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liquid_penguins 12 points

Where are you located? We need a React Native dev (in Bay Area).

virality444 4 points

Oh thanks for asking! But sadly I'm from Barcelona, Spain. Damn it would be so awesome to work there.. and cheer for the warriors after work and not at 3AM haha

flying_head 5 points

You should work on something that you can put on GitHub and that is not tied to a specific company, that way you don’t have to build specific apps for each place you apply to.

virality444 2 points

That's true, I also thought on doing more 'commercial type' work, not only portfolio projects, a real product, I'm doing a Shopify App with React-Redux-googleCloud-Firestore that is not going to take a lot of time but I guess will look way better showing that I have a little SaaS than only portfolio projects.

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virality444 commented on a post in r/warriors
jazzua559 10 points

fuck you so called fans, quit doubting... sit back and just watch, dammit swear You fools are spoiled. Smdh

virality444 1 point

down 8 on the start of the second quarter and already giving the game for lost wtf

virality444 7 points

we can't play worse and we're still close

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kevindoveton 2 points

Small nitpick, in this file you are switching between importing each action separately and as one statement - find your style and stick with it. Otherwise it looks awesome!

virality444 2 points

Nice pick, thank you!!

atkinchris 54 points

Here's my review of your code. This is a subjective review, so you may not share my opinions. It focusses on how you can improve - this does not mean what you have is bad. I've not taken a look at all your components, and I haven't run the code.

Overall you've got a good component structure, showing use of HOCs, state management, asynchronous actions and component styling.

Here's some things I'd recommend.

  • Don't nest your project. There's no need for the top level spotify-client folder - it's just another level to traverse.

  • Put linting in your project. Not only does it show knowledge of tooling, it is utterly invaluable to keeping your code consistent.

  • Why is your App.js a class? It doesn't need internal state, and could be a stateless function. If it's to encapsulate the Audio instance, put this outside of your component hierarchy.

  • this.audioControl() performs side effects on an unknown Audio object, based on boolean(?) props.

  • Use prop typing to give your component props readable context, as well as safety and hinting when developing.

  • Look into a way of organising your component styles, such as BEM or ITCSS. Naming components, and subsequently being able to find the styles from classNames is essential.

  • You have a mixture of inline and class based styles. Pick one way to style your components and stick to it - its difficult to unpick where a style is coming from if they're mixed.

  • You have a mixture of percentage, pixel and other units for padding and margins. Using a multiple of a fixed unit can make styling more predictable and visually consistent.

  • Your DisplayList has a nested render function that should be a ternary or conditional path.

  • Your indentation is off in a few places, which makes it difficult to easily identify function chains or DOM structures. Again, Linting will take care of this for you.

  • Create React App is a pragmatic choice. However, it limits how much a reviewer can tell about your tooling abilities, such as webpack setup, bundling choices and CSS prefixing.

  • Add unit tests around your data transformation and behavioural components. Don't just Jest snapshot it - write tests that effectively document the unit behaviour of the components.

virality444 13 points

Damn thank you so much!!!

I wasn't expecting that, this is awesome. I'm writing all of this down to learn from it, lots of great advice!

I have to start focusing on doing proper testing to my projects, your take on the unit tests will really help me find the correct info on how to do it, when I started reading it I was indeed thinking on just Jest snapshots.

This had to take you some time to write, If you ever have some work someone with my level can help you let me know and I will gladly do it!

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clvlndpete 3 points

Nice work. Really clean looking and useful. My one suggestion would be adding charts for selected crypto. Maybe a feature to add in the future. Really like the site though. I just started diving into React (and coding in general) and i really like it. Great work

virality444 1 point

Thank you! great suggestion I will look into it, and as you started diving into React don't hesitate to send me a PM if you have any question!

[deleted] 2 points


virality444 1 point

Thank you so much! Yes no problem, post it wherever you want, also no need to link back to this post if you don't want to! ;)

Chunky_Sax_Player 7 points

More air! Imagine you’re trying to fog up a mirror with hot fast air.

virality444 1 point

Added to the list, thank you! I'm still having some problems with the hot/cold, fast/slow air concept gonna focus more on it!

saxmanchris 3 points

To help me get a warm and fast air column, I focus a lot on tongue position. Having a raised back tongue like your about to say the syllable "Ni" can help. You're already on a good start practicing your fundamentals, just keep working at, and don't get discouraged!

virality444 1 point

I've also heard that from Joe Allard, it always feel strange as I don't know if I'm really arching the tong or just making it more difficult for myself I gotta practice more in the mirror, thanks for the advice!!

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virality444 commented on a post in r/Saxophonics
virality444 2 points

You can actually see recordings of myself for the first month learning without a teacher on my thread:

If you can't afford it, don't get discouraged, if you take your time reading what you have to do and what not you can start teaching yourself.

And take classes once you're on a better place economically, I myself will start taking classes regularly once I can afford them.

virality444 commented on a post in r/Saxophonics
EnglishMan3141 2 points

Are you more of a jazz or a classical player? If you’re looking at jazz horns, vintage is always better but it’s harder to get good quality. So be careful. Classical, the newer the better!! Again, be sure to try them, but there’s tons of amazing new horns around.

Be sure to take your time deciding. If you’re considering going off to college soon, and studying music, maybe wait until you’ve decided what school you’re going to before buying. If I had waited a year and a half to buy my horn, I’d have gotten a completely different one than I did when I bought my horn I have now. Just something to consider!

virality444 1 point

I didn't know that the horn also made a difference for a jazz / classical tone, I only thought the mpc made it, this is nice to know!

Now that I'm saying that, I'm using a cheap tenor chinese horn with a yamaha 4c mpc, and doesn't matter how loose I leave my mouth or how much I roll my lip out without any pressure, still sounds like classical without that fat sound, could it be the equipment or should I be able to get the same sound no matter the equipment?

virality444 commented on a post in r/saxophone
virality444 1 point

As a student looking for a sax teacher myself, I went first to google and searched for 'Sax teacher MyTown', then found out that most of the websites popping up where teacher focused websites where teachers make their own profiles like: and (this is from Spain), and there I searched for the ones with most ratings.

As a personal advice, if one of them had a video on youtube talking about what they do, and seeing him more personally and not only with a written description that would made me go with him.

Other places you can look are:

  • Local Facebook groups related to jazz, music, etc. in your town.
  • Other private teachers that teach other instruments so you can pass students to one another?
  • Paid Referrals - Music shops, that recommend you as a teacher and you pay them a comission or something.
  • Music Schools - that don't offer sax lessons, maybe you can go there as a freelance or work some kind of relationship with them.
virality444 commented on a post in r/Saxophonics
montyburnz258 2 points

This looks great - I'm buying it. Me and my best mate both suck to and have been looking for these sorts of exercises.

Edit: Sike... $32 dollars in total if I wanna get it shipped to Aus :(

virality444 1 point

I found a free pdf of the book in scribd, with a quick search on google you'll find it!

virality444 commented on a post in r/trumpet
bananastant 1 point

is sax like recorders we used to play in school, blow and you get a sound?

virality444 1 point

Not at all, if you played the recorder in school and you remember the fingerings you already know pretty much the sax fingerings, except some abstracts and higher notes, but don't expect to sound good until at least a year or more of playing, that's what other players told me, I'm one month in, I can play the notes, but it sounds absolutely bad, doesn't even looks like the same instrument sax pros play. You have to practice long tones, overtones, etc. as with trumpet consistently.

Now 1 BIG advantage of the trumpet is that you can mute it and practice when you want, there's no damn way to mute efficiently the sax and it sounds so damn loud.

virality444 commented on a post in r/Saxophonics
virality444 4 points

Not physicality but the only thing i miss compared to other instruments like piano is being able to practice whenever you want with headphones, I could practice like 1 - 2 hours more per day.

virality444 commented on a post in r/Saxophonics
virality444 2 points

As a beginner myself too (1month playing) this is one of the best resources I've found, most beginner focused articles only talk about embochure and lips, here you'll see a lot of things about voicing, overtones, your throat, breath, hearing the tone before, etc. that really helped me a lot. All tied together with progressive exercises.

And besides that this is a list of some videos and links I saved myself:

By the way record yourself, I've been recording myself since day 1 and it's already great to see the difference and motivates to keep practicing a lot, I hope i can make one of those videos of 1 year playing the sax everyday haha

Bernie29UK 2 points

What kind of music do you want to play? Do you have a favourite sax player?

virality444 1 point

Jazz, and for favourite sax player I would say Ben Webster!

Wh0_The_Fuck_Cares 9 points

Both are equally important. The main purpose of long tones is in control of your air and sound at all dynamics within all registers which will in turn give you a better sound.

However, you should always try to be aware of your sound so that if you start to become fatigued, lazy, or mess up you can correct right then and there.

When practicing long tones play every pitch for 3 whole notes at 60bpm. Try to come in at n slowly building to a fff and then back down. Begin at middle C, go chromatically down to low B-Flat, go back to middle C, and then work up to your highest stable pitch. During this you should be working for control of each pitch at every dynamic making sure that your tone is even and clean.

Also, that's really great that your practicing overtones within your first few months of playing. Overtones are the stepping stone into much more advanced techniques and mastering your control over the horn. Keep that up and do it every day. Overtones also greatly improve your tone.

virality444 2 points

Thank you so much for your advice really appreciate it!

I'm going to start doing my long tones the way you said. And very encouraging what you said about overtones, will keep doing them, I actually started doing them because on low notes I always got the overtone when I was trying to get the normal note, doing them helped to fix that really quick!

pelicanman777 1 point

Never did understand how people use those rubber pads, maybe I'm not used to them but every time I'm testing a mpc it ruins the test for me 😅😅

prodoosh 1 point

I don’t mind the thin ones. There’s no need for the massively thick ones imo. It’s a bit excessive. If you’re biting that hard you have a different problem altogether

virality444 1 point

As it was the first time I saw a sax I didn't even know that the rubber pad was thick, I thought they were all like this, I'm now using 3 layers of electrical tape one over the other and it's way easier for me to have a relaxed embochure without having to open so much the mouth.

virality444 1 point

I didn't know it could change the playing so much, I'll try without it once I have my own mouthpiece!

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virality444 commented on a post in r/Archery
ASharedNarrative 2 points

Two pictures: one of my full kit that I just bought 48 hours ago, and one of a complete list of everything in the kit (in case the picture is as terrible as I think it is).

AMA, I guess. Except about the furniture. I have no answers for that.

virality444 2 points

Remember, don't hyperextend your bow arm and get a tennis elbow injury in your third week of archery like me.

virality444 commented on a post in r/Jazz
tessalasset 15 points

Yeah he’s liked a number of things I’ve posted on IG. I assume he has a social media person running around like crazy online.

virality444 11 points

More probably an automated software that interacts with targeted content within the niche, based upon followers from other accounts from the niche or hastags

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