Free Talk Friday by Geosaurusrex in rugbyunion

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it will be on the red button (website) was watching fridays pool games

Free Talk Friday by Geosaurusrex in rugbyunion

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We went to the london 7's last year and used my 14 year old brother as a booze mule hip flasks hidden in many places

Space shuttle and station made from LEGOS. by julieeea in lego

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How did you get the shuttle to balance? tried something similar and needed a third column:(

Non-Brits of reddit. What is your reaction to the murders currently happening in London? by werdnasemloh in AskReddit

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I'm of the opinion that you clean your shit up in your own back garden before you clean others.

This post was to see what other nationalities thought of the problem.

What it feels like to play Ashes Cricket by DiamondMinah in Cricket

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There was a spot you could hit against a right handed batsman which would make the batsman play a shot towards cover even though the ball was outside leg stump. The ball would then spin in and hit middle and off. Took some time to perfect the spot but managed to hit it 30 times in a row. Could only do it with Monty though (not that I played with many other teams)

What it feels like to play Ashes Cricket by DiamondMinah in Cricket

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Have they fixed the leg spin problem yet. Remember going 3-0 up the 2009 game in less than 100 balls bowled due to Monty Panasar getting figures of 0-10 of 1.4 in all 6 innings.

r/Peloton's Thursday night Pub Quiz week 7! by Avila99 in peloton

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Newbe to the quiz here. Do you want the name of the team when they wore the jersey or their current name?

Winter Marblelympics Event 3: Halfpipe by BCleader101 in Marblelympics

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Can anyone work out the results if both times counted. Its 2am here and I was on my way to bed when the notification came in.

Eurovision: You Decide, the UK national final, available here for those outside of the UK (additional info in comments) by LF1MUBRSneedtank in eurovision

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I think next year year we should keep our eurovision entry a secret until they perform in the eurovision final :D

CMV: "The Nightmare Before Christmas" really isn't that great of a film, and gets way more love than it deserves by Misterfahrenheit120 in changemyview

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there are three things that make me think that tNBC deserves the cult following is

  1. This is first a for mostly a children's film and for a lot of children (myself included) this was the first 'horror' movie that they have seen. Yes, it's not a true hide behind the sofa horror but for children, there is enough to scare them (oggie boogie man).
  2. The whole story is based on a poem (yes the poem was written by Tim Burton). This is a challenge in its self and although they didn't quite get a great storyline it's still better than most other films personal opinion
  3. The animation was out of this world. Us Brits had had Wallace and Gromit for a few years and that had won a few Oscars but tNBC's use of animation in a full feature film took stop-motion animation to a new level. They not only used stop motion but also tiny lights to highlight tiny areas of the set. To my knowledge, this was the first stop-motion film that was also a musical.

I hope that this helps and while the film's story might not be the best in the world the story is not the only thing that makes a film good.