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OPEN premarital sexual relationship.

Fixed that for you.

Because premarital sex existed long before marriage did, lol.

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In the 1950s, my dad was left on the steps of a hospital as a baby because his mother got pregnant when she wasn't married and so she had no way to support him and was cut off by her whole family.

She ended up getting married a few years later and the children's home asked her if she'd take my dad back now. Her and her new husband wrote a letter back saying that it wouldn't be proper so he should stay there.

He was horribly abused in that children's home and I hate thinking about how preventable it all was.

Also she died last year and only then did my dad's two younger brothers find out that he exists. He had a third younger brother who sadly died a few years ago without ever knowing about my dad's existence.

All of that because it just wasn't acceptable to have premarital sex - even though it clearly happened. I wonder how many babies grew up without a mum because society just wasn't ready to accept that people have sex even when they're not married.

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Also how many unplanned babies were born into these terrible circumstances because it wasn't proper to sit people down and say, hey ladies, you're going to get pregnant eventually if a man sticks his dick in you 12-14 days after the first day of your period. See also: Spring Awakening.

Reliable birth control certainly made it a lot more appealing though.

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I worked in a professional office, but I was a full time unpaid intern. My parents were just coming off a bankruptcy and unemployment and I knew I couldn't ask them for help. I struggled to find money for food, so when the high ups in the office I interned for had a "working lunch", I always volunteered to clean up, and I had ziploc bags ready to pack up all the extra pasta salad and sandwiches that werent eaten. I could usually collect enough to last me until the next working lunch. 2-3 days sometimes.
Also, one day a week I would treat myself to a $1 Mcdonalds hamburger. I really looked forward to that burger every week.

Oh, I couldn't afford the subway either, but I still had to wear professional clothes to work, so I kept an unloaded subway pass in my wallet, and swiped the wallet down at the magnet while following someone closely behind so It looked like I was just in a hurry. I was stopped a few times, and I would just pull out my pass and try my best to look really confused. Riding the subway would have been $2.50 each way, so $5 a day, $25 a week, etc. I didn't have $100 a month.

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How are you at Rubik's cubes though?

The word springs from a simplistic and self centered view of human nature. It carries with it the implication that entire human life spans must be good or bad, that anyone who has a negative relationship with you must have a negative relationship with everyone.

I think one way to look at it is to teach men, or pretty much people in this case, about consent. Because there are situations where there is a gray area.

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The vast majority of people who rape someone know it's wrong. They may try to rationalize it, or they may be impaired at the time, but they know you're not supposed to have sex with someone who says no or isn't able to. Anyone old enough to be having sex knows that. People rape because they are selfish. They put their own needs above those of the victim. And that isn't something you are going to fix with any amount of education.

I scrolled through the page listlessly. Draxylizt and I had been together for 512 years. Last night, he told me he wanted to break up with two of our shared pool of lovers, which was really going to make Uyalizant awkward. I needed something to clear my head, so I'd pulled up Cute Things Humans Do.

I clicked on "I Gotted the Most Moneyz on the Wall Street!" A room full of boy humans in their little suits watched a random stream of numbers scrolling by on the marquees, then frantically raced to sell their stocks and bonds. Precious!

There was the usual array of humans chasing oddly shaped balls around large areas, while other humans cheered. My favorite was when they did this on an icy surface. They got so excited about their games.

There was a new trending one titled "Politicks!" I wasn't sure how I felt about this kind of post. I enjoyed the occasional presidential debate, and of course it was fun when they strutted around like they owned the planet, but there were so many of these now that I was getting kind of bored with them. And I felt like the "Warz!" posts were kind of in poor taste.

But at the bottom of the page was a gif set of humans celebrating various holidays: big humans watching their babies open presents, lighting colored lights in the sky, hiding brightly painted eggs, and holding hands around a table weighed down with turkey that was sure to make them sleepy. I smiled in satisfaction, all thoughts of my romantic entanglements forgotten. This right here was why I adored the human race.

Slam poetry has a bunch.

-- Do not be even a little bit racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ageist, etc.

-- Snapping can be either good or bad depending on where you are and context. If you're in Chicago, you're probably being snapped at angrily. Yes, really.

-- When someone mentions the founder of slam poetry, everyone says, "So what?" Actually, the founder of slam poetry is kind of a persona non grata these days so best not to mention him at all.

-- When a visiting poet is plugging their merch, the host or audience must chime in with "Five dollars? It's so cheap you can't afford not to!"

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Lol, this is basically the plot of Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Not spending time with people you no longer enjoy spending time with.

I understand the idea behind the video. I understand the point it’s trying to make. I understand it most thoroughly and completely, as I have had many discussions with my wife about it.

The point it is trying to make is exactly as you describe, and believe me - I want it to make that point for the sake of all people who feel this way about their savior-complex partners.

The problem is, it goes too far trying to be funny, and trips over its own point. The audience it is intended for ends up sympathizing with the man in the video, instead of inferring the actual intended message.

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See, I think that the man is intended to be sympathetic, and that the creator of the video actually does feel frustration that his wife won't let him solve all her problems.

3 points · 8 days ago

Ahh I see. That would make sense. But I’m fairly sure it was intended the other way. At least my wife thinks so.

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Here's an interview with the original guy, Jason Headley.

“The idea for this script actually came out of a conversation with my wife about the importance of listening. I said to her, 'Yes, sometimes I just need to listen. But sometimes there’s a solution. Sometimes it’s like you’ve got a nail in your head and you’re complaining about a headache.' Later, we were out to dinner with some friends when my wife said, ‘Jason has this thing about a nail in my head.’ Our friend said, ‘You should do a short about that.’  I realized, 'Oh my gosh you're right'."

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I love delivering the mail. The office has its share of problems, but it's really made me feel happier at work in the year since I started.

Driving around safely, snacking, listening to audiobooks, waving at kids. That's not too bad a life.

Edit OH MY GOD you’re all so sweet! You just made my day! Just arrived to my route and I’m eating breakfast on my 10 minute break, now I have to pretend I’m not tearing up so no one asks why I’m crying.

Thank you all for being so nice.

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There is a nice book about a fictional post office called Going Postal by Terry Prachett. I think you would like it. It's about a fantasy world where the post office went out of business decades ago, and now this guy has to revive it. So he inherits this building with a knee-deep stack of old letters in every room, and he starts delivering them. He delivers a fifty-year-old love letter to these elderly people who happen to both be widowed and they end up getting married. And then at the end there's a race between the post office and the telegraph system.

Terra Creek worked well for us. Just off State and Mulford area. Two bedrooms with 1 car available. The units on Bienterra Trl were pretty quiet.

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I live here as well, so I will second this. Washer and dryer in the bathroom, full garage, can't beat that. It's only ~$1000 a month for two bedrooms, so it's well within your price range OP.

In fact I can't think of a single apartment in the city that would be $2000 a month. If you really want to live in luxury, there are places that have basements, fireplaces, marble countertops, the whole shebang. There's William Brown Lofts downtown (right near all the fun stuff), and then Walden Woods on Harrison.

10.0k points · 10 days agoGilded4 · edited 10 days ago

No one fucks like Gaston
No one sucks like Gaston
No one makers other men look like cucks like Gaston
For there's no men in town half as manly
Perfect, a pure paragon
You could ride any Tom, Dick or Stanley
But deep down all those girls know who's cock they want on

No one's thick as Gaston
No one's slick as Gaston
No one's prick's quite as majestic as Gaston
As a specimin, yes, it's intimidating
My, what a guy, that Gaston!

I needed encouragement
Thank you, LeFou

Well there's no one as easy to fluffer as you!
Too much? (Yep)

No one thrusts like Gaston
No one's trussed like Gaston
All the women in town, they all lust for Gaston

When I fuck, I sneak up, dick a-quiver
And the women of town say a prayer
First I carefully aim for vagina
Then I thrust from behind!

Is that fair?

I don't care!

No one spanks like Gaston
No one cranks like Gaston
In a wanking match, nobody wanks like Gaston!
I'm especially good at ejaculating!
Ten points for Gaston!

When I was a lad, I did four hundred squats every morning to help me get large
And now that I'm grown, I do five hundred squats
And my dick is the size of a barge!

You'll be kissed by Gaston
Who else fists like Gaston?
There is nobody who can resist you, Gaston!
I use condoms in all of my fornicating

Say it again
Who's a man among men
Who's the super success
Don't you know? Can't you guess?
Ask his fans and his five hangers-on
There's just one guy in town
Who just wants to go down

And his name's G-A-S...T...
I believe there's another T...
It just occurred to me that I'm illiterate
And I've never actually had to spell it out loud before... - Gaston!

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How is this not top comment?

Tranquil as a forest! Butt on fire, with him...

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Once you find the G-spot, you are sure to win.

The French did try. They went a bit decimal crazy

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Well it was the French Revolution. Weird shit was happening everywhere, icons were being smashed left and right, and people believed they really could change the world.

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