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Comment deleted4 months ago

Dude you are the one who started slinging mud at the left in a sub called r/liberalgunowners

Differed Action for Childhood arrivals, DACA, passing it would show a lot of empathy...

Moderator of r/farming, speaking officially3 points · 2 years ago

Removed - don't be an ass and don't abuse the report function

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Dude calls me a sockpuppet, and a dumbass, explain mr impartial mod, how that isnt harassing?

You've got negative comment karma. I'm pretty sure his description was accurate....

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Is that a rule on this sub?

I am pretty sure my description of him was accurate as well.

Getting negative comment karma isnt terribly hard in this sub.

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Organic farming prohibits certain things, while encouraging a few others.

Conventional doesn't prohibit anything that is legally allowed.

If using the techniques organic encourages will work better, then conventional farmers will use them. Probably along side some of the things organic prohibits.

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Hows your nutrient runoff problem?


If i lived in the corn belt where it rains i'd plant cover crops (especially in bean stubs) before the combine had even left the field. I wish i could do the same here, but theres just not enough moisture for it.

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with all due respect, that may not actually be the case. certain varieties require exceedingly low moisture. whats more, as you build more OM you will retain more moisture.


it will most likely mean difficult and drastic changes to your cultural practices.

Yup, standard crap. "If its not working, you're not doing it right". Take credit for the successes, pawn failures off on other factors.

KSU and CSU have been doing actual research. The moisture losses in semi-arid to arid regions dont pay off.

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0 points · 2 years ago · edited 2 years ago

Im not saying your doing it wrong.

"There are many roads to Rome"

Just a different means to the same end.

Its too bad you cannot resist spouting off.

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