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Possibly the most 80s pic I've ever seen. Great work!

The 1960s sure loved cars that looked like rockets.

Now that's what I call a car

-8 points · 8 months ago

Do you really want us banned again?

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Moderator of r/OldSchoolCool, speaking officially-16 points · 8 months ago

Too late.

As a F1 Fan, I'm so sorry. I really don't understand this great idea behind posting stuff like this and Grosjean a while back. It's a shame, we have good content that could get posted here, but I'm entirely behind a total crackdown.

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Moderator of r/OldSchoolCool, speaking officially-17 points · 8 months ago

Thanks but no need to apologise. Not your fault. It only takes a couple of mins for us to ban everyone for brigading and shitposting. Shame because as you say, old school F1 is uber cool.

Brilliant! Looks like a scene out of Breakfast Club

Congrats! Your mum's flairs are magnificent.

This is sick. Meanwhile, we live in a fucked up world like this, where 80 billionaires own 50% of the entire fucking planet.

We're so fucked and these clowns just carry on blinding goosestepping the country towards the abyss.

There really is nothing more pathetic in international relations that the simpering way the UK begs the US for attention. And thanks to the clusterfuck of Brexit, that's only going to get worse.

Loving the height of those trousers!

Both fantastic photos. Thanks for sharing.

That's such a stylish dress. Is it velvet?

Original Poster10 points · 11 months ago

Every day that passes makes me think more and more Brexit won't happen. Wishful thinking or not?

Such an amazing photo. What was the occasion?

Hat tip to him, that was one shitty war. Any idea if this was taken at the start or at the end?

Is this for real? You'd think bootleggers would be a bit coy about having their photo taken.

I can't see this shower lasting 6 months. At this rate they'll end up being the most hated Tory government ever, which is quite an achievement considering the competition.

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