First day of school. 1986 by Amithrius in OldSchoolCool

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If wasn't for the fact you've been banned for being a racist fuckwit, I'd highlight how your hilarious lack of comma showcases what a dumbfuck you are.

Do you go anywhere (other than here) for podcast referrals and reviews? by oskoshbijosh in podcasts

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Nowadays I basically ask every friend I meet if they listen to podcasts, and I've gotten some really surprising and good recommendations.

Like this sort of tough guy dude who admitted to having problems sleeping and said he finds Nocturne really relaxing https://www.nocturnepodcast.org

It's somehow such a personal/intimate medium that people seem to forget that others listen to them as well. They're not commonly discussed at all, at least on my facebook/twitter.

I broke your toilet seat my bad... by FMK_MUSIC in funny

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My germophobia isn't that bad, but toilet seats never fail to make me cringe

Based on EA’s direction with transactions, full price including micro transactions needs to be listed on the cover by [deleted] in gaming

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Imagine if the EU could require them to send full prices in hard copy by mail

Ahead of his time by santafesmike in pics

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Sad and profound that imperialism gives a way to express civil rights

Dalai llama by [deleted] in funny

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The thumbnail looked like jarjar binks

'Mayor' of Hell bans all straight people from entering Michigan town | MLive.com by jfactor1 in politics

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No, but you can apply for refugee status and wait five years for a work permit

1968 Trailer Park Hairgasm by FowelBallz in OldSchoolCool

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That is some insane hair right there. Lady on far left looks like some Indian yogi

Judge: Trump Incited Violence Against Protesters At Kentucky Rally by myellabella in politics

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Wonder if he plans on keeping these bullshit rallies going for the next 4 years? If you ask me it's kinda sad.

(1980) Carrie fisher not ready for pic. Please stop posting pics of her I don't care about her and don't want to see her in my feed again by crustopherpennix in OldSchoolCool

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We are awake and we know the rules. We wrote them. Most of the people submitted in OSC are dead. It's the title that matters. If the title doesn't mention recent death, or ask for sympathy because of death, then it's not breaking rule 4.

My uncle playing with his elephant friend, Peter, in the 80s. by iTwango in OldSchoolCool

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Imagine that's how Tarzan would look if he was a gymnast. Awesome skills. What's his story?

"Wireless Mouse" by rslashelektrux in funny

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Yeah, thanks Apple. Way to go.