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Original Poster1 point · 2 days ago

idk if they call themselves the IRA. There aren’t a lot of prescription opiates over here so I would assume people just start straight on smack, but I’m not on the smack scene so I wouldn’t be the right person to ask

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1 point · 2 days ago

I just saw the video you were talking about. The one I meant was in Ireland and a gang that called itself the IRA was doing the same thing. I guess that’s what happens when white people sell drugs.

Original Poster1 point · 2 days ago

The Irish Republican Army? The terrorist group?

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1 point · 2 days ago

Yeah they basically just stole the name, they have nothing to do with Irish independence from what I understand. I think vice has a video on it. They have nothing to do with the PIRA or RIRA

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valuum commented on

Pro panhandler here. This is actually the correct answer.

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1 point · 2 days ago

Lmao I see you posted in the Ann Arbor sub. Ann Arbor panhandlers are something else. I bet you make out great in AA though, hop on da 4 to ypsi lol.

I don’t panhandle a2. Although one can easily earn “beer money” it isn’t at all what I consider worth it. Actually I don’t panhandle at all now- I have a job and a house and I’m pretty much a good citizen at this point. No reason to take more than you need or... you are a bad person.

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1 point · 2 days ago

Ah ok, when I lived in ypsi I knew some people that supported their habit panhandling in ypsi so I figured a2 would be even better other than the competition. People would always hit me up at the transit center. I figured down town would be a honey hole even though the people there seemed to have developed the big city attribute of being able to totally ignore randoms on the street.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 days ago

Could I just crush them with my teeth? Apart from the fact that it's absolutely disgusting

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2 points · 2 days ago

I’ve done it. My girls mom gets the ER hundreds and I recall that in the end I decided this Method was easier than crushing and parachuting. I hate parachuting paper and I’d rather deal with the taste. Kick that mule!

21 points · 2 days ago

Didn't want to make a whole new post for this, but apparently Uncle Joey is big in jail/prison. MDOC and certain MI county jails have shitty super restricted Tablets you can buy/rent and podcasts are one of the few uses for it. I was recently in a parole violator program where someone said "yeah, most people like that podcast where it's the fat old guy that gets the fat kid fucked up on edibles and torments him".

1 point · 2 days ago

My girl is also not a fan. I don't think she gets the sarcasm and said Jeans was "misogynistic" and a "womanizer". She occasionally laughs at uncle Joey but all in all she just is not a podcast fan. I wonder what criminal podcasts she's talking about. I myself am a criminal and enjoy true crime but could never get into Serial.


-Note, my friend telling me his desire for penpals and I'm simply posting this

My friend's name is Ryan and he's currently in the Saginaw County Jail awaiting a sentencing and then a short prison sentence. I've known him through the years from prior incarcerations and was in jail with him earlier this year. I was sent to a program and released 2 weeks ago and he unfortunately has been sitting in a miserable dungeon of a jail since around New Years. He's not looking for romance or to scam anyone out of money, mail is just a big deal in jail. The jail he's in is simply staring at 4 walls all day long.

I'm sure most people would like to know why he's incarcerated first. He was addicted to opiates (like myself) and (allegedly) was the get away driver for a large haul shoplifting run at the local mall. As he put it he was, allegedly, waiting in the parking lot and when his brother and ex-girlfriend exited the store the police swarmed down (3 star wanted level). He could have driven away but he managed to get both the brother and ex into the car and evade the police out of the parking lot (5 star wanted level). After he pulled out of the parking lot he realized it was a lost cause and pulled over. He's currently looking at around 2 years for this.

Now this guy is a hilarious writer and spells much better than most people I've been locked up with. Some quotes from a letter to me:

"Either way regardless I'll be good with the outcome- it's the natural habitat of the White Back Gorilla"

"My brother went down swinging, we both showed up to trial in something fresh looking something like a modern day John Gotti"

"Just applesauce to a boss"

Here's a couple pictures of him in better times.

The last one is a funny one, don't take it too seriously.

I can speak highly of my friend. There tends to be 2 types of substance abusers in jail. Guys that are pieces of shit and would be shitty people and in jail even if they were sober, and people who are only there because of their addiction. I can say with confidence Ryan is one of the latter. I only sat in the cell with him for a week and it was torture, I can't imagine how he feels going on 8 months in there. He spends a lot of time working out and is big as hell now. I guarantee you'll have some laughs writing him.

He's going to be in the same place until maybe early september. If you PM me I'll give you his current address and a way to keep track of where he is.

Thank you


I hit 2 hour workouts every session while in the zone completely focused on the workout and no socializing. This is because I find my optimal recovery between sets is 2.5 to 3 minutes. It’s with it to take the time needed between sets to get the necessary volume in. Otherwise you’re just short changing your lifts and not doing as much as you could be.

I recently switched to two, 1 hour workouts per day in order to split up the main lifts from accessories to get even better intensity.

I also fully understand that taking such long breaks between sets would bore the hell out of some people and they wouldn’t enjoy the workout but honestly some good music and thinking about school set is enough to keep me going.

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2 points · 7 days ago

Hell yeah, I’m not one of these guys that treat the gym like social hour. I was just locked up and people were horrible with that. The pec deck and lat machine were set up facing the TV in the lockup I was in. People would sit on the machine’s seat while watching TV and hit a set every 10 minutes or so. Basically whenever a commercial came on.

Omg that is so ignorant, no it’s not. You really think false rape accusations are the reason men who actually rape stay out of prison? Not the thousands of untested rape kits? Not the societal attitude that keeps women from coming forward? Not the way people try to silence some victims? Not the way police fuck off investigations around sexual abuse?

That is what keeps rapists out, not false rape accusations.

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1 point · 8 days ago

As someone that’s been to prison I’ll tell you the amount of sex offenders in for rape of an adult is very low, it’s almost all crimes against children. I have no idea why. That and bullshit statutory charges. I will tell you this though if you convicted of rape you are going to prison (not just county jail). The only exceptions are the super rich and people whose case against them was super weak so the prosecution came at them with a good plea deal.

Rapist in prison always try to act like they’re “above” child molesters on the totem pole, they think they shouldn’t even be lumped in the same category. They still get fucked up and extorted though. Personally I only targeted child molesters.

The ending of Hyperion. The book is composed of interlinked short stories all of which are fantastic, but the ending scene is horrible. It is not meant to be a standalone book and it has a sequel, but it could have transitioned properly. It didn't need to rip off the Wizard of Oz.

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2 points · 10 days ago

I bought both books at once but I see what you mean. Could you imagine buying it when it came out and not even knowing when the sequel was coming out? I imagine early dark tower readers felt this too.

I waited. I have read the second book.

Also let me be clear, I would still recommend the book to anyone who asked. It is one of the few books to make me tear up. The Scholar's Tale may be the saddest short story I have ever read.

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1 point · 9 days ago

Yeah I found it very moving too. The idea of the consuls story really cut deep to me too. Just how his girl kept aging every time he saw her, but she still loved him. I’ve been in and out of jail my entire adult life and it was kind of relatable to my relationship with my girlfriend. Obviously not the aging but just how her life was moving on but his wasn’t (not really at least).

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7 points · 10 days ago

The burden of proof for murder is pretty high. They tend to not prosecute unless they’re very confident of a win via solid evidence.

I'd also imagine it to be higher still with a criminal informant that has the motivation to possibly run and hide from everyone. The body would be essential in those cases, I imagine.

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2 points · 9 days ago

Yup, also a murder charge is guaranteed going to be a long and expensive trial so they want pure slam dunks.

Wigfield by Colbert was the most I ever actually laughed at a book.

Tortilla Flats by Steinbeck wasn’t laugh out loud but as a dope fiend I could relate so well to the stereotypes that still persist to this day.

Anne Rice.

I am mystified at her popularity.

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Yeah I LOVE interview (the film) so I had my mother drop me off the book in jail. I really just couldn’t get into it. Ended up giving it to a gangbanger with face tattoos who actually loved it. I kind of got the impression it was more aimed towards women.

Terry Goodkind. It's difficult to know when he goes from being an awesome writer to the worst writer I've ever had the displeasure of reading, but the cutoff point for the series, for me, was when he had his hero "valiantly" cutting down swaths of "evil" pacifists in book 10. I really should have stopped sooner, but I was more tolerant of utter shit back in those days.

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3 points · 10 days ago

Haha, sword of truth has a big following in jail/prison. I’m a wheel of time man personally. Whenever people talked about sword of time it was always stuff like “remember when (someone) raped (other person), with all the blood!”.

3 points · 10 days ago

Is there something wrong with Men's health? (Generally asking if there is)

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7 points · 10 days ago

It's not really bodybuilding focused, but that's not really a fault. What I don't like about it is how it seems like it kind of "panders". It seems to publish stories people -want- to hear/believe. IE: Get jacked by working out only 3 days a week for 20 minutes, how to get abs in 2 weeks, etc. Everyone wants a shortcut to a great physique and Mens Health seems to kinda exploit that in my opinion.

I also hate how if you compiled 10 issues of Mens health you could find so many contradictory statements. One might say 5 reps is best for hypertrophy, then another 10, then another high reps (20+). The nutrition articles remind me of morning TV news "New research shows <coffee/beer/whatever> can actually LOWER your risk of <heart disease/diabetes/cancer".

2 points · 10 days ago

A gram of shit would a very smile pellet I’d imagine, 3 cups of piss a lot of liquid.

That’s not true. In college I was required to do community service... achem I opted to fill my hours working for a prison book program that one of the university’s libraries operated.

Prisoners from maximum security prisons sent us letters requesting what types of books they wanted, signed with their names. I had 100% discretion over what went in the book packet. I selected 3-5 books from the used/ donated book library (rarely were there any good books stocked), tucked my own note in saying hi and describing my selection, wrapped it in brown paper and sent it off without any check off from a superior.

I suppose the next person to see the packet was whoever screened mail within the prison.

I totally could have slipped stuff in there if I wanted to, especially if I recognize a prisoner’s name. Enough kids packed books so that it would have been virtually impossible to trace it back to me if I took care.

By coincidence I packed books with a good friend and I watched him tape a joint on the inside of a book sleeve, claiming he got a “vibe” he liked from one of the letters. It was well hidden enough that somebody quickly screening the books wouldn’t have noticed, but the prisoner sure would have found it.

We never heard any follow up from it, so who knows.

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9 points · 13 days ago

I’ve never been to a prison or jail where you could do this in the past 8 years. Back in 2008 books could be dropped off. The rampant smuggling of Suboxone strips is what probably caused the change in policy.

6 points · 14 days ago

I just got out of prison where I was on maintenance crew which means I had to fix the lat machine every time the retards broke the last machine or smith machine. Before I went home they let me make an announcement where I said “no one is going to fix the machine next time someone breaks it from slamming the weights down so if you’re thinking of doing this KEEP YOUR CANDY ASS OUT THE FUCKIN PIT”

Of course people didn’t stop, they still put the pin on the max weight, strap dumbbells to it and let it slam down. Drove me nuts. People have no respect for shit that isn’t theirs (even if it basically is theirs, in a communal sense)

I'm up to heretics and I'm in the camp that recommends to keep going. Think Children of Dune is my favourite of the books to far.

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That’s as far as I got, then I saw released from prison and stopped reading for a while. I thought the sequels were great books but not nearly on the same level as the original. The original was just that perfect mix of adventure, politics, and mysticism. The sequels really seemed to dump the adventure and for kind of confusing.

Just hang out with shitty people. Cold copping isn’t an option in many places. I could walk around my city all damn day and I’m not gonna stumble on any dope.

Yeah bro, I’ve been taking gas station Kratom to get off dope. I have 5 days off heroin now but I’m taking 30-40gs of shit gas station Kratom a day.

18 points · 5 months ago

Black guy or white guy? Banana joe from here used to cop from a white red neck, he told me stories about how he’d have to walk through trails in the woods to meet he guy when he was out fishing.

Comment deleted5 months ago
2 points · 5 months ago

I’ve been to the joint and contrary to the statistics you see VERY few people were there just for drugs.

Most people in prison are kind of shitty people I hate to say. I think it isn’t so much “these people shouldn’t be in prison” as much as it’s “well, they didn’t deserve -that- many years”.

For example uttering and publishing is one of the worst non violent crimes you can get charged with. I’ve 5+ years is common and I’ve seen people with 10 year sentences all over a damn check.

Another weird one, safecracking! Safecracking is a “floater” which is slang for a crime that’s maximum penalty is LIFE. Kidnapping, carjacking, and murder are the only other floaters I can think of.

2 points · 5 months ago

Project pat songs had the best intros, “same clothes on! He ain’t even been home yet! I wonder is he smoking or selling that shit!”

6 points · 5 months ago

I legit thought this was John podestas head photoshopped on. I had to google...

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