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Homosexuality made the people in charge of maintaining the canonicity of the Bible really uncomfortable for some reason

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insecure, even

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Sorry, what map is this on? Perhaps we could recreate it and test it a bit ourselves.

On the second cycle you lift and land and then click-move; on the first cycle you first click-move before landing. Perhaps this has something to do with it.

I'm not saying this isn't a bug, I'm just curious how it works. It seems the accessible areas are re-calculated upon some actions like lifting and landing.

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everything in its right place

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Huge fan of both players, but I’m definitely supporting Tag on this one. He portrayed nothing but calmness and composure and took the high ground while Surg kept cribbing. My respect for Tag increased by two fold

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It's easy to be calm when you are the better player.

Gimme a link to your game, I wanna play it

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Hint: search through their post history.

I could have done that, but I wanted OP to get the feeling that someone cared about what he made. Being a silent party in this wouldn't have had that outcome.

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Commendable. I think though that OP is shy to share the link here, so that it's not seen as advertising.

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Aren't "gaming laptops" a joke in general?

Either they are weak and overheating, or they are too big and heavy and fail the purpose of being a laptop; or both.

And I say that as someone who spent about a decade with laptops exclusively. Ever since I went back to desktop, I never want to be laptop-only ever again.

I have a 3.4kg (7.5lbs) 15.6'' 144Hz 8700K laptop, an equivalent desktop build, even a fancy small form factor one, would not even come remotely close in term of portability, especially when you factor in peripherals like monitors.

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I'd never claim a desktop can rival a laptop in terms of portability. Using laptops is generally important for people who travel a lot. If they are progamers (which is like 0.001% of people), or really really passionate gamers with a lot of money to spend - sure, it makes sense to buy a "gaming laptop" and be able to scratch the itch while on the go. Otherwise, when you can, it's still the best to just use your desktop for gaming - its cost efficiency and power are simply superior.

Also keep in mind, not only the same specs are a lot more expensive for a laptop, but the same brand and model of a part (CPU/GPU etc) usually gives lower performance on a laptop compared to a desktop.

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Human babies can do that too, and we are all just jealous that we can't do it anymore.

Also, someone needs to paint this, and put the dog on a royal cape with a crown on his head.

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As it is, if one team gets lucky random picks and absolutely dominates a round, they get to keep doing so.

This is even more prevalent in favor of Defense as opposed to Attack. Naturally the role of Defense is to keep defending successfully, until it breaks and they lose the round; conversely the role of Attack is to keep attacking unsuccessfully (so, dying), until an attempt is successful and they win the round. The maps are well balanced around that principle of Attack/Defense. The problem is in Mystery Heroes there's a huge penalty for dying, because you lose your composition. So what happens is: even if attackers get that optimal composition, they will normally need a few attempts to succeed, meanwhile they will lose the composition. Whereas, when defenders eventually get their optimal composition, they just don't die and stay in optimal composition to face the repeated sub-optimal attacks.

I think this is a huge flaw of Mystery Heroes. I generally love random modes in other hero-based games and I really want to love it in Overwatch too. But I think it needs special rules of some kind. Perhaps what OP suggests will help, perhaps even more adjustment is needed, but in any case I hope the OW team does something about that mode. I promise, if Mystery Heroes is fixed, the game would get even more man-hours of people playing, because there are those who would love this kind of mode.

Wait rip why rip?!

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He was famous and he died: :( RIP

BTW with dogs there's this thing called "Idiopathic Head Bobbing Syndrome", so if your dog constantly bobs its head, you might need to check it with a vet.

Every cigarette smoked takes hour of your life and gives it to Keith Richards

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Law of Conservation of Human Years. As a corollary: there exist humans who will live forever.

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Not that surprising considering the 360 always had very few exclusives and even fewer worth creating an emulator for. Plus, many of them now have ports to PC like Gears of War and (unofficially) Halo 3. Meanwhile Playstation has:

  • The Last of Us
  • Persona
  • Uncharted
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Heavy Rain
  • inFamous
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • God of War
  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • Ratchet and Clank
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Kingdom Hearts

these are just the ones I'm interested in. Oh, and also Kingdom Hearts.

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Your list is very solid, I'd just like to add these two favs of mine:

Demon's Souls

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He has no other project currently. He's working exclusively on Winds. Not even editing.

He even stopped writing on his not a blog (unless there is an unforeseen event such as his friends' deaths, which are becoming more and more frequent).

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While this might be the case currently (although we may never be fully sure), it certainly wasn't the case throughout those 7 years.

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Sure, but he never hid anything from us. Doubting his word now is unfair. He was very open about all his other projects before. To the extent that he got flack each time he talked about them.

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I'm not saying he's been dishonest with us, more with himself (does he really want to finish this book?), also that I'm not sure he immediately announces when he's working on something different. What if some other new book comes out and he's been the co-author or co-editor - I think that happened a few times in the past.

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Great coloring! The thumbnail tricked me it was the Horsehead Nebula.

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It’s also being re-released on BluRay later this year.

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Oh shit. Screw it, I'm going to rewatch the whole thing! This has been the defining animated series for me as a kid. I was super obsessed with it and was eagerly awaiting every episode. I need to relive that mania again.

valriia commented on

So when I told my kids there was nothing to be afraid of on escalators I was lying and really lucky they didn’t lose toes? Wow, I feel retroactively shitty.

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Don't google Chinese escalators accidents. You will feel bad for days and will be forever super cautious and nervous around escalators.

Blessed be the fruit

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May the Lord open... that link

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what kind of math courses would say are good?

I've already taken Calculus 1&2, Discrete Math, Linear Algebra, Stats and Computational Science

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It's hard to guess in advance what you may need in the future. But generally applied math tends to have more practical applications that pay well, compared to pure math.

What is dead may never die

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but rises again, harder and stronger

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As an artist who works with watercolor, I disagree. Watercolor can do pretty much whatever you want it to if you know what you're doing. I'm guessing they used high quality tube watercolors, if you don't add water the paint is very thick and opaque more like acrylic. A tiny brush will give you as crisp lines as you like, I personally have a special one for pretty much just painting eyelashes that literally consists of a single hair.

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Show us your work, master, that sounds very cool!

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Here is an example of my watercolor work. I'm going to be posting this one on Reddit eventually but you can see it now :0

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Wow, thanks, you weren't kidding when you said you can make watercolor almost look like acrylic! Great sharpness!

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Thank you! I installed the game. If I uninstall now, will I keep ownership of the game for later?

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You should give it a shot though :p.

Login in-game at least once just in case

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Oh, I've played it in beta, I like it, but probably not gonna be playing it right now within the next month or so. Thank you for the info!

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