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I have an EmazingLights Element V2 set with gloves and extra batteries I'm willing to sell for $60. They're $99.95 retail.

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Selling a VIP Camping Upgrade for $60 ($105 face) It's an Eventbrite redemption code so you can redeem it under your account

Does the upgrade include VIP access too or just camping? I'd have to go to will call for the band right?

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1 point · 2 days ago

Just camping and yes

Ticketmaster and the bands are actually in cahoots. Part of the extraordinary fees goes back to the bands.

There's a freakonomics podcast on the topic... Very interesting.

Pearl Jam, at the top of their fame in the mid-90s went after them and failed miserably.

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Ticketmaster and the promoters/venues (many of which are owned by Live Nation (TM's owner), not the bands.

Cazzette - Weapon (EDX Apulco at Night Remix) I don’t know if I’m reposting as I’m on mobile, but I hope someone will appreciate this. Sorry in advance as it’s progressive house, but I think the baseline is simple but effective

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Are you by chance selling that Monster?

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Yeah I figured, no worries. Doubt more than 5 of those even have their M class.

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After 2 warranty replacements, I found out fast chargers (anything more than 1.2A burns the circuit). Really poor design flaw but their warranty support is great so you can get a replacement for free.

I may be selling my S4 MK2 with Flight Case and Chroma Caps for the new S4. I'll let you know if I do.

The new S2 is about to be so dope! 8 beat pads vs 4 hot cues that can be switched from hot cue to sample mode with the switch of a button. Bigger jogs. It even looks like it has a USB out which could mean one of 2 things: either it has some sort of rekordbox style setup where you can play tunes directly from the usb or it’s another USB port that you can use to plug in another controller. Either way I’m stoked. I’ve used various controllers over the past 5 years, starting with x1 all the way through the S4 MK2 that I own now and even I am thinking about switching to the mk3. I just haven’t figured out if I’m going to do the s2 first or jump straight to the S4 haha.

If you test the MK2 and dig it, I would suggest popping down to guitar center after the launch to take the mk3 for a test drive. I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but it just looks so awesome that I can’t help but get a little stoked!

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2 points · 14 days ago

The new USB port is for iOS devices running the Traktor app I'm pretty sure. Hopefully it is multipurpose. Debating whether to sell my S4 MK2 now before prices drop or just wait till the MK3 comes out.

They do have long term psychiatric services on par of that of a traditional specialist. I switched to a CAPS psychiatrist from my home psychiatrist and have been going for regular appointments for the past 3 years. Best psychiatric health care place I've ever been actually. I can schedule an appointment within a week or two and 0 copay (United Healthcare and UGA student insurance).

Note that this is my experience for psychiatry (medication). I went once for CBT (this appointment had a 1-2 month wait) but I didn't feel like I needed it.

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This is completely false. They do have long term psychiatric services on par of that of a traditional specialist. I switched to a CAPS psychiatrist from my home psychiatrist and have been going for regular appointments for the past 3 years. Best psychiatric health care place I've ever been actually. I can schedule an appointment within a week or two and 0 copay (United Healthcare and UGA student insurance).

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Working alarms. Missed two classes because they're silent...

Do you have an iPhone 7?

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I just upped my dose to 45mg from 30mg (been on 30mg for 2ish years). 4 days in and no noticible change except some of that morning sleepiness is back. Hopefully I'll get results in a week.


The UGA Motorcycle Club Facebook page has been dead for a while so we created a GroupMe that's actually active. Got 35+ members so far. Don't need a bike to join, anyone interested in two wheels are welcome!


Whoo man, you got lucky then. I saw him at EDC 2017 and I was so disappointed. He had the sunset slot. He did not fill that slot's vibes AT ALL. Was like a total disconnect from the vibe of the fest and the crowd.

It seemed like all his did was play pure trap shit, would cut mix all of the songs and just go from drop to drop. Then, before every drop, would say some garbled shit on the mic that no one could understand to "hype" people up.

I'm thinking maybe he was just too trashed or something, but it was terrible. I love his studio tracks and soundcloud. He left me scratching my head after that set.

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Are you sure this was K?D, because this does not sound like K?D

Original Poster-7 points · 1 month ago

Once again preying on vulnerabilities is pickup in a nutshell—push-pull, teasing, delaying texts, etc. Love is war in dating we all prey on each other’s vulnerabilities that’s why so many men come here seeking advice it’s a war out here and the men’s are getting slaughtered haha. So unless you can add to to this I’m not interested in your blue pill morality!

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3 points · 1 month ago

Gonna 3rd you on your morals. Might wanna look yourself in the mirror first.

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What do you do to prevent it

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Imodium and hella water

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Does the immodium ever prevent the absorption of the adderal

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Not that i know of.

Same exact thing with me 8 weeks or so into Fluoxetine. Feeling detached and robotic. Quit/tried several other SSRIs but now I'm on Mirtazapine (Remeron) which is a newer type of antidepressant. Removed 80% of my depression and 90% of my social anxiety with almost 0 side effects. My ADHD meds don't interact as far as I know. Everyone is different though.

I'm taking MBUS 3550 - Music Production in the fall. Our MBUS program bought a brand new studio in the Terry building. Class uses Pro Tools though I use Ableton myself. May or may not have to be in the MBUS program to enroll.

Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

How rigorous is the class?

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2 points · 2 months ago

I haven't taken it yet. My intro MBUS classes however were the hardest but most interesting classes I've ever taken. It was harder to get into this program than MIS for me though.

Prob cause the Las Vegas shooter was targeting a event like that (maybe even that one can't remember) before choosing the one he did.

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4 points · 2 months ago

It was in fact Lollapalooza Chicago. Pretty nuts as I was at that festival when he booked the hotel rooms overlooking the park.

In large doses it knocks you out, which can make some people a little easier to handle... Ive been told that’s their extreme resort for the people really going too hard. Also that they generally just have you sleep it off and leave ~12 hours later with very few questions.

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I assumed IV benzos were used first but yes they do administer (IM I think, not IV?) ketamine.

If your cool with dropping $100+ the Camelbak Mule I bought was great. Relatively low profile, tons of storage, and a 3L bladder too.

The amount of zippers and small pockets also frustrated security. Which was at least amusing at some points.

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Was going to upgrade to the new MULE from my Rogue but did a ton of research and actually tested out 3 models in person and went with the Osprey Syncro 10. The features and everything from the slide-lock, rigid-back, detachable hose bladder to the hidden rainfly pocket, and so on made me pick the Osprey over the Camelbak but they're both fantastic and have their own pros and cons. Definitely better than the Vibedrations EVERYONE has (though they aren't THAT bad).

Yeah... We call that looting. Shame on you!

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Uhh have you been to a music festival? It would have just been lost and forgotten.


Electric Family meet and greets for Sunday at their merch tent are: Crankdat - 9:30pm Manilla Killa - 6pm right after his set


Where is the tent at? I can’t find it :(

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Merch tents between Tripolee and The Ranch

Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Merch tents between Tripolee and The Ranch

Get a Osprey Raptor or Syncro 10-14L. Holds my hammock, extra clothes, jacket, speaker, etc while still being small enough to be allowed into most festivals. I upgraded from a Camelbak Rogue and was going to buy a Camelbak MULE which is the same size but comparing Camelbaks to the Osprey hydration packs the Ospreys were way better in terms of features, comfort, and especially the bladder itself (fold over top instead of the screw cap, detachable hose). Mine was $110 though so a bit more expensive but it'll last me for years.

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