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YES. I think Leonard could have been played just as well by another actor, but not Sheldon. Parsons was born for that role.

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As proven by his near identical character in Garden State.

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Throw > catch

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Throws > catch > finally

vivainvitro commented on

Grandma: "Oh boy, here I go killing again!"

Everything has a 50% chance of happening; it either happens or it doesn't.

No Amiga Frontier no beuno

included government agencies

Xi Jinping has invited him to rest at Lake Laogai...

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There is no war in Ba Sing Se...

How do I press F1?

He doesn't give a duck

Every game reminds me of WarioWare

Well excuuuuuse me, princess.

As others have mentioned, the Escalante has a pretty unique type of cushioning with a lot of rebound so this still be the bigger factor than zero drop. They're probably my favourite shoe because of the excellent cushioning for such a low stack height

Is that a "March of the Pigs" CD single I spot there?

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If only it were quake, then he'd be going full Reznor

Oh god please no

Unless Hideaki Anno directs it, I can't imagine anyone doing it justice. Imagine the shit a studio will do if they try to make it appeal to a US audience - they'll turn it into fucking Transformers or some shit

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Probably more like Pacific rim

Why don’t the kids have beds?

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Can't have monsters under the bed if you have no bed

It's not "fabulousa," it's fabulous-aaa.

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Oh roooon stoooop

South to north is an interesting choice! Did you get worried towards the end when he had to cross the 100 mile wilderness?

I mean, given this is Roy Chubby Brown, this is pretty relevant. His material is a real life comedy cemetery.

Try the altra Torin, pretty much the same type of cushioning with a smaller attack height and more roomy forefoot

I'm pretty sure all BG trackers are publicly available. I can't remember the link tho 😞

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Open tracking is the site, but Killian's is being kept hidden

NHS is funded by:

The NHS is funded mainly from general taxation and National Insurance contributions. In 2001, an increase in National Insurance rates intended to boost NHSfunding increased the proportion paid for by National Insurance, although general taxation still accounts for around 80 per cent of NHS funding.May 16, 2017

In the USA, when was the last time you saw the rescue squad pull a severly injured car passenger out of their vehicle, check their insurance plan and leave them by the side of the road?

USA is huge. UK is smallish....we have guns and opiods overburdening our hospitals.

Universal perhaps but not free.

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The NHS is NEVER referred to as free. It is is referred to as free at the point of access/delivery.

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Yeah, and Basebasebasebaseball

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Well at least with that name you've got your bases covered.

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Sigh I miss hanging out on IRC on my 2640 kbits modem

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I miss being an Oper on my now deceased friends server. Meet some very cool people running that place.

/kill /u/ineververify Think you're some kind of a smart guy huh?

according to eve lore ,sansha is adamned nation pushed at the end of no way they gona make low sex gate tostain

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I'll take the low sex and you the take high sex and I'll be in Provi before you

Sheffield Half Marathon 2014. With everyone waiting at the start they announced the race was cancelled. Turned out they forgot to order water for stations. Lots of us got pissed enough that we started to run anyway to which the police tried and failed to stop us. Many of completed it effectively as bandits with locals kindly giving us water along the route.

Where do you live bro? I am Greek and willing to send you some!

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He's already got some, this is a feta accompli

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