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UWillNeverGetDis 1 point

So fucking what? Newsflash, kid: life is going to ask way, way more of you than a standardized test aimed at children applying to college. Your intellect is not worth anything if you are incapable of applying it.

There is plenty of people that are "smart but lazy." Guess what? That just means you are overall behind the curve. All the people who scored lower on those standardized tests who have higher GPAs and more extracurriculars are going to get into better schools and do more in life than you through sheer determination and willingness to grind because both of those traits are infinitely more valuable than being able to quickly grasp concepts because a grasped concept is useless if you're a lazy fuck.

I understand you're at the age where you have it all figured out and will rationalize what I just said away. But do yourself a favor and actually consider the argument because it is obviously true.

valuum 1 point

I never argued any of this. All I was trying to show was that I differ from most of the prison population.

I agree that the scores mean nothing when you can't apply them. I just feel like if I could get my substance abuse problems out of the way I would be well ahead of the very few people I know that went to prison and got clean.

I in no way think I have it "figured out". I'm sorry if my last post came off aggressive though, I realize now you aren't just trying to flame me. Also I'll take what you said in consideration. I was a "bright" kid and was always in gifted programs, but I'm not getting into MENSA any time soon. I read "tweak" and "Scar Tissue" and both authors seemed to feel the need to mention they were gifted children constantly and it gets really old.

UWillNeverGetDis 1 point

Oh I was definitely flaming you.

valuum 1 point

I kind of got that from your post history none the less you made valid points

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valuum commented on a post in r/DarkNetMarkets
blacknetyolo 3 points

Some dude goldenstatebars I think was his name would send out Xanax with sand and hair all in his packs then replied to some messages on his alt account and doxxed himself then cried for mercy lololol good times

valuum 1 point

Was trump supports tranny too

iwishii 1 point

What is the number one thing that could be done to improve the prison system, in your opinion?

valuum 2 points

Giving people more chances at treatment before sending them to prison in the first place .

Inside I would say more vocational training and college classes.

Obi_von_Knobi 1 point

Do you (or anybody else) have the deleted text from the big book post you made? I'd really like to read it

valuum 2 points

Let me pm it

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Dellrup 1 point

What does that even mean lol

valuum 3 points

A predator will cut into a victim over a long time. At first the predator might approach an inmate and might say something like “I like pretty eyes” but notice they won’t say anything about a female! It might take weeks before they say something specifically gay. Eventually they will cut into the prey sexually They might start to give gifts or drugs and eventually ask or demand sex in return.

JoMax213 1 point

Well if you wanted to describe Gay Mike as a regular dude with an effeminate voice that doesn't wear wigs made of shoelaces then that's how I interpreted it and I think you're description is fine. This is all really interesting tbh. I hope you get your own version of OITNB soon haha.

valuum 3 points

Thank you for the critique that’s why I posted btw. Now that I reflect Mike was would def be considered a traditional twink. Gay people in prison are usually extremely respectful. In the streets I’ve never been like, harassed, but I have been cut into by gay men who knew I wasn’t gay. Never in prison did a gay guy cut into me. Also among non bigots a gay guy isn’t considered a bad bunky as they tend to be clean and respectful of boundaries which are desired traits in a bunky.

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TheWretchedGuide 1 point

Just relapsed off of being clean 8 months. Kind of came to the conclusion I needed to stop doing the "minor" drugs that I was ok doing. Beer, weed. Not really a help. Just going through the same thing.

valuum 2 points

I am going to try quitting weed as well. I'm about to be on probation. I wish you the best of luck

misinformed66 3 points

Tons of people relapse, what counts is getting back up and moving forward.

valuum 5 points

Thank you. I'm going to try quitting weed too. I'll never give up trying to be sober.

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Woodrow1701 11 points

As a person not going through what you’re going through, much of what I could write would just sound stupid, but I guess I wanted to add something here, another comment, more content you can see, just if only to let you know that someone else read this and was really touched in the heart about it. People like you keep people like me grounded, prevent us from becoming fat headed dicks, humble us. Sorry if that sounds stupid too. I hope for you only the best of futures.

valuum 6 points

Thank you so much. Hopefully they don't lock this one

Jared_dax18 6 points

No idea why this was removed but I'm interested

valuum 4 points

Thanks I’ll work on it when I get home. Any questions? Also this wasn’t deleted. I wrote about books in prison and mentioned it can be hard to read when black people slam cards and dominoes on metal tables. Called me a racist... but that’s just how jail is. White people do their own dumb and annoying shit like blasting country music at 8am.

valuum commented on a post in r/books
FaeryLynne 1 point

Well, the first three at least decent, though they would getreally boring if that was all you had.

valuum 1 point

Naw, just a common theme. I personally read shit like David Foster Wallace (infinite jest was fire, but try reading a book that dense surrounded by black people screaming over an NBA game) and Brett Easton Ellis, although I turned a few of the homies onto him too. I like steinbeck and shit too but most people in jail don't care for that shit.

I can tell everything I need to know about an inmate by the books he puts under his mat as a makeshift pillow.

CurraheeAniKawi 2 points

If the War on Drugs didn't exist, and we had treatment for these addicts instead of chasing them underground how many of these crimes would still be committed to score drugs?

I'm just thinking out loud about it, I don't think it's any coincidence that our incarceration rates started climbing through the 70's after Nixons announcement of the war on drugs, and exploding through the 80's when Reagan doubled down on minimum sentencing. The war on drugs has many facets related to drugs.

valuum 2 points

I agree, but if you were in prison with these guys you’d understand how much of a disaster giving these dudes access to free drugs would be. I met a lot of good dudes in prison, but the vast majority are scum bags and you would not want them in society. Some people just like being bad. As an addict the only thing I can suggest is to catch the problem earlier by offering more treatment. But being in prison for simply dealing is somewhat rare. Google OTIS and search a common last name like jones or smith and see what their rap sheets are. I barely met anyone in there for “just drugs” unless you count meth labs.

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valuum commented on a post in r/opiates
bathingfingermonkey 3 points

If it’s dissolved in water can you still use insulflation? Would I just squirt it up my nose

valuum 2 points

Yes. Personally I’d boof it though. Really if you’re actually going to go through with dissolving in water you should do like the nasal spray bottles. Snorting out of a rig isn’t the best.

valuum commented on a post in r/opiates
valuum 1 point

What brand? You shooting these? The best brand is activis moons. The most common around me are abg and m box. I can’t remember which one is easier to cook. One of them is a huge bitch to and you have to hot drop them perfectly or else they don’t draw up worth a broke dick.

NoseCandiez 12 points

Fucking ibu’s?

valuum 18 points

Haha yes, only fiends would find this funny but in the moment it was hilarious. The dude is a complete square and it totally went over his head, he said “800s” in a tone like it was better than 750s”

valuum commented on a post in r/opiates
valuum 2 points

Where my big spenders at??? When I’m strung out it’s $500 to fuckin infinity a week. I buy $10 in gas station Kratom a couple times a week now

thewanderingblade 2 points

Pm me if you want a better solution than that mate, there's way cheaper kratom elsewhere

valuum 2 points

I’m looking into buying bulk but I also know if I had it on hand I’d take it everyday. I’ve bought online plenty, I know the gas station stuff is a ripoff ($10 is 15g). I have a tolerance too a lot of times I take 37g of gas station shit

valuum commented on a post in r/opiates

One dude fronted me like a thousand worth or so and then he got killed before I ever paid him

He was pretty chill about it so I don’t think he was hurting for that $1k but I still feel weird about it. Bad juju

valuum 7 points

One time in prison I got $900 into debt with an unaffiliated dope man and the nigga got stabbed and rode out before I had to pay him.

valuum commented on a post in r/opiates
MyLittlePwny616 9 points

Still don't understand why anyone who isn't shooting tar would "cook" their shit. Pointless and you're more likely to degrade your dope than do anything else. Not to mention allowing more insoluble cuts to dissolve into it. Cold shots are always the way to go with opi's unless you got tar that is being janky as fuck and won't dissolve fast enough

valuum 3 points

A lot of the dope I used to get pre-fent in the midwest was extremely hard to break down. The rocks were very hard and sticky, if you didn't spend a good amount of time crushing it into powder in the first place it didn't dissolve well in water. I've had times in my car where I lost my lighter or something and it took FOREVER to get my dope broken down. And usually it left a big wash in the spoon.

drewblair35 2 points

yeah ddude don't bot. It takes all the fun out of the game, also it will get you banned. you can't have fun and bot at the same time anyways. you can always do quests with your high lvl friends but not if they've already done them.

valuum 2 points

I don’t plan on botting, thanks though homie

drewblair35 1 point

Are you having fun???

valuum 1 point

Yes? Why lol

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