, didn't even have time to gag or process what the fuck was happening. I fucking hightail it out of there and my coworkers ask if I'm okay, to which I answered with a resounding what the fuck. When I asked when's the last time someone actually did a thorough clean of the dishwasher one guy shrugs and says probably when you cleaned it last, WHICH WAS ON THANKSGIVING BREAK. I just left, didn't say anything, didn't even both to gran my backup from my locker, I just left. My boss called the next day to ask why I wasn't in and I told him to fuck off.

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Smelled like a cumbox?

I think you mean, a cucmconut

All you need to work for riot is no more than two semesters of javascript and an absolute inability to understand how game balance works.

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Easy to say when you’re not the one having to make decisions.

Better buffers, let’s face it, Cat switches are excellent for campus traffic, but the Nexus is suited to standard data center, converged and hyper converged infrastructure.

Sure the Cat9Ks can handle 10G and jumbo, but not at the rates the Nexus can. That and better programmability, VPC, and just a more mature platform (Cat9Ks are still really new).

2 points · 17 days ago

I have 9500s at remote offices where we have HyperFlex HX present. It works fine for those but only branch office operations. We will be deploying Nexus 9ks in our data centers where our primary UCS installations are. Remote offices to save some serious coin: Cats are fine. Data centers where you're pushing throughput: NX.

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I’m not saying it’s a necessity, but know your application. The Cats will perform well as long as you keep it small and minimal, if there’s a good chance of scaling, spend the coin now and set yourself up for the future.

When I was in my early 20’s and trying to get my life together, I had some roommates who always had one or two weird characters who would come around.

One of these characters was some dude, we’ll call him Brian. Brian would talk about how he started doing Meth, and enjoyed the energy, and the crash for days later.

The unsettling part was, when he said “one time I shot meth meth in a vein on my dick, and came instantly!” And that just unsettled me, I asked my roomies to not bring Brian over anymore, and as soon as that lease was up, I moved away, and didn’t hang around that crowd anymore.

Nope, just nope!

You need an IT bachelors to get into the field

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No you don’t, does it help? Sure! But you don’t, I have an AS and make a comfortable salary.

Probably not, only because AT&T is famous for having in house tools you have to use to troubleshoot/manage systems, while you can get really good at managing/fixing stuff with those tools, that knowledge is only good for AT&T’s systems, and doesn’t transfer elsewhere.

Build your skill set, either by getting certs or just home labbing it up! Find opportunities to apply these skills at work, volunteer to help the sysadmins/netadmins/Engineers if that’s something your company allows, build relationships with people in other departments.

After about 5 or so years( if you need to get higher pay sooner, no less than 2 years) then start looking at other companies.

Interface names are different, for instance:

ASR interface names look like Gigabitethernet 0/0/0

CSR look like Gigabitethernet0

Switch modules won’t be a thing on the CSR, so if you have switch blades on your ASR you won’t get that on your CSR.

Functionally, they should be similar aside from the hardware vs virtual differences.

Then her father stood up and he started to shout, so I though at right cross and knocked his old glass out!

Everyone here saying yikes but they all know this is what theirs looked like on first boot.

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1 point · 21 days ago · edited 21 days ago

Never, I always route my cables ahead of time! I’ll even take the damn time to unroute if there’s an issue.

Here’s my last build from March.

If I’m being honest I’ve built my first pc in 2000, so I’ve been doing this for a while now. And yeah, back then cable management wasn’t a thing, I still remember reading an issue of maximum PC and seeing a really nicely managed PC, and thought to myself “what is that?! I want that” and that’s when I started being anal about my cable management.

Edits: added more info.

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  • Three Serbs

  • Two South Africans

  • Two Indians

  • Two from a country I can't identify, that uses Arabic script and has the eagle on it

  • One Moroccan

  • One Japanese

  • One Taiwanese

  • One Filipina (judging by the hand)

  • One Thai

  • One mystery blurry purple passport

Can anyone fill in the gaps?

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Egypt is the one with the eagle!

My wife and I accidentally did something like this to a friend of mine while he and his wife were on deployment to Afghanistan.

He sent me an email, requesting condoms and lube, and that he didn’t want anything crazy, and his name wasn’t “Tyrone”. So my wife and I pick up the most basic pack of lifestyles and astroglide we could find, packed them up, and filled out the shipping forms.

My wife is a “play it by the rules” kind of gal, seeing as this is the first time she’s ever shopped anything internationally, she was honest with the customs forms and declared what was in the box.

Fast forward 2-3 weeks later, I get an email from my buddy (we’ll call him Capt. Buddy) telling me about a “Special delivery of Lifestyles Condoms and Astroglide for Capt. Buddy US Army”....


Tell him the truth, and why. If they don’t know how their business decisions are impacting their workforce, and the reasons you’re leaving.

Ultimately, you’ve been loyal for 20 years, due to the costs of the benefits, you can no longer afford to work there. You gotta take care of you and your family first.

If your boss truly cares for you, which it sounds like he does, he’ll be disappointed, but happy for you.

Use your time to learn something else that you can use to find another job.
It's way easier to find another job while you still have one.

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This, learn some new skills, or master some existing ones, and find a new job.

Peesa? I like peesa!

12.2k points · 27 days ago

She doesn't want you to fix her problem.

She wants you to listen to it and sympathize.

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It’s not about the nail!

Reloaded by reload is a result of a reload command being issued. That being said, do you have unique sign in ids? Also, do you log these events? If not, this is a good time to start.

All of the above if you can, helps you develop a well rounded view of how everything works, and doesn’t limit you to a silo.

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