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Not me but a friend swears this happened.

He was in an elevator in a larger office building. The door opens, Bill Murray walks in, presses all of the buttons for every floor, then Murray walks back out and turns around and says "no one will ever believed this happened " and the doors close.

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My fiance and I went to several jewelry stores when we were looking for a great Jeweler to build our engagement ring. Out of all the ones we went to we fell in love with Mitch at emblers Jewelers in Mount Pleasant.

He was able to get several stones in within a week for us to choose from and built a ring that met and went above our expectations. Would recommend him to anyone!

gorantheg -35 points

Birth control isn't a sugar pill though

wellsee2 31 points

The final week in each pack contains 7 sugar pills that are placebo pills and have no hormones in them. That is the time when women have their period. It would be way more helpful if instead of 7 pills that do nothing there were 7 midols for an individual to take the week of their period.

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First of all know that I truely respect your courage and strength!

Do you keep tabs on your daughter? As in do you know where she is located, do you talk to her, and get to visit with her? If not would you be able to do those things if you completed a divorce or filed for shared custody? I am unfamiliar with family law in Asia, especially involving purchased brides and the children they have.

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zeeallybaba -12 points

He is from Smeraglia’s Teddybear Goldendoodles. A breeder located in Foley, AL!

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Hey just a heads up, two people I know purchased puppies from this breeder and their puppies have several health issues, several of which they were told were genetic. Hopefully it was just recessive genes and a freak occurance, but if anything should come up I know the owners reported it back to that kennels what meds and diets their puppies are on that have helped the best.

bulgariandoll 27 points

Makes sense, it looks the typical puppy mill. No parents listed and just a ton of random puppies for 'adoption'.

wellsee2 6 points

Their website definitely gives me pause, and 10-20% of their reviews (public not on their site) have had similar issues with their puppies.

Plus it seems like they have numerous litters a year and are expanding to including more "designer breeds". Definitely does not give off a good vibe.

iamlegend9763 2 points

Is it just me or does Rey look more intimidating than usual?

wellsee2 2 points

She tolerates my love and halloween costumes. Internally she is a cat. So not that happy in this pic

[deleted] 2 points

Came to r/aww because i'm watching a scary movie. This helps

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I am sure she and the rebel force can send you aid if needed.

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Properly loading a dishwasher. Organizing everything into rows, proper places, and making sure to make efficient use of space.

SteelCitySix21 4 points

Also actually scrubbing things before putting them in the dish washer. The dishwasher isn't going to magically clean the 3 day old crusty pasta bowel!!

wellsee2 3 points

Yes and spraying the sink down after!!

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It wasn't me laughing but I inadvertently made people laugh at the wrong time.

Short story I was in high school (junior yr) and came home to see my mother, father, and uncle sitting at the dining room table. I could hear them talking as I walked in but when I rounded the corner they immediately fell silent.

My father then fumbled out a half-ass excuse to leave with my uncle. I caught on that something wasn't right and asked them what was going on. At first they denied it, but finally I just said "Look you guys can tell me. If it's a dead body I'll help you bury it."

The entire table busted out laughing before telling me I had just stuck my shoe down to my colon and that my aunt had passed away.

They were trying to keep it from me and my siblings until they had made proper arrangements and squared away her estate.

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Theoretically? Yes, but one is easier than the other.

It would be, in theory, easier to move forward in time to the future. The closer the approach to the speed of light the faster you go, if you want to go down a rabbit hole look into the twins paradox (interesting but can get heavy). Moving backwards in time however is another issue.

To go back in time you actually have to be traveling faster than the speed of light which could be considered impossible. There is another possible way- worm holes but both ends of the wormholes would have to be move at relatively the same speed and even if it was doing so you could only travel as far back as when that specific wormhole (that you would be traveling through) came into exsistence. So if you stumbled upon a useable wormhole that came into existence 2000 years ago, you would only be able to travel that far. This all from my memory but feel free to check me and here's a link backing up the basics stated.

opus_4_vp 6 points

How did they mow the lawns of those huge British estates before the invention of the lawn mower?

wellsee2 6 points

Previously answered on Reddit. Individuals could have also used animals such as sheep, cows, geese, etc for lawn maintence.

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A husky ran out in front of my car one morning and after having it in my car twice (once taking it to my house and then to the vet to get checked for a chip) I had to get it detailed to get all of the hair out. It was ridiculous, and I own a lab mix!! BTW Husky was reunited with it's owners :)

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Dedemao 2,591 points


If you want bigger controversy​: Miracle Whip

If you want to start a fistfight: say Miracle Whip is the same as mayo.

wellsee2 2 points

In the south Miracle Whip does not matter, it's Dukes vs Hellman's, and believe me if you are a true southerner you can take one bite of potato salad, or deviled eggs and know which one they used.

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