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True fraudship.

How to protect yourself from someone armed with a banana.

That kid in the white shirt really goes for it.

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He's definitely a power top.

Don't ride drunk kids

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I only ride sober kids.

He only had one truck left.

And he didn't give a truck.

808 points · 9 hours ago

They chlorinated it.

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306 points · 7 hours ago

They urinated in it.

I dated an arm once, but she was too emotionally detached

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How about giving me your digits, girl?

Stacks smoked.

Wait, is that it? I need more! Did she see it and die of shame? Or just kick it over and take a shit on it herself?

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The homeowner probably filed a lawnsuit over this shit, even though his evidence is on narrow grounds.

Spaghetti is great to eat when you're drunk. It goes down easily, and comes back up easily.

Pro drunk tip: eat it covered in melted butter instead of red sauce, your esophagus and nasal passages will thank me later.

Well... where's a pic of the finished watch?

49 points · 4 days ago

What I always love about Jimi is he simultaneously sloppy and precise. Whenever I get young guitarists asking me listen to their Hendrix I tell them "Well it was nice, but make it messier."

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Same thing with SRV.

To get some of that chicken pot pie.

Probably watching Benjamin Button Bend 'er, Man... Butt In!

I guess oddly satisfying is just the place to post fuckin everything now

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That's an oddly dissatisfying thought.

Messages (google)

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Does it work usi a Google Voice number ported to your cell phone? I use Hangouts now because I never want to use my actual cell phone number.

Does it work usi a Google Voice number ported to your cell phone? I use Hangouts now because I never want to use my actual cell phone number.

922 points · 4 days ago

Why just the Dems? Where's the GOP?

Republicans of Reddit, how do you feel about your representatives helping the FCC get away with this?

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I've sent emails, made phone calls, and even personally handed a letter to NC Sen. Thom Tillis. He has given me ZERO response other than the very first form letter, which was identical to ones other GOP representatives have sent to their constituents. Straight off the script.

160 points · 4 days ago

I once had a truck load of hillbilly's stop and help me out when my car ran out of gas in Alligator Alley. It was about 1 am and they were very helpful and took me to get gas and brought me back which was about an hour total time for them. Then they invited me to a barn party. Cool kids

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Did you check to see if you still have both kidneys?

1.7k points · 5 days ago

Can we reset our governments operating system? There seems to be a corrupted partition.

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Needs a good defrag.

Banning news stations is way less productive than simply thinking objectively about the media you consume.

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That's like telling an alcoholic to think about the damage he's doing to his liver. Facts alone often can't break addiction without some other intervention or support as well.

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Well you just did.


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