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uptwolait commented on a post in r/worldnews
CatheterC0wb0y 423 points

Moon may say Trump deserves the Nobel Prize, but based on what I’ve seen, I think it should be him. Imagine the amount of shit Moon has gone through just to get to here?! He’s done more to try and make this work then I’ve seen from anyone else

uptwolait -1 points

I think they should award a rare, but timely joint Nobel Prize to all three of them. That would forever bind them together in history in a way that might keep pressure on them to personally avoid tarnishing the accolade. It would play to their egos rather than being some other worthless piece of paper.

TheRealBunderland 4 points

Isn’t Trump’s whole deal that we need to stop trying to fix the world, and start focusing on domestic issues? Unless I’m wrong, Trump seemed to run on a campaign of being strong when we’re needed, but no longer looking to police the world, so the idea of America’s declining influence sounds like everything is going well. To me, it seems like the Koreas have been figuring this out on their own as a reaction to Trump’s actions which have amounted to... tweets? Press releases? Phone calls? How much money do you think was saved by not holding a summit? How many opportunities for agitators to derail or attack the summit?

We only see a fraction of the interaction between international governments and act like we know better than the people who do this for a living. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this was an option from the beginning.

uptwolait -2 points

I tend to agree. I'd like to think that Trump saw his place in getting this peace ball rolling, but understands that working out the details is something best left to the Koreas.

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uptwolait commented on a post in r/EngineeringPorn
slenfbot 6 points

Yeah, roller blades are recommended

uptwolait -1 points

So you have to be gay?

[deleted] 1 point


uptwolait 2 points

Yes, I'm thinking of roller blades because that's what the poster I replied to said.

What were you thinking of when I mentioned having to be gay?

uptwolait commented on a post in r/announcements
KeyserSosa [A] 54 points

Yeah we've been talking about this too. Something like a "cooldown period" to make sure there's been a sufficient amount of time that's passed that the legitimate owner of the data either has a chance to see the (likely multiple) notices that their data is being exported, and that they have a chance to get to us to stop the export if they notice something fishy. There seem to be a lot of potential edge cases and surface for abuse, and if anything it feels a lot like a security analog of the byzantine generals problem.

uptwolait 2 points

Make sure the system accounts for a user who dies and cannot respond to notices that someone else is requesting their data for identity theft.

This puts quite a macabre twist on a "cooldown period."

uptwolait commented on a post in r/science
alphatera 18 points

Waze actually does now have a setting for "Reduce Difficult Intersections" which is basically as you described. I've recently had more issues with Gmaps routes since it doesn't seem to have such a setting.

uptwolait 1 point

Which would seem to make it even easier for them to implement the feature in Maps, since Google owns Waze.

uptwolait commented on a post in r/interestingasfuck
Morthun 20 points
uptwolait 18 points
helpimbees 48 points

Lol I like how you say “a bird” like not this bird specifically...

“Hey guys, you ever just want to try and stuff an ostrich in your mouth?”

uptwolait 2 points

Challenge accepted

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uptwolait commented on a post in r/worldnews
wowbagger 50 points

Byline: Truth for herds.Stuff that matters.

uptwolait 5 points

Shit we agree with.

weirdkittenNC 18 points

You just might be a unicorn then. Most people look through the comments, find comments they agree with and proclaim it as the truth.

uptwolait 2 points

Yeah, fuck /u/EverydayGravitas. I'm convinced that you've got it right on this one

because it aligns with my confirmation biases.

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uptwolait commented on a post in r/androidapps
jishhd 39 points


It's a basic journaling/mood/activity tracker I've used every day for almost 2 years. You can add custom activities (all self-reported) and have it remind you each day to keep it updated. Once you've collected enough data, it can start to pick out trends in how your moods and activities correlate (ex: you're most happy on days you've hung out with friends, or most bleh when you've drank).

Unfortunately it doesn't go too in-depth with analysis, and would be cool if it had some AI smarts to better identify trends instead of the mostly manual work it requires now. But you can export all your data to Google Drive and probably put it through something more sophisticated if you really want.

uptwolait 2 points

Does it also allow tracking if the number of hours of sleep you get each night? Because I'm really interested in whether or not there is a correlation for me and I'm not consistent enough with manually tracking it to get a long term trend.

IcanCwhatUsay 50 points

If you have a job that forbids you looking at your phone, this app might be better for you

uptwolait 13 points


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uptwolait commented on a post in r/worldnews
qpaenumw 95 points

He wants to make a difference to let the world see he is different from his father and grandfather.

uptwolait 0 points

Make the change you want to be.

SettleDownButtercup 4,049 points

Trump wants to be seen with Kim to legitimize himself as a world leader instead of a 3rd world dictator.

uptwolait 2 points

First World leader problems.

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uptwolait commented on a post in r/WinStupidPrizes
uptwolait 4 points

You can see in the trucker's mirror at the start of the gif that the white SUV asshole is driving on the apron and using it as his own personal give me the fucking 30 foot lead I deserve goddamn it! lane.

Zeonhart 115 points

Just trying to feed their hungry inflated ego.

uptwolait 40 points

I don't know about their ego, but my appetite for (almost) instant fucking karma just got stuffed fat and happy.

uptwolait commented on a post in r/technology
greatorder 11 points

You mean the mixed economy that most countries are presently using, where certain resources aren't subject to capitalism because they're things that are vital to life but aren't as easy to get access to as, say, food? Things like water, healthcare, that sort of thing?

uptwolait 1 point

...and equal access to internet?

TrickleSideways 15 points

It's literally the first sentence.

uptwolait 16 points

Always pisses me off when I have to read this far down in the comments to find out what the first sentence of the article said that I didn't read.

uptwolait commented on a post in r/gifs
average_user_421 337 points

The third was smart to move. No way the Hawk doesn't double back for him when he has a free hsnd.

uptwolait 1 point

Naw, I think it was more like "Mom and dad told me to watch out for my little brothers and fuck if I didn't let the bastards get raptured. I'm outta here!"

dragondadd 449 points

I had a robins nest in a hanging plant on my porch, a crow came and ate the babies. I found a wing in my driveway :/

uptwolait 0 points

I believe you mean a Jackdaw.

uptwolait commented on a post in r/gifs
Lev_Astov 19 points

You could probably stroke the top of its head and nose pretty safely so long as you are steady and have no danger of slipping. There's video of other people doing it in situations like this. And sharks in the wild seem to line up to be petted when they know what to expect from divers.

uptwolait 72 points

sharks in the wild seem to line up to be petted when they know what to expect from divers.

Nice try, shark.

geshupenst 41 points

Yeah. Like my heart's telling me to touch it, but my brain's telling me not to.

uptwolait 8 points

Reminds me of prom night.

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uptwolait commented on a post in r/WTF
poppleimperative 491 points

I think I remember reading her heart ended up on the opposite side of her chest from the force of the crash.

Edit: Apparently I was remembering the wikipedia article about the crash.

Despite attempts to save her, Diana's internal injuries were too extensive: her heart had been displaced to the right side of the chest, which tore the pulmonary vein and the pericardium.

"Opposite" was a poor word choice on my part.

uptwolait 3 points

Aorta make everyone buckle up then.

ovrnightr 103 points

Go on...

uptwolait 5 points

Get it nice and warm first...

uptwolait commented on a post in r/GirlsFinishingTheJob
IDreamOfSailing 5 points

Have you seen any of her videos?

uptwolait 1 point

Well, I have now.

theElcor61 3 points

Well. The guys start Cumming and they won’t stop cumming

uptwolait 1 point

Fed to Lilu and the jizz keeps running

uptwolait commented on a post in r/gifs
pizzatrip 696 points

The crusades

uptwolait 2 points

I didn't expect some kind of Spanish Inquisition.

Findthepin1 35 points

thank you for being the first redditor ever to use proper middle english second person grammar

like honestly tho i’ve only rarely seen that

uptwolait 1 point

Good thing I kept my Harbrace Olde University Handbook.

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