How to deal with bluepill mom? by VikkBlack in asktrp

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Is this a troll? You literally just sound like a bratty self entitled kid lmao. You also clearly don't even know what Alpha or bluepill means. Get a job and stop mooching off your mom.

What's wrong with being an asshole? by RisingTogether in asktrp

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That's your problem, you're "trying" or "pretending". You're too scared to make actual change, and you're just holding yourself back. Like I said, revisit the sidebar. Socialization is a skill, that you have to work on

What's wrong with being an asshole? by RisingTogether in asktrp

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I started trying to be pretend to be like an asshole

There's your answer lmao. Why exactly are you trying to be an asshole? Before doing or asking stupid things, read the sidebar.

Guy Telling me to Back off From a Girl I'm Trying to Plate by teentrp2000 in asktrp

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Just ignore him, he's some orbiter. He's not going to do anything, and he's below contempt. Always remember, gangsters don't talk, they do.

How to deal with this? (Plate) by [deleted] in asktrp

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If it really bothers you, subtly punish her when she does, like tease her a little about social etiquette, show less investment, small stuff. Do the same thing but reward her when she doesn't or stop. After time she'll stop

Can you NEVER show weakness? by pepperoninips7 in asktrp

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I was very alpha

If you build up a fake persona of an emotionless "alpha", and then somehow fold while talking to family members obviously yeah no shit. Like what the fuck are you trying to do AMOG her family members? Lmao just know who you are and no your boundaries, so many new people here have some weird idea of what it means to act and seem "alpha" but hardly understand the word. In the future, don't be an actor, most people can smell that shit coming off of you.

FWB to Blocked by JacobSnack in asktrp

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In the 6 months you've known here you've had sex once? Huh? She's not your FWB, she's not your plate, you're probably just an annoying orbiter begging to fuck, that's how it's sounding.

Roosh V by advik78 in asktrp

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I have a feeling he might have maybe meant play to your strengths, which is certainly right. Nothing wrong with self improvement, just a time and a place for everything.

Society beginning to tackle the issue of male genital mutilation (aka circumcision) by p1ndl3t0n in TheRedPill

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Well because of evolution our food goes down the same hole that is used to breath, just saying.

How to tell parents about a HUGE lie by bigbodybuilderr in asktrp

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Well it doesn't matter now since OP already switched. The only thing they can do is come clean

Does having a female best friend always have to be a bad thing? by flatcologne in asktrp

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You can if you're both coming from the right place. Having "girl friends" really works wonders during night game.

How do you all deal with panic attacks? by pepperoninips7 in asktrp

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I have social anxiety, and general anxiety disorder, but don't really live with them anymore. I'd recommend looking up stoicism and getting into meditation. You just have to constantly put yourself out there and keep pushing. It may sound extreme, but do retarded stunts in public. Like start singing terribly in a busy street, or walk around in a retarded costume, shit really works. It breaks down your social fear, really fast. Also start talking to random people

How to tell parents about a HUGE lie by bigbodybuilderr in asktrp

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You're parents shouldn't be making decisions for you, so it shouldn't matter what they think. Tell them and don't let them say otherwise

Gaming a girl that's a kook, should I stay away? by TheDarkRanger in asktrp

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IMO you can fuck with crazy if you adhere to Biggies 10 crack commandments. If she's in your school though def not worth it.

I really need your opinion on my LTR. I need a huge dose of impartial and healthy advice. by TheItalianLightning in asktrp

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Is this for real? Grow the fuck up and read the sidebar. In the future, being insecure about her fidelity isn't going to prevent any bitch from cheating, and in fact it'll make it worse for you.

My Gym Progression by jbnw17 in asktrp

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This is a vague question considering we don't really know what you're doing, or even what kind of training you're doing. You asked how much you should be lifting, but didn't even give us a sense of how much you've been progressing.

Tempting to argue, should I make a point or shut up? the point of knowing when to stay quiet by nopornforreal in asktrp

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If she's got exams she's probably studying in all of her spare time like chill the fuck out lol you're just sounding like a whiny bitch arguing over something so trivial

Relationship gets better since I'm not try to actively apply trp-techniques? by Poldii in asktrp

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You probably weren't applying TRP techniques, and you were probably coming more across as a damaged fake asshole like most newbies

I'm just myself most of the time

This in itself is probably scoring you major points. People in general and especially women can smell what you really are, and if you're hiding behind a persona, it's usually pretty obvious. I can't really say for sure, since you didn't at all describe what you were doing, and the now VS then.

Any recommendations for a full body workout that I can do 3x a week? by TheManWhoSlays in asktrp

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If you actually want to build muscle, just follow a beginner push/pull/legs split. You'll gain very little muscle doing whatever you were saying. If you want to maximize time, focus on a lot of heavy weight supersets, and you can get a good workout in 45mins to an hour. Less rest time is better for hypertrophy anyways.

Working on your looks is much more important than working on your game by Memoliur in TheRedPill

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At the end of the day, you really don't need game. You just need a suave look, and grade A logistics and you'll get laid. If a bitch is horny, and you're the last man standing, it's hard to fuck up.

Always Have A Back Up Country by GreenPiller in TheRedPill

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I think no matter what way you look at it the world's going to start to collapse within a hundred years. Whether it be climate change/mass extinction, threat of nuclear warfare (doubtful IMO), economic downturn (we're long overdue), deadly epidemic (WAY long overdue), AI's effects the economy, etc. The future's looking pretty grim, and the ridiculous cultural shifts and the widespread use and effects of social media aren't going to help either.

Best to make use of our time now to accomplish and achieve what we want out of life while we still can.

Plate acting hostile after seeing pics of me with another girl in a romantic setting. How should I have the situation? by onpuzzle in asktrp

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Well, in the future don't just give into some plate asking for commitment, and then turning it around randomly without communicating it.

The Only Real Reason for School Shootings by redpillschool in TheRedPill

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You might want to rephrase, that to there's an overwhelming amount of shootings in the U.S Western world. Attacks on schools, hospitals, and the public in general happen quite frequently in the developing world. Considering America's place politically, economically, and socially, it's an outlier for these types of terrorist attacks.