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noprisonformurder [score hidden]

Honestly? Only a few years. She's always been kind of demanding about things...I guess "spoiled" in a varied sort of way. Wanting constant contact/attention and getting what I would call pouty over things.

I had come home from a week away awhile ago. I can't remember what it was, but she was mad over something I had done, like I didn't ask her out to dinner or something (not that, but something I didn't know I was suppose to do but she wanted). Anyways, I apologized and she kind of got...pouty about it and went to the other room kind of play acting/pouty(?). I told her after a bit that I was sorry, and that it's getting kind of old and asked her to move on. She wouldn't, and I grew frustrated, and I told her it wasn't funny anymore and this is really silly to start an argument like this after I'd been gone for a week. I asked her to please get up and let's talk or go sit on the couch or whatever, but she wouldn't budge. I gave her a few more final warnings and said I was going to go off and work on something outside in the garage if she wouldn't communicate/stop being pouty. She refused. I went and did my thing, and she got genuinely mad/upset at me for "leaving her" as she said. I pointed out I gave her a lot of notice of the consequence and she didn't really care, and we had a big fight about it.

She got really mad/offended that I called her pouty. And I felt bad for doing it, but I stuck by it and said yes, she was being pouty like a child and she had the ability to change and had ample warning throughout all of this. It went over like a lead balloon.

welleverybodysucks [score hidden]

dude, why? why would you want this life for yourself?

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southbeatz11 2 points

I felt DR wasn't giving performances that he is capable of which is unfortunate. Rayshun I never was that big on personally, I don't personally like his voice that much. However, I think DR and Jackie F might be the ones in trouble, in the bottom because they both had awful song choices. Both of them are so much better than their song choices allowed.

One thing that bothers me about this show is the voters and/or fans of Blake. I've seen it several times in past seasons and seeing it this time with Jackie V. Country artists not on Blake's team have a difficult time progressing. I can't remember for certain offhand but I think only 1 time has a country artist made it to the finale not on Blake's team. It's felt for a long time to me like if an artist isn't with a certain coach that they don't get the amount of votes they probably would be getting. Like if Jessie Larson from season 12 was on any other team than Adam, he wouldn't have made the finale, maybe not even the top 8.

I think Rayshun is every bit as good as Chris Blue personally, just my opinion and I think Sharane is really good too but no matter how good of performances they give, they might suffer by not being on Alicia's team. Too often this show does get more focused on the coaches. I totally get having a preferred coach but Blake's said it best plenty of times before, it doesn't matter the genre of the coach. The coach is there to help the artists in every way possible and genre of the coach doesn't impact that but a lot of people that vote go for the coaches.

Season 12, Jessie Larson, probably made the finale because Adam is way more popular on twitter than Gwen. If the people voting put more focus on the artists then Blake would not have 6 wins. I know not everyone does but there's still bias which is unfair negativity toward different artists each season.

welleverybodysucks 1 point

I've seen it several times in past seasons and seeing it this time with Jackie V. Country artists not on Blake's team have a difficult time progressing.

that might be partly the coaches fault for their song selections. jackie v is already off to a rocky start. if a country artist is going to do well, they need country songs. old country, new country, folk country. some sort of country.

welleverybodysucks 3 points

i hope d.r. makes it through because i want to see if he'll improve, his blind was my favorite and i enjoyed his battle too. he wasn't bad this week, i liked it, but i think he's capable of better. i think jackie f should be in trouble after that performance, though i'm not sure if she will be. i actually think spensha might be on the chopping block.

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welleverybodysucks 5 points

my daughter is lucille, but we've never called her anything other than lucy. a friend of ours (after two years!) was surprised to hear that lucy was short for lucille. they assumed she was just lucy! so i think it's a fine stand alone name. and jo is a common middle, so i don't see any issues with lucy jo.

welleverybodysucks commented on a post in r/thevoice
welleverybodysucks 2 points

jackie v is in dire need of the right song choice. i'd love to see something like "emmylou" by first aid kit. or bonnie raitts style of "it's all over now baby blue." orr jonie mitchell's "you turn me on i'm a radio."

pryor needs something that'll showcase he can do more than growl. maybe "back down south" by kings of leon or even tom petty "into the great wide open" or petty's "runnin down a dream."

i want to see d.r. do something more soulful and smooth.. like "our love" by gary clark jr or "coming home" by leon bridges.

kyla, i don't even know! she can sing anything. selfishly i'd like to hear buddy guy's "feels like rain" or rag n bone man's "human." but "the chain" by fleetwood mac would be epic, it'd be interesting to hear her spin on that one.

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welleverybodysucks 12 points

that was a great song for kyla, she smashed it. best song choice of the night.

genuinely don't understand the britton hype.. what was special about that in any way?

Typo-lessUseename 8 points

Good job from Jackie, but Adam needs to step it up in terms of song choice. These past three songs for her have just not fit well with her voice. This one wasn't as bad, but I think it will be her downfall. On another note, I feel bad for JessLee; they never repeat songs, so it's kind of a slap in the face to her.

welleverybodysucks 6 points

she needs some throwback, sweet singer songwriter country for her to add her own spin to. i don't think adam is going to give her that. he's thinking country when taylor swift was country.

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BlameGameChanger -14 points

He 100% lied to you, apparel is not sufficient reason to violate the 4th amendment. He was lying to manipulate you.

welleverybodysucks 3 points

apparel is not sufficient reason to violate the 4th amendment

he wasn't saying it was a reason. he say saying he put the pieces together and he knew what the smell was.

radicalelation 20 points

On younger brains, aren't there developmental effects to be concerned about? Fully inform, but emphasize it's best to wait until they're adults, like drinking, at least to do it regularly.

welleverybodysucks 14 points

yeah, there are effects to underdeveloped brains. you can't drink on the regular when you're 14 without causing lasting damage and the same goes for smoking. if you're an adult, you do you, but kids are a different story.

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Mikey4021 920 points

The Grey Parrot is the only non human to ever be observed asking an existential question.


welleverybodysucks 314 points

birds are sneaky. a trainer on youtube once told a story about her grey who had a taste for french fries after her mother had given him one. the trainer obviously didn't want her bird eating french fries all the time so when the bird asked for them, she'd tell him no. cut to a while later and she's out getting lunch with a friend, the friend says she's getting an order of fries to go. the trainer asks why and the other woman goes "your bird asked me to bring him some back." sly birds.

bebelmits 43 points

I really hope this story is true, cause I genuinely lol

welleverybodysucks 3 points

as true as i can remember it! i think her name is marlene mccohen.

welleverybodysucks commented on a post in r/BeautyGuruChatter
throwabaeAccount 23 points

You're right re:girl/woman and I will remove that. I don't doubt that she's made this decision for herself and that is her call to make.

welleverybodysucks 26 points

yeah, you stop depriving her of her agency!!!! just call her daft instead.

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Kraz_I 37 points

Jack White WAS the White Stripes. Meg was a glorified metronome on most of their songs. She was there to help cultivate the aesthetic, not as a serious musician.

welleverybodysucks 12 points

people really sleep on how important meg was. if you had the chance to see them live, you'd better understand how important she was. he used to switch in and out of songs without warning and meg followed him strike for strike, she was incredibly in tune with him on stage. it was more than aesthetic, she countered him perfectly. very important considering timing, for jack while live, doesn't even really exist. he's all over the place.

welleverybodysucks commented on a post in r/thevoice
lady_fresh 6 points

Sarah Simmons (season 4): She is one of only two artists whose songs I bought and still regularly listen to. One of the most versatile voices, but I'm not sure that Adam coached her to her potential. I also think she'd be in the finals of more recent seasons.

James Wolpert (season 5): The other singer whose performances I bought (his version of A Case of You is still my gold standard - sorry, Addison). He did get pretty far, but I think his song choices were not good (I blame Adam), and after two really strong performances (his blind and the aforementioned Case of You), he didn't have another "wow" moment. He was an indie guy through and through, and yet he was singing U2 and Queen. It made no sense. His elimination was sad because I think Adam stifled him and we didn't get to see any growth. Missed potential.

welleverybodysucks 1 point

sarah is mine too. adam didn't do a great job with her. i wish she had been on blakes team.

welleverybodysucks commented on a post in r/BeautyGuruChatter
komugy 65 points

The mascara looked nice, but does he usually only do one-hour wear tests? 😶

welleverybodysucks 17 points

no, he usually goes from mid day at least to well into the night. i think they were flying out so it was a time thing.

welleverybodysucks commented on a post in r/BeautyGuruChatter
stevienickedme 61 points

TLDR This video follows her video on brands you are not allowed to NOT like.

The brands mentioned are (mostly for obvious reasons):

Jeffree Star - issues with founder

Lime Crime - issues with founder, credit card fraud

MAC - test on animals (for $$)

Nars - test on animals (for $$) + weird sexual names

Morphe - private labelling, BGs associated with them, affiliate codes

Kylie Cosmetics - people’s hate of Kardashian family, similarities with Colourpop, slow release of products initially

Tarte - shade range issue with foundation

Too Faced - tacky/gimmicky, inconsistent quality of products

Also I am kind of digging her glitter brows!

welleverybodysucks 3 points

that kylie concealer though... that's my holy grail shit now.

welleverybodysucks commented on a post in r/relationships
_beor 22 points

In this case it's likely not "can't be bothered" as much as "been guilted and shamed by their families not to"

welleverybodysucks 25 points

guilted and shamed


hairlikemerida 309 points

I’m sorry, but why are you homeschooling your children? This is adding a significant load to your day and your nanny’s.

You have children who are eligible for public school. You can ship them off for 8 hours a day. It’s great.

Your husband sounds very, very stressed and possibly depressed. You spend every minute with these children. You haven’t left the house in a week! That’s insanity. He probably feels very used. He gives you his paycheck after working all week and you go and hire a teacher when you already pay taxes for the ones at public schools.

I would be frustrated too.

Edit: After reading your additional comments, OP, you are in a manipulative abusive household. He has tore you from public life. No friends, no car, doesn’t want the kids in public school, for God’s sake you don’t even have a breast pump!

Your husband groomed you from a young age. You need to get out.

welleverybodysucks 402 points

I’m sorry, but why are you homeschooling your children?

six kids, married young, doesn't even own a breast pump, homeschooling the kids.. religion is a hell of a drug.

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welleverybodysucks commented on a post in r/relationships
mightywellrested -2 points

Except in this case the boyfriend was trying to delay OP from sending a time sensitive email (hoping to get parts back soon as possible) so the argument couldn’t be left until the next day unless one gave in to the other

welleverybodysucks 13 points

it wasn't a time sensitive email. the desk doesn't explode if not completed within a certain amount of time.

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