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whatareyoubrewing commented on a post in r/churning
asbestosfunfetticake 0 points

Anyone had luck funding a Roth IRA with a CC? I'd like to top off my 2017 contributions before April and it'd be awesome to do this on a card...

whatareyoubrewing 2 points

That'd be great, but I doubt any brokerages would allow this.

Like trying to buy $10,000 in bitcoin on a CC.

whatareyoubrewing commented on a post in r/churning
akdb8r 2 points

Looks like he's actually 2/24 (the biz card doesn't count toward 5/24). He could double-dip now, and then double-dip again at 4/24, right?

whatareyoubrewing 1 point

Ahhhh, biz cards don’t count toward the 5/24 limit? 2 of the 3 I mentioned were business cards (one was with Capital One). Other banks/issuers do count, correct?

Gonzohawk 2 points

How recently did you get your SW cards? As long as it has been more than 30 days, then yes double-dipping the CSP & CSR is the right move.

Make sure you apply for whichever one you want the most first, get it approved (call recon if necessary), then open a new browser or incognito window and apply for the other card. Start very early in the day on a non-holiday weekday.

whatareyoubrewing 1 point

The SW cards were from Oct/Nov.

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bartonlong 2 points

Instead of using concrete board or something similair, use Kerdi Board. It is more expensive, but it is actually waterproof, and tile will stick to it much better. It is styrofoam with a flocked waterproof membrane (Kerdi schluter) bonded to it. You can even use it form steps, seats, curbs and so on. Easier to install than concrete board as well as you just cut with a blade (I found a pizza cutter to be the best tool).

whatareyoubrewing 1 point

Will keep that in mind when I get to that point.

Any idea on whether j be able to get a new tub in without removing all the drywall? The new tub will be exactly the width of the bathroom (stud to stud). Just hoping to remove the current surround and a small amount of drywall around it.

brock_lee 5 points

Really depends. Most likely, the prefab tub and surround are mounted directly to the studs, and then the drywall was run to it, and even may have covered the nailing flanges. So, you would need to at least trim off a couple inches of drywall all around the surround to get at the nailing flanges. There are SOME surrounds that were glued to the drywall around a tub, but those are less common. If that's the case, you should be able to rip the surround off. It will likely damage the drywall underneath, but that will all be covered with the tile you add.

However, the most likely scenario is you get the tub and surround out, you had to cut drywall to get it out, and you should then use cement board or some other waterproof backer where the surround was, and mount the tile to that.

How to install the new tub depends on the width of the bathroom. Is the bathroom exactly as wide as the tub?

whatareyoubrewing 2 points

Yes, I plan on ripping the current surround out as well as a couple inches of drywall. The new tub will be the exact width of the bathroom, so that’s why I’m wondering if I’ll be able to get it into the bathroom without removing ALL of the drywall (like I if done in the last).

Thanks for the response!

whatareyoubrewing commented on a post in r/rccars
whatareyoubrewing 1 point

Been eyeing the Slash 4x4 platinum RTR... looking for a good weekend basher that flies.

Suggestions welcome.

Phsysics 3 points

Prepare for anti Traxxas comments.

Edit: that's 1

whatareyoubrewing 1 point

Hahaha... I get it. I’ve always been an associated guy, but after seeing a buddies traxxas take a heavy beating and keep going without problem, it got me thinking about getting one. Don’t have the time to build/maintain anymore. Just want something to slam around on weekends.

whatareyoubrewing commented on a post in r/books
mblan180131 5 points

Fahrenheit 451, Huck Finn, Flowers for Algernon, Of Mice and Men, The Great Gatsby

My English teacher last year liked watching us suffer

whatareyoubrewing 6 points

Your English teacher would be proud that you’re now suggesting those books to others.

whatareyoubrewing commented on a post in r/Documentaries
ilikeitsharp 1,985 points

Lol 238? Those are ROOKIE NUMBERS! If this was a woman from Mississippi it would be at least 300lbs. In America 238 is like what you should weigh after Thankgiving.

whatareyoubrewing 11 points

Sad, but true.

whatareyoubrewing commented on a post in r/arduino
Tyren9 2 points

I have absolutely no experience with these kinds of projects, so don’t expect to learn anything from such write up ;)

whatareyoubrewing 1 point

I’m in the same boat.... most learning comes from failure, right?

Tyren9 0 points

I prefer learning by success... would rather not have this project fail after spending so much time..

whatareyoubrewing 1 point

Not implying the project would fail, just that there will likely be small failures along the way that help you learn.

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whatareyoubrewing commented on a post in r/raspberry_pi
whatareyoubrewing 1 point

Hoping my to make a “mission control” type panel for my son. I’d like to have arcade style buttons, each linked to a sound and/or light combination. I don’t know if raspberry pi would be overkill for this, just looking for ideas as I haven’t been able to find anything yet.

whatareyoubrewing commented on a post in r/podcasting
whatareyoubrewing 1 point

I’ve been interested in putting together a topic/series in this format.

Out of curiosity, why transcribe prior to finalizing? In order to highlight and piece episodes together visually?

dri_zee 1 point

Yes, I think visualization is part of it. The other part is that I'm trying to piece together a narrative. It's not really a topical podcast, (think more like "Dirty John" or "S-Town"). I know the subject really well and who said/feels what, but I need to know who said what best and where their stories contradict. In retrospect, I should have transcribed before I got 25 hours deep. Idk about you but transcription is my least favorite part of anything. I hate the sound of my own voice. Great for a podcast narrator, right?

whatareyoubrewing 1 point

Transcription does suck... there are services for that though, try (and many others).

Sounds of your own voice... I think that’s everyone’s first hurdle.

Good luck and please share the show when it’s ready!

whatareyoubrewing commented on a post in r/churning
aksurvivorfan 1 point

Do you mind sharing business stats and credit report stats?

whatareyoubrewing 1 point


aksurvivorfan 3 points

Man, I wish I had a side business that had 100k of revenues...

whatareyoubrewing 2 points

I’m open to selling... ;)

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