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-29 points · 12 days ago


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lol like I highly doubt two white guys would do what the sisters did. Plus, you can be from the Middle East, dress like that, and not be Muslim.

Full disclosure, this is why I came to the comments.

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Four out of Five is such a great jam!

120 points · 1 month ago

Hmm'm, interesting. I really feel like Tranquility Base takes more from AM than any other Monkeys album. So I'd say it's the other way around? Not saying the way they've evolved is a bad thing, but this definitely sounded more like an Alex Turner album than an Arctic Monkeys one to me, with a few exceptions.

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I was thinking the same thing when listening.

The event: My brother in law applying to work at Blockbuster in the late 90s

The result: After marrying my sister, he was offered to work at the Blockbuster HQ 9 hours drive time away from where we all lived. He took it, and 5 years later my parents followed cause they wanted me to experience my adolescence around my sister. So I ended up making lasting relationships and altering my life course with people I would’ve never met had my brother in law never applied to Blockbuster.

La La Land. Probably because I was having a rough time with a relationship when I watched it. The point of two good people just not working was played out really well.

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Some parts of that one hit too close to home!

I came here to say this

Code: wtf Cvv: this actually Expires: works

I was able to get one. When I checked right at 10 it said there were none available, so I kept refreshing/searching until one was available.

DALLAS, TEXAS who’s hoping to go boysss?!!! (this must mean ACL headliner is a lock WOOT WOOT)

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Dallas is getting sold out the first day lol

Grenades are under used. .

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I once got a chicken dinner from throwing one without having a clear visual

I just got kicked with two people left

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I was using a stall at work today, luckily it's the completely enclosed type with a good lock. Whenever anyone comes into the bathroom, I make sure to do the ol' "nose sniff" sound or jingle my belt to make some noise so people dont try and open the door. They wouldn't be able to get in, but it's annoying. So I'm there for maybe 10 minutes, and this guy comes into the bathroom every 2 minutes and works the handle like his life depends on it. The 4th or 5th time I finally yell, "You know there's another bathroom here right?!" The ass responds with, "yeah but I prefer this one." Seriously? I decided to play a round of PUBG mobile to piss him off and sat there for another 20 minutes until he stopped showing up. I know my response was a bit juvenile, but come on, just go use the other restroom and leave people alone!

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How far did you get into the match? Lol

Actual regrettably mean story: I was having a crappy day and had Jehovah’s Witness come by my apartment as I was leaving. I asked them, “Hey can I see one of your pamphlets?” They handed one to me with smiles on their faces and I proceeded to slowly tear it up. I threw the pieces on the floor, shrugged and said “What’s it like to be part of a garbage cult?”

It was definitely stupidly mean on my part, but I just hate cults having been a part of a different one for so long.

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How did they respond? I don’t know how I would have.

It is awesome being down south in The Valley and hearing these commercials in Spanish. Dude sounds way more angry but it also sounds like he just finished a Spanish 1 high school class.

Here is a great one that mixes a telenovela into it

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RGV repppin!

Idk if I could live there (no offense, there are a ton of places I wouldn't enjoy for years on end) but every time I go I love it. It feels like an entirely different part of America than anywhere else and I'm proud to have it as part of Texas. A perfect blend of our Mexican and Texan culture

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Very well said! I grew up over there, but I think I prefer Dallas now. The valley is great for short trips for the family or nostalgia.

"and go to the moon and buy a lambo" ~ /r/totallynotrobots

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The market is aggressive

I was really hoping for a solo show!! Still excited though :)

Did we just witness probably one of the coolest Star Wars deaths ever with the light saber headshot?


So, I think BTC is just gonna go sideways, just a chill 2k up and down for a few hours, lmao

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Just bitcoin things!

Is this just fantasy?

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Caught in a landslide

So many big sell offs, but the people keep buying!

Let's see some 15s!!!!

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