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This video doesn’t show me much I need more of what the problem is and a description. Btw how’d you get it early?!

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I thought they were asking for fashion help with those socks and sandals....


A quick bit of setup regarding my podcast. I host the MP3 audio files using Libsyn and I manage the podcast episodes/posts through Wordpress and the PowerPress plugin.

I'm quickly approaching my 100th episode and my podcast feed is starting to get very heavy. Is there a correct method for "offloading" older episodes while still keeping them available for download?

Additionally, I would like to release a short series of episodes under the name of my main podcast, but I don't necessarily want/need them to show up in my main podcast feed if that makes sense. I guess I'm asking if it is possible to host multiple podcasts using the format/system that I've mentioned above.

Thanks in advance for any info/advice!

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

No, I only upload the files to LibSyn. I link to those files with power press in each post.

Hey there! I wanted to follow up with you on this. I was a blubrry customer, but am switching hosts. But I'm considering keeping the Powerpress plugin around for all the useful links and widgets it provides.

I'd like to know more about your experience using that plugin, but doing so without the Blubrry service as your podcast host. How has the plugin worked out for you as a non-Blubrry customer?

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Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

Plugin has been great. Not complaints. Does what it’s supposed to. Have never had an issue with it and have always used it while hosting my audio files at LibSyn.

If you have any specific questions, let me know.

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Beautiful, but a few months early. Let’s not rush spring & summer.

Ah... so that’s why your podcast only plays on my cars rear speakers....

No major problems. Only thing I’m seeing is that google chrome randomly pauses/freezes (like when I’m typing and email) the. Catches up, putting everything I’ve just typed in at once. Reminds me of the 90s when computers couldn’t keep up. Other than that, everything seems fine.

I had this. Had being the operative word. I told my friends that my lunch box was indestructible like Kitt, so the told me to kick it to prove it.

It was not indestructible.

Amex sent me an email saying they are giving an extra 1% CB on grocery stores (up to $1k spend) on my Blue Cash Everyday until June 30th.

Not sure if targeted. Gift cards specifically mentioned as excluded but ymmv.

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Have not received the same.... yet....

Product type? Inventory or drop ship? Monthly operating cost?


congrats on the 1.2M UR. i've been doing this for a while and only have 670K

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That’s killer. I get points through 2 companies + personal use.

yeah, mine's thru almost all bonuses & MS (Chase INK+ getting 5x at Giftcardmart & Cardcash for years was big). And of course OM/OD...

and when i got hit with the dreaded "shutdown" last year, i panic-transferred 100K to SWA . A few other redemptions here and there, but mostly...gotta hoard'em all.

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Shutdown? What was that? .... I’m new here.

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Two successes this week.

First, I was targeted earlier this year by SPG to receive two free nights (up to Category 5) after two stays booked via mobile. I booked a one-night staycation here at the W in Las Vegas in early February (I do not recommend the hotel - it was cheap to try out, though). I just finished a stay at the W Opera in Paris last week. Both free nights posted to my account so I called SPG to book and used them at The Gwen in Chicago this coming June on either end of an overseas trip that we're positioning there for. The combined cost for the two nights would have been $1,600 and I'll be paying $0. I'm pretty excited about that because the value of the free nights is substantially more than I paid for my qualifying stays.

The other success is finally being able to use my points for someone else. My friend is a big Steelers fan and bought tickets for him and his girlfriend to go see the Ravens on Sunday Night Football at the end of September but hadn't really figured anything else out. I had already been talking to his girlfriend about flying them out there as his birthday present, so I got that all set up for them with two non-stop roundtrips on Southwest LAS - PIT with fairly favorable flight schedules. I took a look at the hotels in the area and they were crazy inflated because of the game, so I transferred 24,000 UR to Hyatt and booked them two nights at the Hyatt Place Pittsburgh - North Shore so they can walk to and from the game (less than a half mile, it seems). Total cash price would have been $1,800 but I was able to book for 52,000 RR, 24,000 UR, and $22.40. It'll be a pretty exciting birthday present, I hope.

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You’re a good friend!

Here's looking at you, dude selling a 98 Dodge 12valve with no bed and a rusted to shit cab with 3 different color doors and fenders for $18,000.

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What would a comparable truck cost new today? $75K+?


We just opened a traditional IRA for my wife (I contribute to a traditional IRA as well + a 401K plan through work). We file jointly with an income of about $260K. She stays at home with our kids.

Just a couple questions:

  • Contributing to an IRA for her is okay, it just cannot be deducted due to our income level, correct?
  • Can we convert her IRA into a Roth? Anything that needs to be considered? Since we did not deduct our contribution to the Traditional IRA, converting to Roth shouldn't be a problem, should it?
  • Finally, the contribution was a 2017 contribution. Is there any problem with converting in 2018? Will that flag this as a 2018 Roth contribution?

EDIT: 1 additional question


I contribute to a traditional IRA as well

You have a problem, due to the pro rata rule.

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Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

Right. So I either pay the taxes to convert it or just leave it as is. I've got a Roth IRA as well which I contribute to when income level permits, other years, I use the traditional.

For question 1 as long as your wife was not covered by a workplace retirement plan at all during 2017 then she can deduct a traditional ira contribution at any income level.

For question 2 yes you can convert both of your traditional ira's to roth if you want. If you didn't deduct the contribution you wouldn't owe any taxes on the conversion. For your tira you would definitely want to convert it. Since you cannot deduct that one there is no real benefit to a tira, you could just put the money in a brokerage account instead. For your wife you could either leave hers in a tira and deduct the contribution, or don't deduct and convert to roth.

Only thing to be aware of is pro rata rule if you already have a traditional ira with deductible funds in it.

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Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

Great, thanks!

For point #2, she had not retirement savings, so this is the first retirement account in her name.

I have both a traditional IRA and a Roth IRA. I've had my traditional IRA for some time now, so it has accumulated earnings. My understanding is that converting that to a Roth will require me to pay taxes on all earnings there? Plus any taxes on deductions that I may have taken in the past?

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Anyone know if the Costco Citi Business card will make a pull on personal credit?

Rather than a cocoa powder, use cocoa nibs. Let them steep with the coffee during the entire brew process.


In the last couple days, our bathroom lights (on a switch) started staying dimly lit when the switch was turned off. I figured the switch went bad, so I replaced it today. Once I turned the power back on.... same problem. The lights stay dimly lit when in the off position.

Any thoughts or ideas?


its possible that switch may not be rated for LED bulbs because it may be allowing a micro voltage amount to bypass the switch.

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Original Poster1 point · 4 months ago

Interesting. Why would this happen after 2-3 years of no problems? That’s what I don’t get.

Did you recently change the LED bulbs?

If not, maybe the tolerances in the LED circuit changed so they are more sensitive to small current now. Maybe try other bulbs?

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Original Poster1 point · 4 months ago

I’ll try some other bulbs.

Very odd as these had been working for 2-3 years with no issue. Then one day, they decided that they wanted to remain dimly lit when the switch was off.

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First thought that came to mind when I saw this was: Kim Jong Un.

Is the CSR card metal? How about the CSP? Reading conflicting reports that the CSR is no longer metal.

Are you on the first card or second?

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First card. Actually just got a call from Chase as they're reviewing it. Apparently have too much credit open with them already, so they're sending in to further review... 1-2 more business days.

Assuming that means, there won't be a double dip possible?

The rep stated that I have great credit, but I have so much open credit w/ Chase that it had to be reviewed further. I asked if I could just move credit from another account to the new one and was told that they couldn't do that and that it would have to go into further review.

Did you inquire if you could shift some credit from one of your existing cards to open the new card? CSR requires 10k, but you could try to establish that from existing lines. It's getting late in the date, but once you get approved for the first, you have more leeway on the second since you don't have to call recon.

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I did ask. She told me that wouldn’t be possible without further review.

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Modern day flux capacitor. Love it!

You'll get most of your exponential growth in the first 12 or so hours. With a gravity that high, it would be worth it, especially if it's a style you're comfortable with just pitching the whole thing into.

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Cool, thanks!

A single Wyeast pack is generally enough for a standard 5 gallon batch, especially since they have a built in starter.

What's your expected OG?

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1.079... I guess I was more curious of 12-14 hours is enough time for a starter to do its thing.

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Hey All - per the title, I'm new to M1 and am not seeing options for trailing stops or stop loss orders. Am I overlooking this, or are these types of orders not possible? Is this something that might be added in the future?


I don’t think it’s a big priority for them to make these features because the platform is more centered around long term investing than trading.

Currently you don’t have the ability to sell stocks at any time. There is only one trading window every morning where your portfolio makes adjustments. They are opening this to two trading windows a day and are going to have one in the evening as well soon.

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Original Poster2 points · 5 months ago

Makes sense. Thanks for the feedback.

I would love for M1 to offer support/integration with Personal Capital! Going to send a request per your suggestion right now!

14 points · 5 months ago

At LAX this morning for VX flight and Alaska Lounge anti-PP sign is out already at 6:10am. What's the point of even being on PP network when you're never open?

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PP? I need to learn all these acronyms! I’m sure there’s a page for all these, right?

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