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Jeff Sessions disagrees.

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how does jeffy feel about opioids?

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If you said 3 years ago that in 2018, there would a book released by an adult film star, detailing her sex with the current president, including the specific detail that his penis resembles a Mario Kart character, i'd say you had too much drugs

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i would have been very skeptical.

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Smart too. If he opens that door it will tear the note which is evidence that he saw it.

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Blackmail is such an ugly word.

I prefer extortion, the x makes it sound cool.

That’s a conch

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getting a lord of the flies vibe here.

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Yes. This.

The ones who go for it are ready and willing to fight tooth and nail to make billionaires more money and create more pain for average Americans like themselves. It's spectacularly ironic and stupid, but rednecks don't listen to rational people. They need the bombast and hate to guide them.

Fuck rednecks.

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that's what happens when you put the squeeze on education for decades and call suggestions to "get some years of community college" (obama said something like that) "snobbish".

it was santorum who said this:

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Taking pride in being uneducated is just weird. Community College isn't the same as going to Yale or Harvard. It's not really "snobbish" for someone to go get an Associates in Horticulture or Welding or something from a CC. Those are "blue collar" jobs that require a lot of expertise and training to do effectively.

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those are good jobs, who doesn't love a good welder or plumber?

216 points · 5 hours ago

I viewed this this user’s posts. Was not disappointed.

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mother of god..

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"Racial anxieties" is a euphemism for "racism."

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angry white guys used to being in power are scared of losing that power to yellow and brown and black and red people?

i am shocked, shocked!

oh my, i gotta sit down before i get the vapours.

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> House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) wrote to Long yesterday, “requesting documentation and other information related to his use of government vehicles and about the agency personnel who may have accompanied him on the trips.”

It's so bad that even Gowdy is looking into it.

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that's the shady as fuck looking asshole with the grey/white hair who did some benghazi investigating right?

"Ricky, Ricky!"

"Yes, Papa."

"Breaking rules?"

"No, Papa."

"Telling lies?"

"No, Papa."

"Show me documents."

"Wah! Wah! Wah!"

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i showed that to a colleague at work.

he was shocked and i am not sure if he was amused (but i was).

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And he STILL hasn't accused Russia of the same thing.

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i wonder if they have a back channel going on where putin/putin's goons feed trump lines that he throws on twitter or utters on tv/at rallies.

you know.. lines like this, or 3000 people not having died on puerto rico.

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Yep. They couldn't be more wrong from a psychology standpoint.

$100 isn't a lot to have, but $100 a lot to lose.

If I found an extra hundred in my bank account, it wouldn't really change my life in a meaningful way. But if I suddenly found a had lost $100, that would seriously ruin my day, if not week.

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not that, either.

this is like bill gates guessing (on ellen, i believe) what common groceries cost, bread was about 10 dollars or something like that, he guessed.

they do not know what things cost, because they have a sea of money and never buy such things themselves.

he might actually believe people won't notice, because he would not notice.

Here come the down votes. Sighs in relief because I’m satisfied with my shitty joke.

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I don't get the joke but i also did not downvote you.

Oh well thanks man! The joke: it’s not mastercheif but it looks like a b movie version and people hate when you call characters the wrong name. Like calling link Zelda

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ah ok.

i was wondering if mastercheif also had double jump.

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Luckily I checked OP’s post history before I considered unsubbing for the third time today.

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what i wonder is what r/gamersriseup is about.. it looks a bit edgy and incelly.

39 points · 2 hours ago

It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction

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you guys are not asking the real question: does she have cake?

Nigga can jump.

I tip my head to you, athletic sir.

Is this a Mark Twain quote or did you fool me?

69 points · 1 day ago

The biggest ones being "only allowing people of the legal age to gamble in each country to purchase lootboxes" and "buying a gambling license in each country that they want to do business in." Those are the two things that publishers don't want to do, the rest of it is just a mild inconvenience but having their game "tarnished" by being "adult only" AND having to pay each country for a gambling license is not what publishers want.

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Would you have to pay VAT/taxes on those gambling incomes?

So EA is morally grey?

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gEAndalf the grey.

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I think they'll start by putting the squeeze on Mark Judge. Imagine Kamala Harris putting the screws to him with a "be very sure of your answer" warning. Judge isn't going to put his own ass on the line for Kavanaugh. He's going to claim that he remembers absolutely nothing from that time period.

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Mark Judge?

330 points · 1 day ago

He was supposed to drop a big Russia story a few years ago.

And then suddenly went quiet on that front and mysteriously started having a pro-Russia stance and agenda soon after.

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7 points · 1 day ago · edited 23 hours ago

Man I tried smoking pot to relieve my chronic back pain, it did nothing to touch it. Maybe it works for some people, but it just didn't work for me. Now Kratom on the other hand works really well and I have been drinking Kratom tea for a couple years now. I was skeptical about Kratom, then gave it a shot and holy cow it really knocked out the pain. Kratom is legal where I live but Pot is not. Just edited, realized I had typos from using my phone on this post

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It depends on the thc and/or cbd in the weed, i have no idea what does what but that may be why. Someone else may be able to give you more information.

761 points · 1 day ago

Eyyy! I did my final undergrad paper on this a year and a half ago. My professor almost didn't let me choose the topic because it was unrealistic lol.

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Did he consider half the country on opioids unrealistic?

Anakin you’re scaring me.

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Kavanaugh you're scaring me. also works.

123 points · 1 day ago

Well Brett Kavanaugh is a lifelong Republican so it's statistically likely.

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that is not true.

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looks like something tattoo-on-hand guy thought was funny the night before when he was stoned.

it was not.

2.4k points · 1 day ago

Either Daredevil or Iron Fist.

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Narcos or Iron Fist.

House of Cards or Iron Fist.

"Koskela Suomesta. Syö rautaa ja paskantaa kettinkiä"

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which means?

687 points · 1 day ago

It's because we are in the age of "no context wanted" you can't say certain words, no matter the context. You can not joke about certain subjects no matter the context. It's not about capitalism, it's about the Twitter masses demanding conformity

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imposing your political correctness on others and not tolerating any deviation no matter the context.

lol No it's not. Disney could have released a statement immediately, saying they don't agree with his past comments but that he's been wonderful since working for them. BOOM. Crisis averted. Guardians Vol 3 chugs along fine. Big bucks for all at Disney.

Firing him has altered their MCU plans and potentially lost them millions.

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Firing him has altered their MCU plans and potentially lost them millions.

but they also did it to protect their family friendly image. and that is about money.

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