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Accounts 4 years old but has only really started making posts as of 3 days ago. 98% sure they’re a karma farming bot.

Edit: Yup, their other two posts are stolen and copied word for word as well.

I think this state has the highest tuition in the country lol

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New York, Mass and Cali all have much more expensive colleges.

Black bears are wussys. They won't mess you up. From the NEK and been here most my life and never had one be aggressive towards me. Just clap your hands and scream at them and watch them tuck tail and run. I have to do this just about everyday because they try and go after my beehives. On a side note, my buddy says the same thing. He says the silence is much more scary to him.

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While black bears are generally afraid of humans, that’s not always the case. I’ve been charged before and it really isn’t always as simple as “clap your hands and scream and watch them run”.

...but he doesn’t have that much control so he can’t implement them.

All bets are off once Trump is impeached and/or resigns.

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Plus it seems Pence has stayed pretty squeaky clean in all of this. I never hear much about him. We don’t really know what he’d be like as a president, which somehow seems scarier.

92...oh no

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holy shit, i had no idea he was that old

I once witnessed Red Bull workers bring free buckets of Red Bull Vodka to people who had worked at an event they hosted. This was at an “after party” at a local bar, so they sold them to regular bar patrons, too. Didn’t see any fights, probably because everyone was a zombie about to either hit the floor or go into cardiac arrest.

My ex and I always wondered this too. Also some hints that Julian is actually Trin’s dad

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Looking for a printable version of this poster but I’m also open to suggestions. I was going to frame that picture of Ricky playing hockey and hang it on the wall but I think I need to start off more subtle

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Hang up this pic at some point if you can

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This was much more whimsical and fun before I realized that the pupper wasn't trying to do a cartwheel - it was just running towards them and hit the end of its leash. :(

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Original Poster10 points · 1 day ago

It actually looks like he had plenty of slack, plus it doesn’t yank his neck. My guess is he either tripped on the leash or his own paws. I don’t think he was actually trying to copy them, it just happened to be perfect timing.

I'm counting that technically-not-a-SOTU-because-he-just-got-inaugurated speech. It's functionally a very similar thing, even if it isn't called a State of the Union speech. It's also the only time apart from his actual SOTU speech when Trump has sounded even remotely presidential.

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Thing is those speeches were written by other, more competent people, with a little bit of his thoughts peppered in (mostly improv). Just listen to his rally speeches, there’s no way he wrote the Inauguration or SOTU speeches.

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Not sure why you were downvoted - I work in the outdoor industry in VT May-October and the bear problem is getting a bit ridiculous. Last year a bear killed two or three dogs in Wilmington, and they’re only gonna get more confident and aggressive the more they’re around people without any negative consequences.

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Yeah we were hoping to see the leaves . Google gives us conflicting reports on what to expect though

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Last week or two of September/First week of October are usually the best weeks for that

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Tbf I can’t really stand any song by guys that is like that either. It’s funny every once in a while but when it’s like every big song it gets old quick. An example would be Love Again by Run the Jewels. It’s vulgar as fuck from both the male and female side of things but it’s funny as hell and is literally only one song out of their entire catalogue, so it’s cool. If that was half the album I wouldn’t bother.

Same with stand up comedians. I don’t find the women funny who only talk about their vagina the whole time, but I don’t find the guys funny who just talk about their dick and fucking. Shit gets old fast and is always feels like such low hanging fruit. It’s not that I’m offended by it. It’s just like... not clever at all?

Also guys irl don’t talk about girls like that lol. It pretty much goes to “she’s fucking hot” or “damn, look at her ass”. Anything further isn’t really common at all outside of middle schools

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Although some dirty hip hop songs are classics. Like Fantasy by Ludacris

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And yet we got Sri Lanka

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I think it was in purpose, this song was released shortly after her Superbowl appearance with Madonna and M.I.A I believe. Looks like Maya and her actually became good friends while working on the song and performance with Madonna.

She is so pretty. I have some advice though. Try to always keep her warm, because the Siamese breed (and other similar breeds ie. Burmese) have a mutated gene that causes their fur to darken as their temperature decreases. So in simple terms, when get cold at all, they turn grey, brown, blue, whatever colour their "points" are.


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Wow, this is so interesting! I had a Siamese x Persian kitty who was born black but with very light gray face, ear and tail markings (like a Siamese, but where there should be tan she was black and where there should be brown she was light gray). After about a year though, she turned completely black and stayed that color for the rest of her life.

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Literally anywhere in VT except Chittenden county will feel remote to you compared to NYC. There's rural towns all over the place, my home town in north-west VT only has like 2 thousand people

I'm assuming at 29 and on Reddit you use the internet a fair amount, I would try to find a balance between remote while still in a location with semi-decent internet

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Wow, 2,000 people sounds like a lot to me. Grew up in a town of ~800 in southern VT, now living in a town that’s a little more central that tops out at around 600 people.

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Not many breweries in Southern VT, but you can check out The Long Trail Brewery in Bridgewater (near Killington). That’s pretty close to the southern section of the northern tract of the GMNF (if that makes any sense to you, haha). Closest camping to that area is gonna be at Coolidge State Park in Plymouth, where there is a beautiful view of Killington (second highest peak in VT. Killington would also be a great spot for a day hike). Technically you wouldn’t be in the GMNF but instead in the Coolidge State Forest. You could drive to some pretty cool hikes in that part of the GMNF from the Plymouth/Bridgewater area if you wanted to though, like the White Rocks National Recreation Area. If you’re really set on being in the southern tract of the GMNF, you can camp at Jamaica State Park or Winhall Brook Campground and hike Stratton mountain, which has a neat firetower at the top. Only brewery I can think of in that area is the Hermit Thrush Brewery in Brattleboro, but it’s pretty small.

You haven't been to parts of St. Jay, then

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2 points · 4 days ago

Or Springfield/Bellows Falls. Rutland’s nice compared to those places

Original Poster32 points · 4 days ago

lol Brattleboro

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2 points · 4 days ago

Windham county represent! I was pretty giddy when you said Bratt, not often do I see our part of the state mentioned.

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