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Gromky 301 points

There is a lot of bullshit with genetic evidence. As someone with a molecular biology/biochemistry degree.

DNA evidence is good, and perfect for proving someone innocent. It is...slightly less great for proving someone guilty. But juries love "the DNA is a match, he is guilty!"

Edit: And a way to understand, DNA proving you are guilty is like a profile saying you are white, wearing a white shirt, have a hello kitty card in your pocket, and your name is Kevin. Strangely, there may be a few other people on Earth who match that description.

vanderBoffin 0 points

None of what you said is true. Why are you getting upvoted? You can tell if someone was there on the scene with extremely high certainty.

The fact that a few other people on the earth might match the description is totally irrelevant - those other people are unlikely to be in the area of the crime at the time of the crime.

Source: I have two degrees in biochemistry/molecular biology.

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Black_Moons 22 points

Sure, but most are bred to be very tame and not do that very often if at all, else farmers would be raising.. any other large herbivore that did that less.

Definitely use caution and don't antagonize a cow, but I think overall you can safely assume a cow (without a nearby calf) is a pretty safe animal, at least as safe as any random dog you might encounter, if not more so.

vanderBoffin 19 points

People get killed pretty often by cows in the European alps. They usually have a dog with them which sets the cows off.

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[deleted] -92 points


vanderBoffin 4 points

Wherever did you get the idea that she's interested in dating anyone? She doesn't mention anything of the sort in the post. You've seem have invented this whole narrative on your own.

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nowhereian 1,869 points

Retirement isn't an age, it's a financial state.

As in, you have enough money to live for the rest of your life and no longer need to work.

AJ's dad isn't retiring, he's just quitting.

vanderBoffin 1 point

True, but how is this relationships advice? What should OP do about it? If OP tells her SO "your dads not retiring, he's quitting" will everything be solved?

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Dawn_Coyote 9 points

He's playing on your refusal to be rude. You need to be rude.

"You know what? We all really want to do this, so that's where we're going. You go ahead and do your thing. Bye!"

Or don't say anything. Just get ready and go.

vanderBoffin 6 points

It's not even particularly rude, just to say, "nah, we'd really rather do this thing. See you later!" It's like, the tiniest bit of rude possible and she can't even manage it.

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404NinjaNotFound -5 points

Feminism should be about equality tbf. Though there are always things men are better at and, of course, also things women are better at.

vanderBoffin 17 points

That is what feminism is about.

[deleted] 7 points


vanderBoffin 3 points

I hope you don't really believe that.

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DrPoca 24 points

I have a question. Why were Serbia booed during the voting segment?

vanderBoffin 1 point

Because the song sucked

Valdepro -1 points

She only won because the juries liked the chicken dance

vanderBoffin 23 points

She got more votes from the public than the juries

vanderBoffin commented on a post in r/relationships
ILiveForMusic 3 points

Completely random question, but I’ve been seeing people using - recently. What does that mean?

vanderBoffin 2 points

I'm wondering if this is a Reddit version thing, because the answers you're getting don't seem to reflect what I'm seeing, which is a back slash followed by a short dash. I've also been seeing them everywhere in people's comments in the last few days.

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WhiteBroncoDriver 14 points

I'm not trying to be an ass but may I ask if you've spent time in Gemany or are German? Your comment set off a comment chain of people arguing whether it is negative or not. Being we're on reddit, I can't help but to assume people arguing either side are Americans who might have read something somewhere and assume it's completely true. Basically, can we get a German in here to clarify this?

Edit: a question mark

vanderBoffin 15 points

This is something that really bugs me about reddit. The demographics with the largest majority have the loudest voice. In this case there are more Americans than Germans on reddit, but in other threads it's non-scientists drowning out actual scientists, or men taking over a conversation about women's issues.

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Moonskin510 5,741 points

Money. More specifically, debt. I was a smart kid, and went to an expensive, private college. Because of that, I had a lot of potential, but I also had a lot of college debt. They were thinking financially. I was more emotionally driven. They were worried about what would happen to their daughter if I didn't end up being as successful as I'd hoped, and we became overwhelmed by debt.

vanderBoffin 2 points

There was a post in r/relationships once where a guy was complaining that his GF's dad had said no when he asked to marry her. Turned out he had about $200 000 in debt, and the girlfriend didn't even know about it! Came in to that thread expecting to say, her dad can't tell you what to do, but after reading it, it was more like yeah I agree with the dad. Don't know if that was you, but it reminds me that threre are two sides to every story.

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Sadist4life 582 points

Sports bras. They don't just look different from the conventional bra, they boost the attractiveness of the women wearing them.

vanderBoffin 4 points

Sport bras kinda flatten the boobs though. Don't get this one.

Vondarrien 225 points

I’ve never heard a girl say this outside of Reddit.

vanderBoffin 170 points

I've never said it in my life cause it just doesn't seem to come up? But I sure as hell think it.

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Sythic_ 13 points

I've never seen flights like this. I use kayak a lot and my one way tickets are almost always exactly half of a round trip ticket.

vanderBoffin 2 points

Depends a lot on where you're flying and what airline. I've seen a lot of both cases. Last year I flew I think it was Toronto to Austria. The return flight was about $1000 and the one way flights were all about $5000, every day of the week, for every month as far as you could book. I don't know why they even offer that option, who is going to book it and pay five times as much?? It's insane. I flew one way and cancelled the return.

vanderBoffin commented on a post in r/AskReddit
55lekna 23 points

Seems to happen more in the ex DDR from what i have noticed. When i was in Bavaria i had no problem paying with card, but going east, there were a lot of places that wouldn't accept my card.

vanderBoffin 29 points

I live in Bavaria and tonnes of places won't take credit cards. My parents were really frustrated when they visited at all the restaurants they had to pay cash at.

sabdotzed 10 points

How can you be racist to an elevator?

vanderBoffin 22 points

Hoooo kin ye be reeeecist to a luft?

vanderBoffin commented on a post in r/relationships
tealparadise 27 points

What is wrong with people???

What percentage of the population even watches a particular reality show? I would never assume "everyone" saw or knew about me if I went on a show like that. I can't believe friends/family would be "ashamed" as if she dropped the olympic torch or something....

vanderBoffin 16 points

I've watched plenty of reality tv shows before, and i don't think I'd recognize a single contestant from any show I've seen, unless it was aired in the last year maybe. How shallow are people's lives that they care about some reality tv star from 10 years ago, I mean really...

vanderBoffin commented on a post in r/AskReddit
fart_shaped_box 6 points

It would also be biased towards countries with younger populations though. Some countries would just be screwed because they'd get a lot of elderly in their random draw. Those countries might just know they never have a chance to begin with.

If they restricted the draw to say, 16-40 year old citizens though, maybe.

vanderBoffin 2 points

Well the regular olympics is already biased towards large countries isn't it? It's not like Malta ever has a chance of winning big no matter how hard they try.

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AbeLincolnsFreckles 23 points

"I have a great relationship with the blacks."

vanderBoffin 6 points

"But I love the gays!"

kaylejoy 2,463 points

I think if you know what specific country your family is from, you'd use that instead of the broader "African-American" term. My friend is second gen Nigerian-American, but prefers to just be called black.

I have no idea about my ancestry beyond slavery and don't mind being called African-American or black.

Whatever you do, please say "black people" instead of "the blacks". Ugh, makes me cringe every time.

vanderBoffin 47 points

I have an old set of trivial pursuit cards from around 1980, and it refers to black people not as black man or black woman, but just "black". For example, "which black won an oscar for gone with the wind". Sounds super racist to me lol.

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byahseeker 2 points

There's a barrier to lots of careers. You're simply not around those people in real society. I'm going to use film as an example because I understand it well. You could learn the production aspects on set by doing thing and through mentorship but film school can put you in direct working relationships with those who will be the top tier directors, dps and top producers. Without film school those people are behind a wall that "normal" people can't easily get by. There are gate jeepers. Film isn't the only industry like this.

Is it worth it? Debatable, if you're not going to network your ass off and make those relationships than you're wasting your time that's for sure.

vanderBoffin 3 points

What you say is true, but at the same time some career pathways do suck more than others.

In my major about half of the graduates went into medicine and the other half went on to PhDs like me. You spend 5 years earning nearly nothing, then move onto a postdoc for 5 years earning barely more. Then you hope to get a professorship that finally pays well. But the thing is science is like a pyramid - there's lots of PhDs, fewer postdocs, and far far fewer professor positions. The vast majority of PhDs and postdocs don't make it. So you spend 15 years of your life earning rubbish hoping to become an independent scientist, but the vast majority of people don't. And you can work extremely hard, be a brilliant scientist, and still not make it because there is some element of luck involved.

Compare that to the med students. Yes they also work extremely hard for not much pay for a long time, but the majority of them get good paying, well respected jobs at the end of it. A lot of talented post docs end up settling into mediocre paying jobs. I've always loved what I do, but I've been starting to accept in the last year or two that i haven't made the best career choices.

Waywoah 1 point

That assumes that every person going for a PhD wants to work in academia. There are tons of jobs outside of that that make good money.

vanderBoffin 1 point

Care to share what those are? :) it's clear if you're at the physical/computer/mathematics end of science, but for biologists/biochemists? The people I know who left academia don't have great paying jobs, but I don't know that many either.

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vanderBoffin commented on a post in r/worldnews
RedDevil5 14 points

How am I brainwashed?

It's pretty insulting really to say that to me. I look at the facts extremely closely, and try to stay alert on this issue since it is very important to me.

vanderBoffin -1 points

List anything you want here about gun control. I will tell you personally why any single of them would never work. Try me.

Doesn't that say something about how open minded you are about serious debate? You already know your answer to anything possible topic someone might.

SharktheRedeemed 8 points

I don't think you really understand how cataclysmically stupid what you just said is. You're essentially saying "any culture that doesn't align with what I consider good and true is stupid and backwards."

I mean, I hope you're saying that because you didn't think before posting. If you actually mean that, you have something in common with some of history's less pleasant people.

vanderBoffin -1 points

No that's not what I'm saying, and I don't think you're even trying to understand it.

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