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I fed 5 rare candies to my Mew, only to found out that my candy counter has not increased. I was so mad.

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I fed 75 rare candies to a Kyogre and instead they went to the meat grinder


Double Dark and Double Rock Ttar are both extremely strong right now in the meta game. Is there a use for Bite/Stone Edge still? Any upcoming bosses/gym defenders where that moveset will have strong DPS?

Thinking I’ll have my army split of 6 Dark/6 Rock Ttar and be set unless someone smarter than me can convince me otherwise :)

NYC/Long Island mega nest appears to be Treecko. Was hoping for a water-type spawn (shiny possibility preferably) but could be a lot worse, considering we just had Zubat. Will help a lot of casuals get some solid Sceptiles for Kyogre raids

Probably $100/month. More some months if there’s a really good deal, like the ultra box that had 24 raid passes.

380 points · 12 days ago

I spent over 100KM walking my old Lapras before they changed the gym meta and made Lapras meaningless.

I am still a little butthurt over that.

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Walked a Lapras for the last month or so to get anough candy to finish maxing a 96% double legacy (ice shard/ice beam ) I hatched from July 2016. Was removed from raids and the egg pool, so it was my only option. Now candy might be fairly common during this event. Ripppp

Went 0 for 75ish for shiny Aerodactyl. I'd go bananas hunting for a shiny Lapras.

I save them and let my 2.5 year old nephew catch them all when he comes over. He freaks out when something cool like a Magikarp appears, since he’s used to catching the common spawns at the house like rats and pidgeys. He caught 15 Aerodactyl encounters in a row the other day and couldn’t figure out why they kept appearing, but he had a blast regardless.

I like this one the best so far. I think I will start saving mine for my kiddo to catch. How many can you stack at once?

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As many as you want. Just have a large supply of pokeballs, depending on your kid’s throwing skills :)

I'll miss actively searching for the evolve an Omanyte or Kabuto research. Best part of the event.

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0 for ~75, boy was that tilting while everyone else got shiny’s :(

Accidentally tossed 75 rare candies tonight. Ripppppp

Original Poster3 points · 20 days ago


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Restarted my app 3 times to see why Kyogre hadn’t been given 75 candy. Took me a few minutes to realize what I did. D’oh.

These two changes are amazing

Saw one Latias this morning and the rest of the day was Ho-Oh. Probably did close to 12. Every egg we planned for hatched Ho-Oh. Wonder if it's like a 75/25 split for this weekend since it's new, and Niantic will revert the odds back to 50/50 tomorrow or Tuesday. I'm not complaining though as Latias is useless but I definitely feel for the other half of the world. They got the short end of the stick especially with the longer period AND double candy for Latias.

I was actually arrogant enough to think I was the only Trainer to Max/Power Up Fairy Types besides Gardevoir. Kudos to you and your Battle Party Name.


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I've maxed some fairy types, but mostly for gyms

I still have iOS 10 and haven't downloaded this new update yet. Anybody else having problems with this? I've been holding off upgrading to iOS11 since the gotcha runs faster on 10

long island meganest is machop.

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ugh...everybody was already handed enough easy Machop candy. My poor maxed blisseys :(

How much money did Niantic make out of thin air today? Bet millions of players instantly dropped $20 for the upgrade

Barboach everywhere. Had 3 at the cluster at my house this morning in Central Suffolk.

me last night "yo squad im taking this week off"

me today "yo squad we putting 4 in the backseat and 2 in the trunk and we taking over every town on long island"

Comment deleted1 month ago

Glad I went with the Accord over the Civic.

14 points · 1 month ago

double rock tyranitar hype!?

maybe next months community day...

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Would fit the pattern. Starter, rare Pokémon (Dratini), starter, rare Pokémon (Mareep), starter, rare Pokémon (Larvitar???) =D

There were screen shots posted here after it was removed and made legacy, so there are people out there that definitely have it

Really dislike when they give an end date and then extend it, only announcing the extension AFTER they were supposed to expire. Just tell us beforehand. I know they love money but it's just shady business.

Is Lapras with Ice Shard and Ice beam any good? I caught it in a K-mart parking lot the first week the game came out. I just found out about legacy moves two days ago, and I think both those moves got removed

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It's a double legacy moveset (I also have one) and would personally never change it, even if current moves are slightly better.

Oh, I'm never going to change it! It's only ~700cp though since I caught it when I was like level 15, so I guess I was wondering if it's worth powering up

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Maybe as a long term project, but I'd imagine you don't have much Lapras candy so I definitely wouldn't invest rare candy into it.

I think most expected Charmander after Bulbasaur, but after thinking about it I think Niantic must have known they were doing a double candy event this month and gave us a "filler" pokemon like Mareep. Fully expect this to be true and we get Charmander now.


Before you mass transfer all the legendaries you've been stockpiling for a double candy event such as this, put them to use! The event lasts until the 17th, so there's no rush to transfer them right away - unless you desperately need the bag space.

Make battle party teams of your trash legendaries, use them for gyms/raids and then transfer them when they're dead. You'll save on potions/revives this week!


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