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2 points · 1 day ago

Any Chomsky video, listen to it at 1.5x speed and it will feel like a normal talk.

Shapiro’s published 9 books?

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Coloring books.

Geez... this is really mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmessed up.

when you check out world records people can squat more than they can deadlift in every weight category. Source

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Squat suits are a big help.

I can lift some heavy ass weight now. Benching/Squat/Deadlifting never felt so good.

Doing deadlifts my body feels like it just keep going and going, recovery is amazing.

I don't think my mind is keeping up my body, I am so use to being weak/tired/no drive and my body is like keep up pussy lol

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Right there with you. It became fun once your work actually translated into visible results. Deadlift was definitely my favorite. Nothing more brutal feeling that ripping a shit ton of weight off the floor.

A bit of warning. I started getting hip problems due to a tight psoas muscle. You've got to stretch that thing or it can give your back and hips fits.

Couldn't you just donate blood?

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You always just make more ;-)

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Thanks for sending me down a rabbit hole. I never knew about this track or Senna. It is my TIL for the day.

In the bathroom;-)

I don't know what all these guys are talking about. I gained about 10 lbs (don't know if it's fat or muscle). That's it. Been on for over a year

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TRT can make you retain water.

I saw it last weekend. I agree with most comments, it was odd that almost none of the melodies carried over into the operatic score. It was also very monotone with very little challenging vocal parts for the performers.

HOWEVER, as someone who has listened to the music and watched the movie... after watching this, I realized that I never really understood what "The Wall" was all about. I always thought that it was about oppression and conformity. Only after years of living a life and seeing this story in this stripped down form that I final understand how powerful this work is. Although I was lukewarm on the performance, the message bothered me for days afterward.

A lyric that sends it all home that is totally missing when listening to the original album:

All alone, or in two's. The ones who really love you Walk up and down outside the wall. Some hand in hand And some gathered together in bands. The bleeding hearts and the artists Make their stand. And when they've given you their all Some stagger and fall, after all it's not easy Banging your heart against some mad bugger's wall


I tried to posted this on /r/Fitness but they blocked me for not being related to fitness (?).

I figured the JRE forem would at least benefit from it.

I was prescribed testosterone three years ago a few years before I turned 40. Like many, I saw it as an opportunity to maximize results from lifting. I used to be a "run first and then lift a little" workout guy because I used to see little return in my lifting routine. Once I started TRT, that changed. If I'm honest... I really felt I should be challenging my doctor in prescribing it; however, I felt like it gave me the green light to trying legal steroids.

Once on TRT, I hit the weights first and cut out running almost altogether. Not only because I knew I had a greater chance for results, but because I felt more like doing it. TRT make you feel more manly... and you're horney as shit. I seriously think if you tested all rapist, murderers, and violent assault criminals you'd find they had elevated levels of testosterone. My wife can attest, she was frequently fighting off my advances, and I always backed off even though I was supercharged for sex.

I found that my workouts actually equated to muscle mass and I actually attacked it with much more ferocity. I adopted more of powerlifting regimen because it gave me weekly targets to beat and I felt like a monster lifting heavy shit. I looked forward to it and finally started to see my body change. Within 3 months I started having traps, delts, and pecs. And my "dad butt" went away.

After about 2 1/2 years of this I went to the doctor. He asked me how things were. I told him things were great; however, when I lay down to sleep I can feel my heartbeat really heavily. In fact, my wife can feel it through the mattress. They took an EKG and discovered an anomaly.

Needless to say, this scared the shit out of me. They referred me to a cardiologist and I went. I was there with a bunch of 70+ year old, overweight, sick people. My Dr. questioned why a 40 yr old powerlifting guy was in his office. He gave me a nuclear stress test. At the results, he gave me some startling news. I was in the early stages of heart failure and I needed to make changes fast.

He never mentioned my TRT. It was mostly diet and my workouts (he was a Ketogenic Powerlifter). He recommended low salt, no alcohol and that I go with a volume based workout. He kept telling me that my condition (heart failure) was probably leading to incomplete workouts and plateaus. However, I had never felt stronger and felt no weakness at all (other than normal 40 yr old dude getting home from work stuff). He said my test showed that I was at 35% heart capacity. I told him "I can run sub 28 minute 3 miles and I don't get out of breath doing regular stuff." He kind of gave me a "Yeah, right."

So, I keep doing what I was doing. I could still feel my heart jumping out of my chest every time I tried to sleep. My lifting numbers were great for my peers - 40+ dads with office jobs and 3-4 kids. (215lbs; 5'9") 365 Squat, 255 Bench, 405 Deadlift. Strongest I've ever been.

Finally, my heart jumping out of my chest everytime I try to sleep scared me enough to entertain dropping TRT. I didn't have this before... let's see what happens. So I quit TRT after 3.5 years.

The couple of weeks I was fine but a little more emotional than usual. I could feel my labito deminish. (My wife was so happy) I would get super emotional listening to certain songs or seeing some pictures. But my workouts were still pretty strong.

After about week 4, everything fell off a roof. I dropped about 7lbs. My traps, delts, and pecs were noticeably smaller. I could no longer rep 225 more than 3 times. I could see and feel the last 3 years withering away from me.

The only solace. My heart issues went away. Completely. I no longer feel my heart jumping out of my chest and my Dr. is happy with me.

Looking at it, do I wish I could still do TRT? Hell yes!

With my heart issues would I still do it? Hell no... but I still find myself trying to justify it.

TLDR; Did TRT. Got more results lifting than I ever have gotten. Had abnormal heart readings after 3 yrs. Dr. prescribed diet and workout changes. Only quitting TRT seemed to help.


I know this is an old post... but if you are still out there, could you let us know what kind of regimen (meds / doses, etc)?

Is it possible that you needed to reduce the amount of T you were getting, as opposed to leaving it all together?

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Original Poster1 point · 27 days ago

My dosage was 200mg/ml of testosterone cypionate every two weeks. I went cold turkey. My body is back to normal. I think my testosterone was probably low at the time of testing.

Shouldn't this go under the last Tom Segura podcast weekly discussion? (sarcasm)

Shirley is still the coolest person on earth.

44 points · 1 month ago

For someone espousing flow, meditation, and zen he sure communicates spastically.

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That is my love/hate relationship with Ted.

Many have theorized that political ideology is more of a horseshoe rather than a spectrum. Ted has many of the same ideologies as Henry Rollins; however, they end up on very different political spectrums.

I agree with a lot of what Ted says, but he often states hyperbole. "I'm the only one...", "I know without a doubt...", "Those on the left are idiot, asshole , (fill in the blank)..."

Ted is closed to accepting anyone else's reality other than his own. That is un-American.

What Joe should have pointed out is the hypocrisy in saying "Guns don't kill people" but waging the opinion that "Pot makes people losers" is the same type of argument.

An abundance of guns leads to more gun deaths (intended or unintended). An abundance of pot leads to more stoner type incidents (people forgetting where their keys are and eating more White Castle).

Getting yelled at by an angry British pirate is proven to be anabolic

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I gain a pound of muscle just watching "Blood and Guts".

the original death sauce is a weirdly basic sauce, but the mega death with liquid rage is pretty crazy

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We just bought some MD with LR and it's hot... but not unbelievably unbearable. It goes away after 5-10 minutes.

If you like hot but would like to eat it more frequently, try Dr. Assburn's Roasted Habanero. It is delicious and hot.

Wait... according to the new mod rules should this go under a podcast thread? (That would be every podcast... fuck these stupid rules)

This guy should have a podcast.

(I know he's dead)

I try to post normal shit and I get flagged. I question it. It gets me banned for 3 days.

This is sooo much better (sarcasm font).

By Dana's logic... Dana is 0-0 as an MMA fighter. So he can teach us nothing.

I hope in this fight Derek doesn't have to do a #2 during this fight.

Trauma from having a PA speaker blaring into my left ear while my band practiced. (I'm a drummer)

MD seems to be popping up more and more amongst musicians it seems. Huey Lewis just cancelled a bunch of tour dates because of it.


I admit that I'm a heavy drinker. But I find that when I do, my ear pressure and ringing are diminished significantly. And sometimes, the next day my usual symptoms are gone as well.

Anyone else?


Same for me. It is really weird. I don’t trust it.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

I wonder if it's the diarrhetic effect?

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