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wolfofwalton commented on a post in r/waltonchain
Snorkels721 21 points

There is a guy that pulled $75k out of walton a week ago at 60k sats, and put it all on TRON at all time high. He now has $10k USD instead of over $200,000. You're going to get burned

wolfofwalton 8 points

goddamn, who was this?

wolfofwalton 49 points

Walton is holding very well IMO!

wolfofwalton commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
wolfofwalton 2 points

Post your portoflio's % loss from it's ATH:

Mine about 45% right now

dybsy 2 points

If it weren't for QSP maintaining half of it's December growth, my portfolio would be brutal. I'm looking at you FUN/XLM/ICX. Mostly FUN.

wolfofwalton 1 point

icx is about 60% of ath?

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wolfofwalton commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
wolfofwalton 29 points

Chill guys, it's too early to call a proper bear market. I was around last July when my 100% Eth stack fell from $420 to $130 over 6 or so weeks. The early BTC guys were around for the fall from $1000 to $200 in 2013 which lasted over two years.

This dip has lasted a little over a week, in an overwhelmingly bullish last few months. We could of course go much lower but equally this could all blow over by next week.

wolfofwalton commented on a post in r/ethtrader
osb40000 2 points

Based on the portfolios everyone's posted I've come to the conclusion that I'm either living in an echo chamber here and will get rekt, or I'm going to have a kick ass 2018.

ETH - 51% BTC 11% XMR 8% ZRX 7% ICX 7% VEN 6% REQ 4% XLM 3% OMG 2% ZEN/ZEC/ETN/ 2%

Goal for early 2018 is to reduce % of BTC during next pump and move that into OMG.

wolfofwalton -2 points

Reduce your ETH stack to 30% or so IMO, fill in the space with NEO

encennash 2 points

Do you still like Walton?

wolfofwalton 1 point

Yes I do, I just needed to diversify and was never realistically going to run a dozen mining rigs for all my nodes

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wolfofwalton commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
m00ksmd 5 points

wtf why am I bleeding again

wolfofwalton 2 points


Coffee_Prophet 3 points

The Fall-a-portfollio

25% Dentacoin, 25% Bytecoin, 25% Verge, 25% Reddcoin

wolfofwalton 3 points

Can't leave out the OG, Tron

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wolfofwalton commented on a post in r/ethtrader
caramelpies 17 points

3m chart shows a classic butterfly formation. Should see a dip on the RSI Simpson-Hodgkins leading to upward pressure on the chart.

The Rasta Rings are also getting suuuper tight, I expect a breakout within the hour.

wolfofwalton 4 points

Actually took me a few times reading this to realise it was a joke

wolfofwalton commented on a post in r/ethtrader
ROFLTI 1 point

What do you think of my portfolio as sort of a "safe investor"?

72% ETH, 5% SC, 0.25% GNT, 0.72% MCO (I wanted a card), 1.59% OMG, 20% BTC.

wolfofwalton 5 points

Seriously what is the point of having such ridiculously low %s of any coin?

wolfofwalton 15 points

I'm much happier with ETH going on a run and sucking my alts dry over Buttcoin doing it, but still... Chill out now ETH

wolfofwalton commented on a post in r/ethtrader
Legenos85 8 points

Big drop in the total market cap. I guess lots of people panic sold their crypto for fiat without realising the drop in their portfolio was caused by the rise of ETH.

wolfofwalton 5 points

I'm so glad I went heavy into ICX in the $6 range, it's literally been saving my portfolio from these dips

wolfofwalton 8 points

Lot of people getting Tronix'd right now

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wolfofwalton commented on a post in r/ethtrader
inspiredcrypto 1 point

People throw the term bubble around but it has a connotation of prices "being divorced from reality" according to the dictionary. The problem with that is no one really has any clue whether prices are cheap or expensive let alone whether they are divorced from reality. (Was late 2013 a bubble considering todays prices? Or just extreme volatility?) So anyone using the term "bubble" is basically just talking out of their ass, UNLESS they simply mean "prices have gone up really fast". OK I get that, but that is obviously true anyway, and not saying much.

wolfofwalton 2 points

Multi billion dollar valuations for projects that don't have a functioning product and aren't used anywhere for anything, aren't divorced from reality?

wilzahh 15 points

All .com and prior bubble patterns are bullshit comparisons to this thing.

People cannot help looking at the past to see the future but the tail does not wag the dog. The boat is now, and what happened in the wake of the boat does not steer it's future.

We are sailing into unprecedented territory. Nothing has ever been so revolutionary and so networked in my lifetime.

Places like this sub - the news - people around you - all the reading and scrutinizing charts can make you start to doubt, to fear... 'what if the sky falls in?'

I believe in ETH now. What it's doing right now is impressing the key people and soon the whole world.

And in Vitalik - he is nothing short of a true genius.

I believe the dev team and the road-map are the most exciting thing in crypto

And that the market cap for crypto is but a fraction of where it's going to be before any bubble bursts for real.

The things which are happening NOW are the things steering the boat. Not the shape of the waves in its wake, nor the form of other wakes, from other ships in the past.

Fear not, this boat is sailing into new lands right now. Discovering new territory uncharted. Hodl on sailors, storms will test us on our journey to the promised land!

wolfofwalton 4 points

All this really means is that the bubble will probably get a lot bigger than dotcom or any previous bubble. Not that we're not in a bubble at all. We're most certainly in a bubble.

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wolfofwalton commented on a post in r/ethtrader
jkkill 13 points

Dumping 80% of my link position at 30 cents might end up being one of my biggest regrets in my crypto investment career.

wolfofwalton 7 points

I sold 13500 ripple at 35 cents, at a loss on a dip from 40 cents.

STFTrophycase 1 point

QSP seems like a cool project, but I don't see how it could be worth much more than it is now.

wolfofwalton 1 point

Insert literally any crypto in this space into the beginning of that sentence

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wolfofwalton commented on a post in r/ethtrader
MagmusCreep 7 points

Serious question. Has anyone managed to lose money in this market? Let me hear you're fuck ups.

wolfofwalton 2 points

I lost money trying to trade eth and failing back in June last year. Then when the July bear market came in, I ended up about 30% in the negative overall. Fortunately I then found OmiseGO

wolfofwalton commented on a post in r/waltonchain
HiddenVaults 56 points

I'm thinking of hiring an infographic artist to bang out bi weekly WTC material. If some people can help me with content I'll pay to have them made. Thoughts?

wolfofwalton 22 points

One infographic that shows a summary of -

1) Basic description of project, RFID + supply chain

2) Team: qualifications, papers written, patents held etc

3) Business partnerships: including brief description of each company, marketcap etc

4) Government contracts

5) Roadmap for 2018

Would be massively useful. I know this information is out there, but if it's presented in one eye catching package and spreads then it could really get people's attention

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