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Cook's 'decline' phase has been on-going for a while now. Its only because England can't even find a decent 2nd opener that he's not under scrutiny.

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What happened to Hasseb Hameed? Looked pretty decent in India.

Crazy to think that at his peak, Bradman was still even better by a long distance. Hell, in his final year when he played his most innings (13), he averaged 113.89. The dominance he displayed is just insane.

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And the dude played after world war just as if he was coming after a tea break in a test. Simply continued as if nothing happened. Just insane..

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I have iPhones from the 4S onwards, a 2015 MacBook Pro and a couple iPads kicking around. My most recent ex is similar.

Not a single one of our devices had failed. If we had purchased AppleCare on all of them it would have been enough to replace one device that does fail. Unless you mistreat your devices, it’s not an investment.

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Hold on to that 2015 MBP with your dear life! Just don't give it away..

Someone please explain what happened. Last I saw TV Root was batting..

Pant to Kohli : This is INTENT...

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England collapsed from 216/3 to 287 in the first Test. Hope these two don't get complacent.

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We have ethical batting to come up still...

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Badly need a Bumrah 5fer this match.

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I would gladly take 5 runs from all our batsmen...

Nice app. Have a few suggestions though (on iPad)

  • Animations could be a bit smoother.
  • Single button for Profile, Subscriptions, Settings seem a bit unintuitive. A bottom bar with customisable links would be great.
  • Option to Switch Comment Tap & Long actions for comments is coll. But after hiding a comment, a single tap should ideally show the comment than just show option to Upvote / Downvote etc.
  • Option to have a single theme for all sub reddits.
Original Poster16 points · 6 days ago

Thank you for the feedback!

The issue with a bottom bar is it leads the user to think that those will open in the same view hierarchy, versus popping over into a new navigation stack like it currently does.

That is an interesting idea about the comment gestures, something that I have not heard from Android users but seems like a good addition! Will work this into the next update!

And you can select all > delete for custom sub themes in Settings > Subreddit themes


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That was a quick reply :)

You are right, but would prefer some way to go to Settings / Profile in a Single Tap.

Thanks, Boost on Android has this.

Ashwin : 22 Average in SA tour. 28 Average in England (ongoing series).

Our batsmen are top quality shit.

Players at this level don't need coaching.

  • Bewda

Hit hard and you are Out for putting the ball out of compound. Play with soft hands and you get out to the damn one pitch catch. It's the most difficult form of cricket :P

6 points · 9 days ago

The question is who will sit out for Bumrah .... Kuldeep or Hardik ?

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Ashwin or Ishant. Going by RTG..

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How's this possible. Ashwin playing better than rest of the team?

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He is quite a decent bat. And playing County cricket helps too.

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-88 points · 9 days ago

Really? I thought he sucked at being a captain. The only people who were die hard fans of Ganguly were the Bengalis.

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Nice try Manjrekar..

If ganguly gets the job , Shastri is definitely going to get the sack. Maybe appoint Dravid as the new coach.

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I would just prefer Dravid shaping up the next generation than rather having to deal with RTG's and Headmaster complaints. He is too precious..

-16 points · 10 days ago

That's not fair.

India's test core is Vijay-Kohli-Rahane-Ashwin-Ishant and Shami.

It has been for a while now. If your entire batting isn't making an effort to put up decent scores, then everything looks wrong. Before the series, India were being bigged up to change what happened in last tours because our team is more settled.

Aside from the core though, I feel these players need to be let go from the tests. Far too much has been invested in them for them to keep failing and not making it count when it matters.

  • Dhawan (ODI's where pitches are flat, he's great. Stick to that)
  • Yadav (Only really a new ball bowler and too errant to use reverse swing well. 1 good spell among many bad tests isn't worth to keep investing in him)
  • Pujara (The guy has trouble with in-coming balls. And the way he plays his game isn't what suits in this day and age. Blocking your way to 70-80 balls so incoming batsmen face older ball? Like for real? A number 3 is much more than that. Teams that did well as a batting unit have done well only when they have had a solid number 3.
  • Australia - Ponting
  • India - Dravid
  • South Africa - Amla
  • Sri Lanka - Sangakkara

None except Dravid had the kind of approach Pujara seems to be taking. And Dravid was an exception. His defence was solid, until his last tour in Australia he was someone you couldn't get out bowled. Pujara is half the batsmen Dravid is and he is strong suited for Indian conditions only. IMO we need to move on from him, let him work on his technique and score bucket load of runs in county (not Ranji) if he's to ever comeback in this team.


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Pujara is hardly 1/10 the batsman Dravid was. Period.

First? The OG Pixel and Pixel 2 were expensive as fuck in my country (NL). Sometimes its like Google forgets that other markets exist as well. Imagine paying 770$ for the pixel 2 XL now. Yeah thats my reality.

Even with US prices, the Pixel 2 XL had enough issues and unless you really really really love your camera+software, the Pixels were pretty overpriced for what they offered compared to Samsungs/OnePlus/Xiaomi phones.

Honestly Google, just give us a feature packed phone with stock android and everyone is happy. S9/Note 9 but with stock android and google camera. Thats what everyone wants. I dont want a phone that rips off iphones with notches/no headphone jack/no SD cards and so on...

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LG G7+ is about $610 in India. Note 9 is about $1000 in India.

Meanwhile Pixel 2XL is $1150 in India :/

We have been brilliant guys.. Day 2 almost done and we have lost only 3 wickets!!

13 points · 11 days ago

Manju literally using "back in my days" on Ganguly

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He is nostalgic about that shit team of 90's? Jeez..

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What's the weather like?

No cricket, some cricket or full cricket?

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Lots of beer...

This is really sad. They built the best multi-platform email client that looked really good. It is going to be really hard to find an alternative for my android and apple devices (I tried all the options last year but failed).

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Spark for Mac & iOS. Edison mail for Android.

One match that changed Indian Cricket. Truly Epic. Not sure if Ponting, Hayden, Slater, M Waugh ever bowled together in one innings of a test match other than this..

8 points · 14 days ago · edited 14 days ago

Bangar was pretty good at Leeds during India's historic innings win in 2002, by helping blunt the new ball with Dravid, but otherwise no great shakes. As for Shastri, he went on 3 tours of England, and averaged 34 with 2 centuries, close to his overall career (his bowling in England was shit though).

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So basically 2 players who at best were just average in England and now in charge of our team. Great..

7 points · 14 days ago

Coaching doesn't work that way - greatness as a player is no guarantee of greatness as a coach; in fact there's probably an inverse relationship.

That doesn't mean I think Shastri and Bangar are doing a good job - clearly they're not.

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Well said. But when you have actual experience playing international bowlers in seaming conditions, you can identify the shortcomings and coach the players much better. At the very least, you could have atleast had a consultant for the tour...

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I like that it's not subscription based, but if you want you can pay again too. It's always nice to support such wonderful apps!

Best thing : You can actually buy the phone this 10th on Flipkart. Not wait for months.

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