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At least your whole island isn't a mega nest right now. Not sure if it was Eevee CD or Paras CD today :(

Good riddance. They should have been 300 dust per catch. If they weren't going to release the shiny at least they could have given us some reason to click on them.

Was hoping this was a bug. My 2.5 year old nephew loves to go through the Pokedex and tap on all the mons to hear the animations. Now I have to watch him like a hawk as he goes through my pokemon to play the animations because he's been known to click evolve and power up. Tell a child not to do something and they can't resist pushing that button and laughing in your face :)

One option you can consider if you have friends who play the game or have found a local group (Discord, etc.) is see if anyone else has a SC Gengar and is interested in trading. With its age there's an increased chance it will become lucky and it's IVs re-roll with a 10/10/10 minimum and it gets cheaper to power up.

I'm trying to do that with my 33% Confusion Exeggutor.

If you don't want to try that route, I'd power up the SC Gengar.

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I traded for my gf's low IV confusion exeggutor and it rolled 29% a month ago, ripppppp me

Around here there’s a decent number of people I know with over 100 gold gyms. All matters where you live and how many gyms are easily obtainable

Now only if we had a raid map -____-

Right now it's 4. Before Long Island became a mega nest a few months ago, it was between 8-9 consistently per hour :(

My brother has an untouched account from July 2016 I was looking through the other day. I noticed he had two 10k eggs. After seeing this I'm definitely going to load it up and hatch them for fun

During events like this the nest species shift one or two Pokédex Entries to the next nesting species.

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Was praying the NYC/LI mega nest was gonna shift from Gulpin to Wailmer but still Gulpin, yuck :(

wow, hopefully the NYC/long island mega nest shifts from gulpin to wailmer :)))

people can literally fly to japan to do articuno day and squirtle CD all over again omg

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Basically been telling my friends exactly this. It’s too soon for Ralts. Machop, Geodude, Abra just make too much sense. Gastly as well but I think they save that for October. When I was a kid I thought Alakazam was the coolest. Would love to see an Abra community day. A powerful two bar move for Alakazam would be sweet. I wonder if it’d be better than Mewtwo if the move had FP/Blast Burn/Hydro Cannon type stats


From what I'm watching on stream, the Articuno raids are 180 second timers and his CP is 29217 when it's supposed to be CP37603 for a T5 according to PokeBattler

Do we think this is intentional so it's even easier to complete?

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Is the XP earned the same?

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Does it change Smack Down breakpoints?

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I don't think so

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Articuno has T4 stats as well as the raid timer. His CP is 29217 when it's supposed to be 37603

Do I only get one raid pass at a time? Because the text says up to five passes.

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Sounds to me like it will work the same way as a free pass. Only one in your inventory, but when you use it you'll get another one on your next gym spin...up to 5 for the day.

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Will Body Slam Snorlax be useful for anything?

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Gym defending.

There has to be like a 100% shiny encounter rate for this to make any sense. Three hours to encounter a shiny legendary, with no map? Stress levels are going to be SUPER high. No way the shiny rate will be the same as Ho-Oh/Lugia/Kyogre. That would be pure madness.

They wouldn't give you five passes if this were the case

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Realistically, what percentage of the player base can do 5 Articuno raids, with no map, in the three hour period? Unless every single gym has an Articuno on top of it for 3 hours.

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I don't agree, the existing spawns points are still there they were subdued from all the special events we had

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Incorrect. I had 7-8 spawn points at my house, I now have 3 since this mega nest started with Nidoran-M. A Target store by me with an EX gym routinely had a cluster of 15-20 mons surrounding the gym at any given time. It now has half of that if not less. Regular spawn points were 100% affected and reduced in most areas.

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I’m just providing an example. With the addition of the mega nest, regular spawn points have changed AND decreased. That’s a fact. But hey thanks for your two cents. I’ll be sure to leave the house sometime, maybe there’s this whole world out there I never knew existed.

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I’ve been involved in black markets for digital items in other video games. I’m telling you it’s too much work for people, especially the buyers. They want their item now, not in 90 days. AND you have to be within 100m to perform the trade. What someone wants to buy today can differ greatly in 90 days. A lot can change. That legacy Pokémon could no longer be legacy. That Pokémon they wanted to buy they found a local willing to make a normal trade

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This exactly. That’s why I ignored that black market bs lol. How is being friends with someone, in a buggy system at that, for 90 days easy?

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I think Niantic got it right with this system, they just need to fix all the bugs. I’m guessing they wanted to push this out worldwide before the Safari Event and Go Fest, which is why it’s so buggy

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Definitely dropping less from my experience

Have a 40 year old buddy at work who started playing a few weeks ago. He's level 25 but between working two jobs he doesn't have time to raid a whole lot. Hooked him up today with a Machamp and tomorrow plan on giving him a Dragonite. Sure it costs me 20k each trade but it's worth it to pay it forward.

Almost the exact same for me! I stopped playing at level 29 a few weeks after launch and came back with Raids exactly one year ago. Now TL40 with 39 million XP :D

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I was level ~25 and am now TL40 with 39 million XP also. First raid was a T2 Muk with my girlfriend that we could not beat. Good times

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I'm in New York, if you're in Australia or New Zealand and want to swap gifts daily for this badge message me with your friend code and I'll request you!

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