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gtheperson 1 point

I'm up to heretics and I'm in the camp that recommends to keep going. Think Children of Dune is my favourite of the books to far.

valuum 1 point

That’s as far as I got, then I saw released from prison and stopped reading for a while. I thought the sequels were great books but not nearly on the same level as the original. The original was just that perfect mix of adventure, politics, and mysticism. The sequels really seemed to dump the adventure and for kind of confusing.

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valuum 2 points

I’ve been to the joint and contrary to the statistics you see VERY few people were there just for drugs.

Most people in prison are kind of shitty people I hate to say. I think it isn’t so much “these people shouldn’t be in prison” as much as it’s “well, they didn’t deserve -that- many years”.

For example uttering and publishing is one of the worst non violent crimes you can get charged with. I’ve 5+ years is common and I’ve seen people with 10 year sentences all over a damn check.

Another weird one, safecracking! Safecracking is a “floater” which is slang for a crime that’s maximum penalty is LIFE. Kidnapping, carjacking, and murder are the only other floaters I can think of.

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valuum 352 points

Dude even if your kid’s future has fuck all to do with writing it’s pretty much guaranteed he’s going to be successful. Any kid with that kind of motivation and intelligence is going to go far in whatever field they choose. Obviously you are a great father but I bet he’s got some good genetics to be doing that at such a young age. The combination of that plus great parenting and opportunities is powerful.

throwawayno123456789 61 points

I ended up with a creative writing minor because I just took a bunch of writing classes for fun.

My writing skills have been a major part of every job I have ever had-even with my MBA.

It is a rare job these days that doesn't require good writing.

Also-my heart is just all swelled up from this post. Love good Dadding!

valuum 15 points

Yeah I happened to luck out on a great series of English teachers in high school. Creative writing never was my thing but I’ve posted big collections of memoirs, journals, and stories to reddit and other sites and a few of them actually got a pretty big audience (250k or more twice). I’m not delusional and I realize the audience is due to interesting subject manner (prison and drugs) than being some amazing wordsmith. My point though was this: do you think creative writing classes could help me even if I don’t write fiction? I really just want to take my grammar to the next level.

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[deleted] 1 point

Hey guys I'm a bit nervous I got ripped off so when I started breaking this shit down it was kind of mushy and it doesn't really break up into a powder I threw it on some foil and it burns down the foil like tar it's got the taste but I can't really get the full effect since I took a bit of sub last night I feel a bit of something i think anyways have any of you come across shit like this before?

valuum 3 points

YES! Overdosed on it over and over. It’s super sticky and almost kinda shiny. The batch I got was nothing but fent and cunt and was not evenly mixed. Be careful.

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bearhammer 7 points

Sam Hyde deserves to be back on television. So much potential.

valuum 1 point

Dude, I remember seeing a clip of him doing “you might be Michael brown” stand up on YouTube and getting booed off stage. I didn’t know who he was though, I went to look at the video again the other day and discovered who Sam Hyde was. What a funny motherfucker! Being connected to the right really fucked his career it seems. He’s not even really political though...

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orphanofhypnos 1 point

Came into the thread to write gunslinger as well. I was re-reading the beginnings of every book on my shelf and the gunslinger just blew away everything else. I was doing research on writing an effective beginning and if you're only going by the first few pages, the gunslinger is hard to beat. It hit the tone, aesthetic, important but brief world building, and even gets you wondering with that iconic first line.

valuum 1 point

I know, I’ve read all but the last one and to be honest I’m not to thrilled to finish it. How do you wrap up a project that massive? I’ll give King that... but he really jumped the shark making so much of the story take place outside of the awesome setting he came at you with in the beginning.

orphanofhypnos 1 point

Agreed. I think the dark tower series is a great way of explaining what Brandon Sanderson talks about in some lectures, "A book is about promises...".

I read book two, but did not finish book three of the dark tower series. I feel like I was promised one story in book one and then it goes way too much off the rails for me :/. I don't mind the idea of portals and mixing sci fi / fantasy / time periods. However, I liked the post apocalyptic cowboy stuff! So much story time dedicated to these other 1950s characters just did not meet what I was promised.

valuum 1 point

Oh man, it gets way worse. The sad thing is book four is, in my opinion, completely dope. Then a lot of book 5 is good... but he starts bringing more and more nyc portal shit in. Then book 6 was just a complete let down.

I actually am getting a lot more respect for Saunderson. I had a friend in prison convince me to check him out. I ended up getting “the alloy of law” which was like some mist born off shoot. It wasn’t bad but it seemed kinda... basic compared to WoT which was what got me through my prison bit. Then I got locked up again in a place that put hardcore limits on the amount of books you could have (so dumb) so I ordered Stormlight because I knew it was a brick. After about 100 pages in I realized he was a Bonafide fantasy writer. I don’t think anybody is doing fantasy epics like him right now.

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valuum 7 points

Yeah I’ve been listening to random sub 300 ones lately. I really dig the conspiracy talk. I can’t lie I love redbans dumbass too. Clearly he took the show in another direction, who knows maybe if he didn’t “evolve” his show it would have gotten boring.

Wordna 2 points

The show has definitely evolved it was much more raw back in the day so today it feels so much more professional. Which is good and bad, they don’t play copyrighted stuff or talk about the fleshflight anywhere near as much but the guests are more varied now. The Michael Rupert and Steven Greer ones are fantastic for conspiracies talk though! I only occasionally wish redban and rogan were a little more mature when talking to those guys.

valuum 1 point

I’m going to check out those names right now. I like 400ish era, seems a good mix of being “laid back” but still is far enough in where joe really became talented as a host.

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valuum 2 points

A lot of people pay that for fent dope, although east coast guys seem to be the only ones that admit it’s fent.

Also a lot of dealers will step on and short bags just to sell their “grams” cheapest. You could have a $60 “gram” vs $60 half gram, both of which contain the exact same amount of heroin and people are gonna take the $60 gram.

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Thaistyle86 5 points

Fuck the down voters hitting me like that Klove dude got hit. F the haters, F all the haters

valuum 2 points

Machines within?

hpl002 2 points

Really like the rime-pattern, feels as it is meant to be sung. Ask if he has any more!

Big ups!

valuum 2 points

He’s the guy replying with the name standintallbr10 or something, he made his own sub I’m trying to teach Reddit to him I told him to keep posting here since there’s already an audience

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B1gWh17 3 points

My personal opinion on why the opiate epidemic is so prolific isn't just the over prescription and market flooding. It's drug testing.

Any job your working with some minor exceptions in the service industry require a pre-employment drug screen. The more responsibility with a position, the more likely you'll be subject to random drug screenings, especially in contract work.

valuum 3 points

How do you link that to opiate use?

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valuum 1 point

I'll be honest, im about to post a poem and needed one more to critique. I actually liked this one though. It kind of reminds me of the one posting. I like how I feel like it had a happy ending. I thought the first and second line didn't really fit in but I don't know fuck all about Poetry

MOST_mdmAMAZiNG_1 3 points

Sarah seems more strung out than u no offense but u could do better manito.. ur a great writer and seems like ur a good dude with a big heart, stop letting females / acquaintances walk all over u.. good luck with everything also P.s reddit girl is a cutie wayyy better than junky Sara

valuum 1 point

Thank you! The reddit girl is transgendered, btw. I'm not ashamed to say it, I'm trying to get over my reluctance to talk about it. So I'm starting by telling people like you, working my way up to real life acquaintances.

Sarah is not more strung out than me though. She's a benzo head but strangely never got physically addicted where she had seizures or withdrawals (I mean maybe she got some withdrawals where she was a huge bitch, more than usual, for a few days after a binge. Nothing major though) and she can take HELLA benzos. Her regular valium dose is 100mg minimum and even then she says she has to take that "just to feel it at all". She can take 5 bars at once and barely be affected. She used to get kpins scripted and would take 20mg+ in a day. Unless she mixes it with other substances it just seems like she had a few drinks. She talks a bit louder and more than she already does. It's like turning up your TV's volume from 90% to 95%

MOST_mdmAMAZiNG_1 1 point

Listen bro if that’s what u into I say FUCK what anybody thinks u kno? And it’s not like it’s anybody’s business anyways if u don’t wanna say shit... Not my cup of tea but I got buddy’s from all over the world who are different than me and who am I to judge? I’m a ignorant Irish p.o.s from the bronx who has to live with certain things that I’ve done that I’m not proud of.. I got some demons that I face that make drug addiction look like a walk in the park. As for the ex? Give it time brother cause rest assured that benzo addiction she’s fucking with WILL BITE HER IN HER LIL ASS. Good luck with shit I hope you find ur inner peace and happiness. - from someone trying to do just that.

valuum 1 point

I gotta sleep so I can wake up and go to school tomorrow. Thank you for the kind words and taking the time to type that. I know I don't have to share it with anyone, I'm just getting used to it. Building up the courage so I can eventually tell my friends and family. She's coming to America this summer. She was raised in Tokyo, moved to Vermont for school, then had to go back to Japan because of family problems. Shes coming back to America this summer though. I really think things may work between us. She's complimented me more than a week than Sarah did in 3 years.

I dunno what makes me attracted to them. I couldn't FATHOM kissing a man, and if they had a beard... ugh I think I'd rather lick dog shit. But it is what it is, my motto is "Whatever gives you a boner". As long as its consensual though.

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Nirvanadone87 0 points

no lawyer from were we live is gona take this case because u dnt have any money if you were rich or even had rich family it would be diffrent lawyer aint gona watse time takin a free case wen ther is no pay out at the end she prolly got sombody she knows to call for her an its all bs

valuum 1 point

Supposedly it was Reyes

addictedstylist 1 point

I got to see the video before you took it down. You're right, that's some crazy stuff. And don't believe her when she says you're not a good writer

valuum 1 point

Aww thank you

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addictedstylist 1 point

OMG that's your girlfriend? You'd be better off alone. I've read heroin diaries many times, scar tissue once. Your writing is definitely original, she's being narcissistic.

valuum 2 points

Thank you, she obviously doesn’t understand the definition of plagiarism. But yeah that’s my ex. I’m gonna take the video down because she contacted a lawyer and he said if I don’t take it down he’ll take her case pro bono for “defamation” the fuck... she’s chasing ME with scissors

addictedstylist 1 point

Did that say bay city?

valuum 2 points

Michigan yeah

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crseat 1 point

Were you legitimately trying to kill yourself? Is that considered resisting arrest?

valuum 1 point

Naw just destroying evidence. And yeah they considered it R&O. It's bullshit, man. The police tackle you, pin you on the ground where you CANNOT move at all, while choking you out. Like I could barely move a muscle but of course my body tensed up due to 2 200lb cops on my back. You couldn't resist if you wanted to.

crocosmia_mix 1 point

Haha oh no. Sorry for the late reply. What’s a mail rejection hearing?

valuum 2 points

You have to go in front of the ARUS (which is like a "counselor" but not really, just a lady that manages the bullshit within the unit. Like if you need to order a TV you fill out a form and give it to her)

So people would mail in sketches of dicks (think of that scene in super bad) and everytime he'd get called up in front of the counselors and they'd tell him his mail was being rejected for homoerotic content LOL. Can you imagine his face! He told me he kept telling them he wasn't trying to have that stuff sent in but they didn't believe him.

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