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nazihatinchimp 3 points

The Fast and Furious is a shot for shot remake of Point Break don’t @ me

willowhanna 3 points

Only difference is one is an awesome surfer movie starring Keanu Reeves and the other isn’t

memphishayes 2 points

I think he still has that outfit.

willowhanna 2 points

He wore the same jacket to the premiere of Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey (which was like two weeks after the Point Break premiere), I wouldn't be surprised if he still had that jacket lying around somewhere

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xmu806 8 points

There's a small part of me that always wonders what would happen if somebody actually tried messing with him in real life. Given that he's spent vastly more time training than a typical person, I've always had this feeling that he could probably do at least decently well in a real life fight. (Of course, that could be completely incorrect).

willowhanna 6 points

He has trained in many types of martial arts since doing The Matrix in the 90s so he definitely knows his stuff, and while most 'fighting' in movies is purely choreographed, Keanu is a white belt (possibly higher now) in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has trained with the best, so I definitely wouldn't want to pick a fight with him.

phischr 1 point

He looks like he’s was in a punk rock band in the 80s.. actually he probably was

willowhanna 2 points

Alternative rock band in the 90s, but close enough

phischr 1 point

wow I never even knew.. but can’t say I’m surprised what a guy

willowhanna 2 points

The band was called Dogstar, and they’re pretty good too if you like that type of music. Keanu played bass guitar

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willowhanna commented on a post in r/KeanuBeingAwesome
willowhanna 3 points

Just answered this in another thread:

Well My Own Private Idaho is definitely a favourite of mine, The Bill and Ted movies are hilarious and pure fun, and John Wick was a brilliant comeback for him and his fighting skills are awesome. Special mention for River's Edge and Permanent Record because young Keanu was excellent in them and not a lot of people have seen them.

willowhanna commented on a post in r/KeanuBeingAwesome
willowhanna 99 points

He has done two!

the first one in 2013, and a second one in 2014

Hopefully he'll do another one soon!

NotAshleigh 6 points

I've been reading through Keanu's AMA from 2014 and you know what I love? When someone asks him is favourite of anything, Keanu says "Today I will pick...", like if we asked him yesterday or tomorrow the answer would be different. I think that is just wonderful!

willowhanna 2 points

His answers are just adorable. And the person who transcribed his answers said

You can't really put this into text, but he sounded really happy this entire AMA.

which makes me really happy.

codyishappy 1 point

Wait he had a band?!

willowhanna 1 point

yeah they were called Dogstar, you should check them out

codyishappy 1 point

I checked them out man. They performed at Glastonbury and many other festivals. Crazy.

willowhanna 1 point
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