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valriia commented on a post in r/ClashRoyale
akashmishra333 -9 points

According to your logic all FTP will have level 1 golem and level 8 witch. Any sane player will realize within few weeks of playing that golem is a better epic than witch.

valriia 5 points

When did you start playing CR? Golem wasn't very popular at first. The Golem meta became strong at a time when one could have easily gotten Witch to 3-4 lvl already.

Durzaka 1 point

Level 3/4 Witch is only a few weeks lost requesting in the grand scheme of things.

Not much of a dent when you talk about getting to lvl 8.

valriia [score hidden]

When you are there at that time, you don't see "the grand scheme of things" that we can see now looking years back. You are in a game of a few months. And you are invested many weeks into a card. So instead of investing many more weeks into a new card, you keep at it. Games nowadays raise to fame and disappear way too often, to be expecting to focus on a long term plan that loses your months of progress in order to get - possible - gains in a year or two. In a year or two CR might not have existed anymore for all that player knew, or the meta could have shifted and Golem nerfed. It's so easy to look back and give wise advises post factum.

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valriia commented on a post in r/LivestreamFail
SilvioSilva 979 points

Alinity exposed - check

Twitch exposed - check.

Damn, he just went full savage on these betas...

valriia 5 points

full savage

He also does it with such finesse and lightheartedness, he makes it seem like he's the furthest from seeking a fight, almost a white knight pacifier. Yet souls are being crushed.

Simchas1199 255 points

In my mind it works like this. You have for example, Pokimane, a chemical engineer and one of the most popular Twitch streamers ever, +1m followers built through years of hard work, her stream is entertaining, she watches her words, she doesn't fabricate drama to attract attention. Her brain is capable of generating her own audience by broadcasting entertaining content, and the only way her stream is sexualized is by the fact that she's female, she doesn't wear revealing clothes, doesn't talk like an absolute whore, doesn't upload to /r/gonewild. Then you have all these whores who stream just because they're too lazy, dumb, and lack enough of a personality, to have a worthy source of income. Because their body is the best thing they own, they sexualize their content to the absolute possible maximum to attract "that kind" of audience, and take every chance of getting easy money they find, like fabricating drama. Then they complain when they're called out on their shit as they don't understand they're just digging themselves deeper on their own stupidity. Just link me a single sexsualized streamer who shows any kind of self awareness or a sign of higher than teenage intelligence, or an interesting personality to go along with her tits.

valriia 4 points

Pokimane is a chemical engineer? Isn't she too young?

valriia commented on a post in r/funny
kurokuno 312 points

but thats so much more uncomfortable than making your boyfriend stand in front of the store holding it

valriia 2 points

Why wouldn't you take him into the store?

kurokuno 3 points

most men are given a choice however some would rather stand around and look stupid holding a bag over listening to their girlfriend ask if something looks good on them just to put it back and ask another 900 times only to go to another 8 stores before finally buying something....

valriia 1 point

I think it's a function that changes with time. It compares the joy to be around your girlfriend and the boredom of observing her shopping procedure. At first some men might go with it, but later - nah.

valriia commented on a post in r/Android
LexieD 14 points

Sorry if i wasnt clear enough. This is a phone, it functions a full android phone. I can make phone calls, browse the internet on 4G etc, Then i can run emulators for PSX, SNES, 3DS Edit:DS etc.

Granted its more inline with a switch + Phone. I used the name 3DS as a lot of the internal/external parts for buttons are salvaged from a 3DS

valriia 4 points

emulators for PSX, SNES, 3DS

Does an emulator for 3DS exist on Android yet? I know Citra on PC, but even on a powerful PC emulating 3DS is far from perfect for now.

valriia commented on a post in r/starcraft
blinzz 54 points

As in the big traditional sports Asian Games, not a specific Esports Asian Games.

valriia 29 points

The Asian Games might not be very popular in the western world, but this the second biggest regular sports event in the world after the Olympic Games.

This has been known for a while now, by the way, but it's a good reminder. People used to laugh at the speculation that esports could have any place among regular sports or - god forbid - at the Olympic Games, but that dream is coming closer and closer. There were already discussions at the Olympic committee about esports. As long as esports remains a growing industry, the Olympic committee is bound to become more and more interested in it.

valriia commented on a post in r/starcraft
valriia 28 points

All 3 of your pictures (published in the last couple of days) are fantastic! What I love about them is how you simultaneously are extremely close to the original units from the game, and make them look better, more detailed, more realistic, more alive. It's like SC2 Remastered. The pictures grabbed me immediately, like: "whoa, the universe I know from these games is actually real!" It's like I'm there and not looking at a screen.

I can only hope some day a Starcraft movie is made that comes close to that realism and vividness.

valriia commented on a post in r/Overwatch
valriia 11 points

Even old Mercy can't resurrect that monitor. RIP in pieces of food and puke.

BlooFlea 184 points

Wait, those blue dots, are they *on* the screen?

valriia 14 points

Yeah, my mind refused to believe it too, so I nonchalantly assumed those were all part of the scene in-game.

Apparently there was a blood bath, vampire orgy, exorcist puking and what not going on in this house prior to recording a sad video about the lack of mass resurrection.

valriia commented on a post in r/OldSchoolCelebs
TheBongzilla 3 points

She almost looks like an elf.

valriia 6 points

You know, when it was first announced that LOTR is gonna be filmed (and I still didn't know the cast, which was also announced very early), I used to dream about so many people playing parts in there. Particularly the elf roles. I imagined Celine Dion as Galadriel. I also wanted James Cameron himself to play the part of Gandalf, if you could imagine that ever happening.

Anyway, if time was not a thing, I'd certainly imagine Audrey Hepburn playing a great elven role in the LOTR films. She's perfect.

valriia commented on a post in r/todayilearned
yoursisterlovedick 8 points

I'm not talking about honesty, I'm talking about weirdness. I saw this video before I knew about the scandal and thought she was strange as fuck. It's her big eyes that never blink and her deep robotic voice. She's just off.

valriia 9 points

You could probably find thousands of people in tech with deep robotic voices and not blinking big eyes that have actually contributed excellent tools for the rest of us.

Sha-WING 2 points

Full Cornea Exposure. 100% of the time, if they have it, they're crazy.

valriia 2 points

Never blinking is a figure of speech in this case, not to be taken literally. Also medical conditions related to not being able to blink at all are more likely related to physical issues than mental issues, but again this is not the case we are discussing.

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valriia commented on a post in r/GameDeals
stewsters 8 points

Yeah, could not get into how slow it was. Don't get me wrong, I usually play as a greatsword user in DS since Demon Souls, so I like that slow deliberate commitment, but this was just too much.

If you have an option to play a Dark Souls game, I would just do that instead.

valriia 6 points

The game has many flaws compared to any Souls game, but it's definitely worth 5 bucks.

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