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Always cut your own fruit so you can wash the outside.

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You do not. Maybe ring does not offically work anymore but i had no trouble transferring and my husband is still very much on the server we married on. It even still is stamped with my wedding date to him.

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Ring still works even after you both transfer to the same server. Have transferred twice and it still works.


Been doing keto for a month and found this drink to be awesome. Feels like you are drinking a coffee with milk in it even though there really isn't.

A grande as is has 17 carbs and almost all of that is from the 4 pumps of vanilla syrup (per starbucks each pump has 20 calories so 4-5 carbs per pump). Subbing the syrup for sugar free vanilla and it will be sub 1 carb due to the foam.


The cascara flavoring has cane sugar and coconut sugar, and so does the topping. Do you know how many carbs in just the syrup? I’ve been avoiding adding the cascara to my lattes, but if it’s that low in carbs I would be a happy girl!

Edit- just saw you said sub the cascara flavor for SF vanilla, sorry! In that case, it’s just a cold foam coffee, you don’t need to say cascara ☺️ enjoy!

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Well, the original drink has no cascara syrup in it. The cascara is added to the cold foam and the default syrup they add to the coffee is regular vanilla. If you check the starbucks app, it includes 4 pumps of vanilla syrup which is nearly all the carbs (20 cal per pump). So, essentially subbing SF vanilla you will be getting the taste of the drink as intended.

Seems like the Sokovian Accordian had a much larger effect on Iron Man than we thought.

As a Rock Hill resident, the store on Manchester doesn't always get the good deals.

I checked the next closest store on Watson and the stlg599 works when I add the code.


We bought a house in 2014 and I'm looking to insulate the floor joists since my basement is unfinished. The guides I see have wood along the edge where the their basement meets their first floor. My basement has some stone thing within the joist area on both sides perpidicular to the joists. I searched through google, but I couldn't find anything similar to my house. My house was built in the 1930s.

  1. I'm assuming I can just use rigid foam and then seal with spray foam around the sides then put some drywall on it for fire block.
  2. Since there are small gaps around this stone should I fill behind it with some insulation before I seal it off?
  3. Lastly there is a gap on the side of the joist next to the basement wall running parallel to the joist (2-3 inch in most places, but an inch in others). I have some left over roxul, I was thinking of stuffing it in there for some extra insulation. Good idea? Bad idea?

Photos of what I'm describing:


Do you have to use drywall for the fireblock? I was under the impression that 2" rigid foam + spray foam for the edges was sufficient.

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Since it is inside and exposed in the basement, you need some type of fireblock on it. If there was a fire in the basement, the foam would ignite and release fumes while you were inside. Look at your local codes.

I agree. Dunno what the stone mass there is... Maybe 1930's version of rigid insulation?

They have DIY Spray foam for that, and you don't have to cut the foam.
You'll be fine.. insulate it.

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Since there is no sill plate (just assuming I don't have one since the wood sites directly on the blocks), do you think moisture (rotting) would be a concern if I sealed it?

Edit: Hmm, looks like I do have somewhat of a sill plate otherwise it would be rotted out by now. I'll look at it more carefully to confirm and go from there.

Thanks for the help.

I think, even at single use, 3 dollars makes a cheap and elegant solution to the problem of sampling lava.

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Yep, at $3 it is not a whisky investment.


They had a range of options.


Perhaps it was an elaborate scheme where AM and the lady were collaborating. Perfect crime... Nobody would ever catch them, right? RIGHT? :P

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When it is a rugged system, our two heroes needed to do anything to take down Big Rug.

Some of them even have their own fcs. You find them on lodestone with a random fc name and the members are mostly level 50 blm.


If anyone is looking to make some decent gil, transmutation is even better in 4.2 with the removal of elemental materia.

In 4.2, you have a 35.7% chance to get a command, competence, cunning, guile or guerdon materia.

In 4.1, you had a 26.3% chance for the same materia.


it's even higher, I think you forgot that you exclude the 5 materias you use from the calculations.

So here are the right odds.

Before 4.2 you had 24 types of materia, leaving a chance of 1/19 for a specific materia when you include 5 different types of materia. so getting a crafting / gathering materia had a chance of 6/19 which is 31.5%.

In 4.2 you have 18 types materia now . Same deal, leaves you with a chance of 6/13, which is 46%.

If you have Elementals and wanna transmute them, the best to do is to include only one of them in every transmutation. just transmute away 5 is very quick though.

  • 1 Elemental materia included = 1/14 (7.69%)
  • 2 Elemental materias included = 1/15 (7.14%)
  • 3 Elemental materias included = 1/16 (6.25%)
  • 4 Elemental materias included = 1/17 (5.9%)
  • 5 Elemental materias included = 1/18 (5.5%)
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Yeah, I forgot an elemental so it would be 38.4 (5/13). I left out grasp since it is worthless.

Steering wheel

When I was on PD I ordered undershirts from to secure my catheter. I bought them about 3 months after I had my catheter installed since i hated my centers way to secure it. My PD nurse was cool with it. I've been off dialysis for 4 years so I can't comment on the above sites reliability but I had no issues in 2012/13.


He had to form a coalition.

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Santy Claus of Mateus? I saw him the other day, made me wonder if he only plays the character in December.

Looks like that’s Quarrymill, Which is where I saw him. Maybe we passed each other.

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Nah, he plays year round. I transferred to Mateus when SB came out and found him in the gold saucer. He gave me a cookie and I said I was bad so I deserve coal. Wouldn't you know it, he had some coal on him. Made me lol irl.

Was the ps4 wired or on wireless?

Easy things to try to resolve first: 1. Try a different port on the router. 2. Use a different Ethernet cable. 3. Check your port/timeout settings on the router to see if anything changes. If you wanted to do a quick way to rule the router out, you could put the PC in DMZ mode on the router. If it fixes the issue, you'd just need to find what setting is causing the issue.

You say banana but I see a pickle.

Still, looks good!

I work in customer service at a college (I know, not quite retail, but there isn't really a comparable sub out there). the hell isn't there a Customer Service subreddit? That's like one of the few jobs I'd mark down as maybe being worse than Retail...

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Since there are a lot of college/uni stories, maybe a new subreddit should be called herpaferpa for these types of stories.

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it is still better than "Butt plug"

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Original Poster1 point · 8 months ago

Welp, I know what I'm calling it from now on lol.

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I was just playing around with the emotes when I noticed this you keep your crystal in your hand. If you use a persistent emote like a dance, it never leaves your hand unless you cancel the emote.

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