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Kered13 7 points

China is actually weaker than USA and GLA in general. The tier list for Zero Hour basically goes:

B: Toxin, Stealth, Demo, Infantry
C: vUSA, Laser, vGLA, Nuke, Tank
D: vChina
E: Super Weapons

unlikely1879 3 points

I remember Humvees being game-breakingly overpowered in ZH, rendering China pretty much obsolete. Strange seeing as China was tough matchup for USA in original generals, vees don't have nearly the same impact and get destroyed by gats in the OG game :|

Kered13 5 points

The difference is that ZH has ambulances that automatically repair humvees. This allows you kite forever with vees.

This doesn't make China obsolete, but it is a difficult fight. China basically needs to hit USA from three directions at once, forcing USA to either abandon one side or split their mdvees and micro on three fronts at once (basically impossible). Ultimately China wants to get a gatt behind the supplies to deny mining and slow down USA enough to eventually overwhelm them. Also both USA and China win for free if they have tech and the other doesn't: USA Search & Destroy lets mdvees kite without getting hit back, and Chinese ECMs almost totally negate rockets and can shut down mdvees to prevent them from kiting.

The other option for the Chinese end game is to get MiGs, which hit vees hard. Avengers are only a soft counter to MiGs and their slow speed makes it hard for USA to cover all flanks. MiGs are expensive though and slow to build and replace, and you need the black napalm upgrade, which keeps a factory occupied for quite awhile.

It's definitely a USA favored matchup, but still very much possible.

unlikely1879 2 points

Those are excellent points! It would have been amazing to watch the pro scene evolve and see how people dealt with Vees as China, multi-pronged attacks and teching up were definitely key. I think a large part might also be that most competitive games in the small comp scene were played on Tourney Desert, which I think is a heavily USA favoured map.

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SevenSixtyOne 2 points


Good job reaching out

Did you manage to hold out?

unlikely1879 3 points

I did, and waking up sober on a sunny morning felt incredible as always. Truly if there's any good in all of this it's a newfound appreciation for life (sober life that is)

MamaBLACKWID0W 3 points

I felt the same way tonight. Another opportunity to drink alone and have some “me” time. Bad thought process. I made a mocktail instead (juiced lemon, cran, lime soda) and took a long look in the mirror. My skin looks better after 19 days than it has in ages. I’m not even fully detoxed yet. I’ve got to redefine “me” time. Because for me, a couple glasses of wine tonight will lead to vodka blackouts eventually. I’ve gotta give the sweet, funny, smart girl I used to be a fighting chance over the smart-assed, salty, depressed drunk I became.

unlikely1879 1 point

"redefine me time" this is super important I think, it sounds like for both of us, a shift in perspective and attitude is required to really cement our sobriety (of course I can't speak for you, I'm just guessing, do correct me if I'm wrong!). I hope you remain your lovely sober self for years to come :)

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unlikely1879 commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
unlikely1879 1 point

I think snowballing is a tough balancing act. On one end of the spectrum someone dies and you lose the game (see season 2/3 Riven) then right now we're nearer the other end where possibly catch-up XP is over tuned and a few other factors make snowballing almost impossible which isn't fun for anyone either. I mentioned season 3, but we've seen it swing from one end to the other amidst big changes on many occasions. I would probably say wait and see, but I agree, right now the game isn't fun to watch at all.

WSp71oTXWCZZ0ZI6 11 points

Is this for a BSc undergrad thesis? Honestly, most of those, just pick something vague and kind of interesting. Don't worry about "has already been explored in great detail": that's to be expected at the BSc level. About two months in, you'll decide your original plan was stupid and you need to do something totally different, which is why the "vague" part of your proposal is so important. I've seen people just do like "a mobile educational game" or "a programming language" or "a search engine" for their BSc project. As long as you're halfway competent, you (or more likely your supervisor) will find a way to stick something unique or novel into it. It doesn't have to be Guernica, just a demonstration of your abilities.

If it's a MSc dissertation, a lot of those are just "I read a paper that had a really good idea and then decided to implement it because nobody else implemented it yet". Or, if you're more theory based, "I read and paper and decided to extend it a little bit because nobody else has done that yet". Has your friend been doing a literature survey?

If it's a PhD dissertation, your friend is fucked and should probably not be doing a PhD.

unlikely1879 2 points

Sorry, that wasn't clear at all! I'll edit the post in a minute. It's just a BSC dissertation, so I guess not much is expected. The idea of a game, e.g. mobile game sounds appealing, especially for him, I think his main issue is the whole "has to have little research in the chosen field". Thank you for your help :)

unlikely1879 commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
InfoKA 204 points

He's wrong here , lethality MF prefers maxing Q for those huge chunks , the last time E max mf was a thing was a year ago when Thunderlord was spammed on her . Everything else he says is a 100% true though

EDIT : Seems there's both sides to this argument play whatever MF you prefer either consistency with E(this feels more like an AP support MF thing ) or one Q kick them out of lane

unlikely1879 1 point

Important to note: Bouncing Qs still do a shit ton of damage even at rank 1, so why not have the obnoxious poke from E AND half health people with bouncing Qs?

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