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PsymonRED 1 point

I agree. Dunno what the stone mass there is... Maybe 1930's version of rigid insulation?

They have DIY Spray foam for that, and you don't have to cut the foam.
You'll be fine.. insulate it.

weggy2015 2 points

Since there is no sill plate (just assuming I don't have one since the wood sites directly on the blocks), do you think moisture (rotting) would be a concern if I sealed it?

Edit: Hmm, looks like I do have somewhat of a sill plate otherwise it would be rotted out by now. I'll look at it more carefully to confirm and go from there.

Thanks for the help.

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weggy2015 2 points

When I was on PD I ordered undershirts from to secure my catheter. I bought them about 3 months after I had my catheter installed since i hated my centers way to secure it. My PD nurse was cool with it. I've been off dialysis for 4 years so I can't comment on the above sites reliability but I had no issues in 2012/13.

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DoubleClickMouse 4 points

Santy Claus of Mateus? I saw him the other day, made me wonder if he only plays the character in December.

Looks like that’s Quarrymill, Which is where I saw him. Maybe we passed each other.

weggy2015 6 points

Nah, he plays year round. I transferred to Mateus when SB came out and found him in the gold saucer. He gave me a cookie and I said I was bad so I deserve coal. Wouldn't you know it, he had some coal on him. Made me lol irl.

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weggy2015 1 point

Was the ps4 wired or on wireless?

Easy things to try to resolve first: 1. Try a different port on the router. 2. Use a different Ethernet cable. 3. Check your port/timeout settings on the router to see if anything changes. If you wanted to do a quick way to rule the router out, you could put the PC in DMZ mode on the router. If it fixes the issue, you'd just need to find what setting is causing the issue.

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Wraithfighter 29 points

I work in customer service at a college (I know, not quite retail, but there isn't really a comparable sub out there). the hell isn't there a Customer Service subreddit? That's like one of the few jobs I'd mark down as maybe being worse than Retail...

weggy2015 3 points

Since there are a lot of college/uni stories, maybe a new subreddit should be called herpaferpa for these types of stories.

JD0064 7 points

it is still better than "Butt plug"

weggy2015 1 point

Welp, I know what I'm calling it from now on lol.

weggy2015 6 points

I was just playing around with the emotes when I noticed this you keep your crystal in your hand. If you use a persistent emote like a dance, it never leaves your hand unless you cancel the emote.

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weggy2015 7 points

What were the items used for the toilet? It's like the first good looking toilet I have seen in game.

SakuyaMikami 10 points

Thanks. I used a Walnut Cartonnier, an Alpine Chair, and an Oasis Stool for the toilet.

weggy2015 5 points


weggy2015 commented on a post in r/dialysis
ice99ice 1 point

The type of dialysis I'll be on will only require me to be plugged in at night for 8-10 hrs. I was wondering what's the longest I can go between treatment. Will I be able to work 16 hr shifts every once in a while.

weggy2015 3 points

Truly dependent on your own situation, but when I was on ccpd, skipping a day was possible but not ideal. If it were me in this situation, I would probably do 1 round of capd during my shift if I know I couldn't get the full 8-10 hours after the shift ends.

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weggy2015 1 point

My mom would go to the store, buy a 5th of rum and a 1L bottle of diet coke everyday. She'd dump out 3/4 of the soda and pour all the rum into the bottle so it wouldn't look like she was drinking. She didn't work cause my step dad worked as a truck driver and she did the accounting so she did this every day when he was at work. Did I mention she was 5'2" and 105lbs...idk how she drank that much.

The summer prior to me starting college was the tipping point for her. It was a couple days after my birthday and I woke up around 11am and hopped in the shower. After I was done in the shower, I smelled natural gas and I headed downstairs right away. Saw my mom laying on the floor and not responding, all 4 burners on the stove letting gas out and the door to the garage open with all of the gasoline dumped onto the floor. She had candles lit everywhere in the house as well. Called 911 since I thought she was dead and also the gas issue. Opened up the windows/doors and then turned off the gas. Scariest moment of my life is when I was turning the gas knob on the first burner and it clicked. My heart stopped when that happened. Luckily nothing happened and the other 3 were uneventful.

Her BAC was .4 when she was taken to the hospital and she was admitted to the psych ward since she wanted to blow up the house. Later found out she had tried to start a fire in her bedroom and on the stairs. She got some help but could never be stable.

Honestly, I don't know how she is now since I cut her out of my life a few years ago. I got very sick and was in the hospital for a month but when she would talk to me she made it all about her, didn't come to visit me even though I gave her money to do so (She was 15 min away) and my future MIL came from a city 1 state away to see me.

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LulTeddy 2 points

If I just give my retainer the NQ level 70 gear, will that be enough for the level 70 Highland Explorations to bring back some goodies?

weggy2015 1 point

I use the upgraded 60 script gear for both of my retainers and they can do the new highlands without issue.

weggy2015 commented on a post in r/mildlyinteresting
AlmanzoWilder 17 points

They still sell Tab. It's sweetened with Aspartame (instead of the cancerous, foul-tasting saccharin). Few know this but: Diet Coke, born in 1983, is actually Diet NEW Coke. Tab is diet Coke Classic.

weggy2015 17 points

Tab still has saccharin in it but it is an saccharin-aspartame blend (

Fun fact, Diet Coke from the fountain contains saccharin.

weggy2015 commented on a post in r/StLouis
weggy2015 3 points

Just call Charter’s retention line and threaten to switch. Currently paying $45 a month for there 100Mbps service. Remove the wire maintenance plan as well ($5 a month).

Otherwise, you are stuck with ATT uverse or gigapower. Uverse can go up to 50Mbps I believe if you don’t have fiber.

874ifsd 2 points

Do you actually get 100Mbps service with Charter? We never saw the speeds they advertised.

weggy2015 4 points

I actually get more. 130Mbps down.

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weggy2015 0 points

Once your desynth is high enough you can level it for free if you do pvp by desynthing pvp gear.

DoL is also another way to make gil and having your retainers be a DoL class will allow them to either get mats or go on venture for minions (like the otter in sb).

If you have a good amount of gil, your unwanted lvl6 materia on the server isn't too expensive and don't mind having your gil tied up in material, transmutation is a good way to make gil. On Mateus, I buy up all lvl6 materia that is under 30k and transmute it. I would say, on average, I have made 1.5 times the amount of gil I invested (I usually get 2.5-3mil gil worth of materia). I haven't lost gil on any but I have broke even.

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