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gingeropolous 2 points

well those remote nodes get you a random one from lists that are randomly populated, so its possible your synchronizing from someone running a raspberry pi.

whoru8 1 point

ahh, gotcha. I just want to know how I can fix this issue so I don't have to put in my seed and re-sync everytime I want to use the gui on ubuntu. when I try to use it on whonix, it just crashed the system because whonix can't handle it

gingeropolous 1 point

yeah, like I said I dunno. can u get on freenode IRC #monero ?

whoru8 1 point

that a chat?

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FewSocrates 2 points I tried going there but it's telling me to turn on javascript. Do you just go there on the clearnet?

whoru8 1 point

yea, I just browse on clearnet. if you're using tor you could always temporarily allow scripts. I don't think that would be too harmful, but not positive

FewSocrates 2 points

Yea I try not to allow scripts on Tails/Tor. I guess buying Monero is not illegal. I'll check it out tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up. This BTC has me worried. I want to buy some stuff @ ~80 bucks, would really hate if my 80 was worth 50 in two days... That's another trip to the BTC atm and wasted money.

So you're just meeting people in person and giving them cash on that localmonero site? Do you use the "official" monero wallet?

whoru8 1 point

never done it before, but I would probably do cash by mail. and you can either use the monero web wallet or the monero hardware wallet gui or whatever

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privacychair 3 points

If your laptop is stolen, you will think it is a big deal.

Since it is already populated with data your task is much more complicated. But there are a few ways.

0 - make file backups and do a brand new install from scratch with full disk encryption then re-install and restore your data (probably the best bet if you don't want to get into technical hell)

1 - compromise, and just encrypt your home folder:

2 - buy a samsung 850/960 EVO or another harddrive with OPAL support and use this guide to enable hardware encryption,

then copy over images of your existing partitions onto this new drive using this tool

3 - use clonezilla and try this shell script [at your own risk]

whoru8 1 point

wow thank you so much! I think I will look into encrypting my home folder.

FeatheryAsshole 2 points

it's not that important if you only use the device at home, but the second you take it through your front door, full disk encryption becomes the single most vital security feature.

i even ditched lineageOS in favor of android for the sole reason that disk encryption didn't work on my device with lineage.

whoru8 1 point

thank you!

someone2329 2 points

It is simply impossible to know but personally I believe in Bitcoin in the long run and believe that the price will keep rising, with occasional dips of course.

whoru8 1 point


Afrochiken 1 point

Tumler my man, I don't know if it will keep rising but I believe it will. I'm suggesting just buy coin as quick as you can, and buy

whoru8 1 point

yea I'm probably gonna have to bite the bullet. I gotta get this rolling, can't keep sitting aroudn waiting for a possible dip

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