They have workers’ comp. coverage and they know it! by TioGNL in WTF

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The middle ladder isn't doing anything, but lean there.

First drink of the day by cgdani in stopdrinking

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You don't have to take orders from your incessant mind. It will chatter away, whether you pay it attention, or not, but it's not 'you'.

My thoughts are fickle. I find my opinions and feelings change from moment to moment, and more drastically from season to season.

I'll bet you are feeling pretty desperate and out of control, right now. I can say that, from my experience, it's just your mind running wild, and you're giving it to much weight. Alcohol strips the ability from you to make the decision to not act on every thought.

You're on the right path, just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and don't be too hard on yourself. There's light at the end of the tunnel. Don't listen to your mind when it tells you to drink.

I just woke up and thought it's Sunday night by NewUserName999 in stopdrinking

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You gotta start somewhere. Are you a daily drinker, or are you able to string together a few days without, from time to time?

Getting over that first bout of extreme discomfort is rough (and can be dangerous), but possible. I can't speak for anyone other than myself, but after I stopped drinking I was able to (slowly) start building a peaceful existence for myself.

It's hard, but worth it. You have to learn to live, and think differently. That takes time and practice, and a commitment to change. I was only able to start down that path after I quit filling my body with a depressant.

Be gentle with yourself. A lot of us are hardest on ourselves, and it takes some time to learn to forgive oneself, and your body to recover.

Chair joints that get tighter with use? by ttbblog in woodworking

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No, not this. It's cool, but not for making chairs. It also doesn't tighten over time. It jus gets tight once, and could losen with wood movement.

Geometry and the Circle of Fifths. CAD rendering. by [deleted] in musictheory

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You don't have to link to Facebook to post a picture.

[request] Athiests who found god/spirituality later in life. What was the reason? by VVolfheksen in AMA

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My fundamental beliefs didn't change, but my definition, and personal understanding, of God changed.

The connectedness we all have to the universe (we all come from the same place/are a part of a bigger process) began to mean more to me, and send to align with what others call God, hope, spirit, etc. I found that my life has more meaning and was generally better if I was always under the assumption that we're all doing the best we can, not good or bad.

'god' is just a word to symbolize something bigger we are a part of.

Hi there! I want to live a happy, sober life by thethreesisters in stopdrinking

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Don't worry about one or two drinks a year. Whatever's got you doubting if you can stop drinking forever is just a passing thought. I'll bet the longer you go without drinking, you'll find that you just think of it less and less. That's how it was for me. For now, though focus on some other shit. Forever is a long time. Pretty unrealistic. It's best just to stick with what you can do right now. Practice watching how your feelings, opinions, desires, and thoughts change from moment to moment, and season to season. It seems to help me if I don't do too much sitting around thinking about shit (I've found that my perspective is often distorted). Making time to quietly reflect and listen to my own thoughts has proven to be beneficial, as long, as I don't stay there too long.

Your anxiety is at its peak. It will probably take you a few months before your body catches back up, but you'll be feeling way better, every single day. Be patient with yourself and others. Breathe deeply.

There's no right way to do this, so you can't fail. If you stray far from the path, just gently correct your course, and ask for help if your stuck.

I write funny viral stories everyday. AMA by vinaythakur56 in AMA

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I checked out your work. It seems that you just find old jokes and post them. If this is a satisfying life for you, props, but I wouldn't call it"writing funny stories"

ULPT: Stopped after drinking? Fake being unconscious! by Davidskylarkk in UnethicalLifeProTips

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And depending on what where you're at, cops could have zero problem getting that warrant. If you refuse to blow, again depending on where you are, you could automatically lose your license.

There problem with drinking is after you've had a few drinks, driving doesn't seem like that bad of an idea.

If you’re about to board a plane and are reading an article take a screen pic and you can view it on your photos while not having to pay for WiFi by Rook_Thicc in lifehacks

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Especially given modem mobile web design, a page of text doesn't take long enough to read for this to be practical. Also, if you have the page loaded, you won't need their WiFi.

Flight Simulator 2000: Getting Started with John and Martha King (1998) by hot_dogg in ObscureMedia

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John, you almost crashed into the empire State building! -strange woman

Hey, that'd be fun! -John, while smirking

I had a dry first date and it was awesome by wr_hippie in stopdrinking

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Dating is where the non-drinker has a total advantage over the drinker. As soon as you get over the anxiety, you'll realize that you are smoother and way more put together than half the other fools on the field. It also opens you up to a whole new demographic of less-trashy folks to get nasty with.

A New Weed Stock Has Just Released!!!!! by AriannaBlack in RobinHoodPennyStocks

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Cron on a solid HODL, but it will probably more closely follow the market. It is part of all of the big cannabis ETFs.

BPMX that shit hurted by mateytoodles in RobinHoodPennyStocks

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I put a buy order in at .2345 and loved that dip.

Looking for succulent shop in kc by andrew6228 in kansascity

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Bird's Botanicals specializes in orchids, but they have awesome succulents. The staff and owner are all super knowledgeable.

It's only open Tuesdays, in some caves off 435E.