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All I heard was Texas goes to the playoffs as a one loss Big12 Champ after beating Oklahoma by 21 points in the CG.

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Keep going I'm almost there


Hi everyone, my name is Shane and thanks for checking out my decants thread! These are mostly for 10ml decants, but 5mls and other sizes are always available too, just message me for a quote. For easy organization, I've put my entire list on google docs, which is located here. I have a pretty large selection of various popular and hard to find fragrances so please take a look! I've done my research and I have priced them as low as possible, and I always offer discounts with multiple purchases. I have done plenty of transactions here and on FB/eBay/Basenotes so references are available upon request. Thanks!

I do all my transactions on PayPal, and I prefer friends and family, but goods and services are definitely an option as well but please add 4% to cover the fees. I do have a full time job and it does get quite busy, so I have a 2 day handling time for all my orders (although I try to ship it out as soon as possible and most of the time it will get shipped out before that timeframe is up). Shipping is included in the price, but I just prefer my orders to be above $15 if possible. There's always discounts for multiples as well.




Here's an album with some pictures of my bottles and the types of decants that I will be using (I can use the tall or the short kind, just let me know what your preference is), also feel free to message me if you want to see pictures of a specific fragrance that I have, or just to ask me questions and/or recommendations!



I've added a bunch of stuff recently, and I've put that in bold on my list. Partial bottles are always available for sale, just message me with any specific ones that you're interested in. Thank you so much for looking!



Once again, the list is located Here


I just received my package of 4x10ml decants from Shane the other day, I'm happy with the results and experience. Nice bottles and labels, and I appreciated the multiple layers of bubble wrap around each bottle. Re reply time, I'd say he was responsive, under 24 hours responsive time for my pms.

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Original Poster2 points · 5 days ago

Thank you for the kind words! I’m pretty busy with real life stuff atm but I try my best to be responsive as much as possible so I’m glad you had a good experience! Enjoy!!

Hi! Are you still selling fragrances from this post?

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Original Poster1 point · 9 days ago

Hey there, yes I am!

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Make sure the seller is reputable though, I've bought some di gio duds in my time.

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Just get Profumo. Lasts all day and smells amazing

Younghoe is my boy

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I know right? I’m so sad no one has given him a second chance yet

The faceplants are the best!!

Who are you starting him over?

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Not the OP, but am I crazy to start him over Ajayi?

Honestly I rate them about evenly if Fournettes out. I'd expect similar volume, with yeldon maybe seeing more passing. As a jags fan I will say Ajayi is probably the safer bet given the unpredictability of Yeldons situation.

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Yeah, I had Ajayi last year and he burned me too many times in the past, but this year it seems like he's in a better position so I'll probably just start him and hope for another 2TD game from him lol

Is it better to order from T-mobile or should I just order from the Apple website? The apple website one will be unlocked right? And will the t-mobile one be restricted to T-mobile only? Or will it be unlocked as well?

2 points · 9 days ago

Are you buying the device outright?

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Yep, forgot to mention that. Will be paying in full either way

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Wow, that's awesome. Is it still the Wendy's with the most traffic in the world?

been a while since i played this game, who is that? Always just assumed she was some random woman that fell asleep

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It’s Delara!

Well, this shit is definitely tough. All I can say is that it takes time but you will eventually feel better. I really hope things work out with you! Feel free to vent/process/whatever if you want to message me.

Cheetahs are more like a dog than your typical cat demeanor-wise

Oh I just raised my cat like a dog from kitten, worked out pretty well. He knows fetch, sit, stay, he follows me around everywhere, I tell him "good boy" and give him treats when he's good and "bad" when he's bad, and I even taught him this cool trick where he kinda picks up a tennis ball with his claw and flings it up into the air. One time he bounced it off the ceiling straight up, but it's usually more of like a kid's toss.

edit: the toss:

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Your cat is awesome!

Wow, that’s some seriously bad customer service. Did you use paypal? You can always do a dispute. I decant in my spare time and I always double wrap everything and to take 3 weeks to get to you is pretty unthinkable. I would ask for a full refund, it’s what I do if anything is broken.

The face Dennis makes as he waits for the timer to expire is priceless

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Best face of all time

Any pics? Definitely interested!

Watched it when it first came out, and it was very enjoyable! Interesting look into the life of an Asian in Australia.

This is one of the greatest pics I’ve seen in awhile!

Very jealous! Send me one my way please!

No singsing meepo to carry him to top8 like ti4

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those were the days...

That was seriously one of the best features though, she stole that song. Especially after Jay-Z was like "o i get it" rapping about ghouls and goblins and shit lol

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Lmao, your comment reminded me of this pic from back in the day

102 points · 1 month ago

It is pretty impressive that this man has never committed a single foul in his entire career.

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I’m pretty sure that’s not right.... but I don’t know enough about Tim Duncan to refute that statement

Guerlain Vetiver is pretty similar, and some say TF took inspiration from it when making Grey Vetiver. The Guerlain is pretty safe for daily wear and it has the same vibe as GV. Plus it's cheap enough so just carry around a travel spray and you can keep reapply it all day!

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