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willowhanna commented on a post in r/KeanuBeingAwesome
devilscourtsman 5 points

Hey, thanks! :)

Edit: This sub is only 3 months old? Wow.

willowhanna [M] 4 points

It feels like its been around for a lot longer! I've also been a mod for less than a month. Crazy how fast time goes!

devilscourtsman 1 point

Happy cake day!

willowhanna 1 point

Thank you!

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itsRoly4266 1 point

Where can I get a shirt like this?!

willowhanna 1 point


gobrowns88 3 points

Can't you report their IG post? I can't believe she had the nerve to steal something, then WATERMARK IT so no one could steal her stolen content. What the fuck.

willowhanna 3 points

I can’t now because I’m blocked. But you feel free to do so

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willowhanna commented on a post in r/KeanuBeingAwesome
meowgrrr 11 points

If someone is interested in seeing the original version of Daughter of God, is there a way?

willowhanna [M] 11 points

If you want to message me I can send you a link

willowhanna 12 points

Hi Gee! As an aspiring director myself, I was wondering who or what inspired you to become a director?

Also, do you have any projects coming soon?

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00ARYA00 1 point

I was lucky enough to see the directors cut of Daughter of God. Much better than the released version. Can you share more about the angel charactor?

willowhanna 1 point

Please post your questions in this thread

jochiles 1 point

New to reddit. How do I get into thread to enter questions Gee Linton AMA.

willowhanna 1 point

Its now pinned to the top of our subreddit, so it shouldn't be too hard to find!

Here's a link

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MihoWigo 17 points

This isn't from 1969. The T-shirt he is wearing is in reference to Angela Davis who was arrested in October 1970 after being linked to weapons used in a kidnapping gone wrong in Marin County that resulted in 4 deaths. There was a nationwide campaign for her release for nearly 2 years that resulted in T-shirts like the one above. The Black Panthers were involved; the Communist Party of the US was involved. It was quite a movement.

So, yeah... not 1969.

willowhanna 7 points

Thanks, that makes sense. All the sources I found said 1969 so I just assumed they were correct.

Gandydancer 1 point

What is/are antis?

willowhanna 2 points

anti-choice, against pro-choice. Also known as pro-life

Tig21 21 points

Lads what’s the Irish 5th amendment

willowhanna 44 points

It deleted two sections of the Constitution that recognised the special position of the Catholic Church and that recognised other named religious denominations.

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If you're going to pretend to be from a different country at least talk about the correct Constitution
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ostiniatoze 55 points

It's entirely possible they assumed that every country followed the same constitution.

willowhanna 46 points

That’s even more worrying

Warthog_A-10 25 points

No I meant in their own US elections. The fact that they displayed this level of ignorance, and have the ability to vote in any elections is frightening :O

willowhanna 6 points

Oh yeah I worry about these people being allowed to have any control over what happens in the world with that level of ignorance

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itsaltbecauseitsawfu 1 point

Yeah I know I’m memeing

willowhanna 1 point

Haha yeah I got that, sorry you got downvoted some people didn’t seem to understand.

-Graffitii- 1 point

You clearly haven't met my dog

willowhanna 1 point

Is your dog the sweetest boy ever?

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willowhanna commented on a post in r/teenagers
-upsidedownpancakes- 1 point

I love Fight Club! Some of my favorites right now are Adaptation, Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, Dogville, Oldboy, Eraserhead, and It Follows.

I also recently saw Annihilation, which is an amazing film that I highly recommend.

What music are you into?

willowhanna 2 points

I love Scott Pilgrim! Brilliant film

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