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They look gorgeous to me.

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This is really good, thanks. Will use it as an argument.

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This is a great argument against a view that people who display the flag are racist. But the flag itself is and there’s very little getting around that. The argument above simply points out that we shouldn’t be quick to judge people who grew up with it.

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I want to see it in slo-mo

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I feel like that was in slow mo.

I was once staying with a friend who was going to be out when I arrived. She left a note on the door: “valuedminority, key is under mat” with an arrow pointing down.

I can just see the burglar: “Oh, that note isn’t for me. I shouldn’t be rude.”

The idiot in the truck let the idiot onto the back.

Jesus Christ, it’s the same gag over and over and over. No dropped watermelon this time?

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I actually was in prison with little brother is the favorite now!

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For the same crime? And did you learn a craft?

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Same crime. I taught myself to draw portaits from no drawing experience. I've posted some of my work.

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Nice. Keep focusing on being creative, man.

Was it Star Trek? I loved Star Trek.

“Oh no! You pulled my shirt up unexpectedly, and that’s why I didn’t put my hands up!”

“This is my son Mark, and my tattooed daughter Angela...”

More like awesome offbrands.

I actually don't understand how invoking the 25th amendment qualifies as a constitutional crisis. A constitutional crisis as I understood it needed to be the result of some unresolved ambiguity that brings two branches of government into conflict i.e. supreme court vs executive branch. Does the executive branch have the right to indefinitely imprison someone because they label them a terrorist. That is a constitutional crisis. Simply employing the 25th amendment as a solution to a situation where it is incredibly warranted seems like just normal enforcement of the constitution since it's quite apparent Trump lacks the competency to faithfully execute the responsibilities of office. They're basically picking to exist in a state of perpetual constitutional crisis over doing their fucking job.

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It’s a constitutional process.

So porny I felt like I had to hide the phone from my kids.

Different types of chisels. I’d take either.

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In BMWs, there’s a little arm on the left side of the steering column. Flip it up or down to activate flashing exterior lights to indicate lane changes! Down is left, up is right.


EDIT: Looks like I found the owner thread.

Midterms are about turnout. They're trying to fix what appears to be apathy on their side by playing to their base on stopping impeachment. As far as I can tell, since trump won the nomination, every single republican has given up on winning the middle.

They're little better than a very large cult now.

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I still don’t get why they’re so desperately against impeachment. I’m just fucking blown away by this “party over country” or “party over rule of law” passion from the right.

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Maybe he’s just a really nice guy, who treats her well.

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I would hope so, but are you saying he’d have even gotten a date with her if he weren’t really successful?

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Dude, I’m with a man who is 6’2 360lbs and he’s the love of my life. Been together 10 years. I wouldn’t change him for anything. Sometimes you don’t judge the outside, when you meet your perfect match.

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I love that. Nice.

Did the people of the year 1111 call the year 1111? Or did they use some other calendar system?

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They probably used metric.

The royale system?

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With cheese

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