The Swords and Serpents Club | Riverdale 2x10 by fivetrendz in riverdale

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That's what I thought too. And then he gets everybody to play with him and they get super into it and start using the game to settle disputes with the Ghoulies.

Ford is fucking annoying. Have not seen someone try SO hard to be mysterious and sexy. by wisenheimer80 in shameless

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Yeah, all he does is talk about his hipster hobbies that Fiona doesn't even care about. Good on her for calling him out on his self centeredness. Bit stupid that she bought his explanation; just because you know someone's back story doesn't mean you have to talk about yourself all the time.

Question about the Character Laurie Bream by exiledforce in SiliconValleyHBO

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Richard had plenty of reason to hate Laurie after she fired him in season three. It's weird that he forgave her so quickly for that.

The relationship between Laurie and Monica is very interesting to me. Monica seems baffled by Laurie's lack of social graces most of the time. And they definitely have a rough patch at the start of season four when Laurie punishes Monica and starts to lean toward Ed Chen. But they manage to have a pretty loyal and respectful working relationship most of the time where Monica carries out Laurie's wishes as best she can. When they form Bream Hall, you want to root for them, specifically for Laurie to come to see Monica as an equal.

Question about the Character Laurie Bream by exiledforce in SiliconValleyHBO

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It's complicated. On a personal level they think she is weird. But they have a business relationship with her that changes according to the plot.

In season two, they are introduced to her as Peter's successor. After their pitch montage, they come to her for funding, and they are on tentatively good terms with her.

In season three, she fires Richard, which obviously strains their relationship. But then he tells her that Jack is misusing his technology and asks for her help taking him down. Later, she gets rid of Jack and reinstates Richard and he likes her again. At the end of season three, she sells the company back to Erlich, ending their formal business relationship.

In season four, Erlich then forms his own business relationship with Laurie and has to try to prove his worth to her as a direct employee. She rejects him at first, reconsiders when he brings her a high value client, and finally gets rid of him when he follows that client to another company. Richard also goes back into business with Laurie at the end of season four, saying he went with Bream Hall because 'they seem to get us'.

So as of the start of season five I would say the guys have a mostly positive, trusting business relationship with Laurie, although it's never really a warm or personal one. She has probably the most power over Richard of anyone on the show. I would characterize them as sort of like a mother and surly teenage son. Not hateful, but the love is buried under some resentment. She seems to actively dislike Erlich, which is awkward because he likes her for some reason.

I'm that sibling by PNWndn in funny

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My older brother did this. We had a house full of people for our New Year's party too. We freaked the fuck out.

What is your ideal town size and why? by wisebloodfoolheart in AskReddit

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I'm all about the suburbs. I rarely have to worry about city problems like parking, expensive rent, or things being crowded. And I don't have to worry about rural problems like having to drive half an hour to get to Wal-Mart or the movie theater.

What is a minor thing that infuriates you when eating at a restaraunt? by waldo06 in AskReddit

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When I'm dining with a man and the server assumes the man is paying. Also, when I'm dining with two men and the server assumes I am on the same check as the man next to me. Basically any time the server assumes I don't have a job but the person I'm with does.

Being 21 is overrated. by soliloquii in rant

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In many states it means you can shoot a gun at a shooting range. It's a popular alternative 21st birthday activity for those who don't drink.

Is the UK version worth watching? by patton99 in shameless

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It's low budget and the accents are hard to understand.

What non-fiction books do you recommend? by zeppelin22 in AskReddit

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All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot. Funny, relaxing, and wholesome. Whole series is great. Technically it's not 100% nonfiction, but it's based on the guy's real experiences as a farm veterinarian.