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whoisthebossbitch commented on a post in r/GetMotivated
whoisthebossbitch 36 points

As a guy who is recovering metal trauma as a result of loss of my gf. This means a lot to me. I had a a lot physical symptoms because of psychological stress. I am getting betting slowly from physical pain

ehrwien 10 points

Dude, that's metal!

whoisthebossbitch 4 points

20 days of intense stress. I am currently under psycho therapy.

whoisthebossbitch commented on a post in r/Conservative
whoisthebossbitch 60 points

The fact that this had to be said itself shows how mind fucked democrats are. I am a legal immigrant to the USA who became a citizen. I do not think any legal immigrant would support illegal immigration. Democrats are complete nutjobs.

JohannReddit 44 points

Yeah, I've never been a fan. But she's going to lose a lot of credibility with her fan base after this.

whoisthebossbitch 62 points

If a person has a brain, he/she wouldn't be a fan in the first place. This changes nothing in her fan base.

docious -29 points

This lady is a comedian just so you guys know

whoisthebossbitch 20 points

So comedian can say any shit? I identify myself comedian and now I say Obama is a Muslim Kenyan. Is it okay?

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ElmoTheNefarious 19 points

I could say the same about the red paint. This country was founded by vandals. If you stay here you like vandalism. Just move on!

whoisthebossbitch -4 points

Vandalism is not okay now, that’s the difference. At that time it was practically lawlessness

Stag_Lee 5 points

But you're suggesting wholesale slaughter is ok now? Your logic seemed to have a glitch.

whoisthebossbitch 1 point

I said those people lived in the era where there was pretty much lawlessness. You can’t change the past. Vandalism is not legal now. So why doing it?

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whoisthebossbitch commented on a post in r/AskDocs
whoisthebossbitch 1 point

If you do not exchange fluid, then it is less likely you get HIV. I presume you used protection. It is always good to use condoms for protection even for oral. You need to get tested for all 3 Hs: HSV, HIV, and HPV. Rest all STD can be curable.

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