Wow they’re really badass. by JackyG8991 in thatHappened

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How did they respond? I don’t know how I would have.

CALL ME RIGHT NOW by youngwikid in Dallas

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Very well said! I grew up over there, but I think I prefer Dallas now. The valley is great for short trips for the family or nostalgia.

Voidz are coming to Fort Worth in April! by gurr57 in TheStrokes

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I was really hoping for a solo show!! Still excited though :)

The Last Jedi Opening Weekend Megathread - SPOILERS by tragopanic in StarWars

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Did we just witness probably one of the coolest Star Wars deaths ever with the light saber headshot?

Who is buying after the 10k dip? by 732pizza in Bitcoin

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I think so many people are ready for a dip that it might not be that massive. Who knows though.

Cannot sign up for gdax (or finish coinbase account) by creator_of_worlds in Bitcoin

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Same happened to me. I just used another exchange (Gemini) instead.

BTC has crossed 9000 USD by whoisdavidpena in btc

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Wow! That's crazy! Congrats on being such an early adopter! Hopefully in the future the same can be said to me lol

BTC has crossed 9000 USD by whoisdavidpena in btc

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Yeah! It's exciting to think about. I wonder what people in 2010 thought the "top" could be. Maybe people in 8 years will think the same of us. Maybe in 8 years I'll tell myself I should've just put my money elsewhere lol

About to bite the bullet and bu y for the first time by holdtayl in Bitcoin

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High fees is relative. It cost me about 2 bucks the first time. It'll be cheaper to buy off an exchange like Gemini or GDAX tho