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Or #USAWPMVBLT2K18 for short. We do hashtags here on reddit right?

In all seriousness, the 2018 midterm primary season is well underway. "I don't know, I can't keep up," joked the SNL writers about the midterms. But keep up we shall.

We're going across the country (on reddit) to talk to redditors in each state's main subreddit (and sometimes in other communities in that state). It's our belief that redditors are among the most hyper-informed citizens on the Internet.

We're going to be asking a few questions:

  • What issues are driving your vote this year?
  • What are missing or under-reported stories from election coverage in your state, or OF your state? How much are WE missing?

What are we doing with this information? Well one thing is for sure, we are forwarding your responses to our national and politics editors to help guide their coverage as we send reporters, photographers and videographers nationwide.

We may compile these threads into a piece of content, but that's still up in the air. What's important is that we start these conversations.

Here are the conversations we've started in different states:

We'll keep this post updated with coverage of the midterms and more conversations we're having across reddit. We want this to be as transparent as possible. If any mods see this and have any ideas on how to further engage, feel free to message us here or email me at [](/). See you out on the #USAWPMVBLT2K18 trail!


Here are some flow charts of what the process for immigrants looked like before Trump's institution of a "zero tolerance" policy vs. what it's been since April, and how it will likely work after this executive order.

Some excerpts from Philip's analysis:

Immigration attorney David Leopold, who helped us develop the charts above, noted in a conversation this week that certain aspects of immigration law hadn’t been tested by the courts because it was easier to simply plead guilty to a misdemeanor, which involves no jail time as punishment, than to fight it through the appeals process. That might change.

In fact, it seems likely that Trump would be happy to have a court fight over whether the stipulations of the Flores settlement should be adhered to. If a court rules that children can be held in detention facilities over the long term, Trump gets what he wants: No one bonded to freedom, and no recordings of children wailing for their parents published in the media.

Washington Post

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