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Hi everyone, my name is Shane and thanks for checking out my decants thread! These are mostly for 10ml decants, but 5mls and other sizes are always available too, just message me for a quote. For easy organization, I've put my entire list on google docs, which is located here. I have a pretty large selection of various popular and hard to find fragrances so please take a look! I've done my research and I have priced them as low as possible, and I always offer discounts with multiple purchases. I have done plenty of transactions here and on FB/eBay/Basenotes so references are available upon request. Thanks!




Here's an album with some pictures of my bottles and the types of decants that I will be using (I can use the tall or the short kind, just let me know what your preference is), also feel free to message me if you want to see pictures of a specific fragrance that I have, or just to ask me questions and/or recommendations!



I've added a bunch of stuff recently, and I've put that in bold on my list. Partial bottles are always available for sale, just message me with any specific ones that you're interested in. Thank you so much for looking!



Once again, the list is located Here


I ordered some TF Oud Wood, came as advertised and great communication! I will definitely be ordering some more in the future thanks @vectorix108

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Original Poster1 point · 4 hours ago

Thank you so much! Have a great day!

This guy is legit. 👍

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Original Poster2 points · 1 day ago

Thanks for the shoutout! Appreciate it!

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7 points · 1 day ago

I was just checking the other day to see if Josh released a new fragrance or not. Rose and Rhubarb sound like an interesting combo. Hopefully it get split on r/fragsplits

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I’m pretty sure that I’ll at least get a bottle and put it on my list to split as well

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Ahh man. I was just going to place an order with you. Now I got to wait.

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Haha! I'm just trying to find one for a good price right now... So hard to get discounts on their stuff.


Hey there! Thanks for checking out my thread. I will be purchasing the new Imaginary Authors Sundrunk, just released today 7/18. Store page is here ( Price would be 10mls - $27 shipped, or 5mls - $18 shipped. I have other Imaginary Authors available as well, for cheap, it's all on my list located here. Please check out my thread on /r/fragdecants for reference located here. I use paypal, and decants will come labeled in glass atomizers. Let me know if anything else on my list interests you, and I can do discounts for multiples. Thanks! Please also let me know if you have any questions.


Cant wait! Looking forward to Greece

Do you have any pics?

I agree! She's great, one of the highlights from the season for sure. Season 3 overall was pretty great though, lots of interesting storylines and very exciting in general. Also you can follow her here! She's doing really well and this page shows where most of the contestants from that season went on to do! Even though its a couple years old

I asked myself the same question when I was starting out, and now I own a 500ml flacon and a bottle plus countless other decants, and yet I still don’t feel satisfied. (But then again my collection is nothing compared to some of the other people on Facebook)

Allure homme edition Blanche today. Finally got my hands on a bottle of this stuff and it doesn’t disappoint

Olfactive Studios Still Life today! great citrus with a unique twist. Love it!

As someone who works at a mental hospital, my heart goes out to you. I wish nothing but the best for you and feel free to message me if you ever want to talk.

ebay prices are bound to be a bit more expensive since the sellers have to account for the fees (both ebay and paypal) and everything as well. Try looking around on facebook/reddit/basenotes for decants and samples and you're bound to find better prices.

I remember when Foster the People played at ACL last year and it was right after the Vegas shootings, and he had a similar message. I gained a lot of respect for him and the bad that day and it was very touching how they handled it back then as well. It's too bad these tragedies are becoming so common that he's having to make these speeches so many times.

Wore Edition Blanche today! Can't say enough good things about this one

One step ahead of you! I don't think he has NY listed, unfortunately.

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Haha! Thanks for the recommendation /u/pmrp! I've gotta look into NY, the notes look really interesting

u/vectorix108 has some on his r/fragdecants post

E: I've bought from him before and can vouch he's legit 👍

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Thanks! Glad you had a good experience with me. I've got 2 bottles of it for decanting so I have plenty right now haha!

I've always been a big fan of the Zara clones. They're cheap, and smells like the fruity batches which is what I'm into, and they have pretty good performance. Also no pinesol opening (like CDNIM) so that's always a plus.

Always a big fan of Ashton, I trust his opinions more than most of the "reviewers" out there. I bought a bottle of this stuff (out of hype and to split it) and while it's nice, it's nothing groundbreaking like all the reviewers talked about. More reviewers need to be like him for sure.

Couldn't decide so I went with Pacific Rock Moss for a nice and sunny day today. Smells uplifting and fresh!

I have actually seen his lists. They are great and he has a lot of choices. However he does not ship to Canada so unfortunately right now I cannot buy from him.

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Sorry! I'm still trying to figure it out, but at the moment I'm really busy with real life stuff. I do plan on doing so in the future though!

I would check out Atelier. All of their fragrances are made for men and women.

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Agreed! That and the Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo collection

It introduced me to Kimbra, which was much, much more rewarding than that song was.

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Kimbra is amazing

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Korean free agents and Texas... not a good combo

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Oh god you just gave me some horrible flashbacks on Chan Ho Park LOL

Forgetting your lines is one thing, forgetting a very well known idiom is quite another.

The greatest instance of that ever

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First things first rest in peace Uncle Phil.....

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