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If it's $5 by eoy a lot of people are gonna be rich. They're increasing supply by 100 fold come June 1st.

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They're doing what?


Saw this posted by someone on r/cryptocurrency. Can anyone more technically knowledgeable than me go through these points criticising Quark and rebut them (if possible)?

"Quarkchain and Zilliqa differ in many aspects:

Quarkchain’s White Paper is pretty vague with only promises and no real solution with mathematical proofs while Zilliqa’s White Paper is a technical one supported by published academic papers and detailed mathematical proofs. For instance, Quarkchain’s WP does not explain the exact mechanism to create shards, how to build an incentive mechanism to ensure that the total hash power gets divided among the shards in a fair manner, how nodes can be assigned and guarantee security in each shard, how cross shard communication happens etc. and hence I don't know Quarkchain is doing real sharding or just hype and it is difficult to compare the two projects at a deeper level.

Zilliqa is an open source project so anyone can check their code while Quarkchain isn’t.

No one of Quarkchain’s team has Blockchain experience, the founder was working for facebook till 2 months back and decided to get on the ICO gold rush. Zilliqa’s Xinshu, Loi Luu, Prateek etc. have been studying and working in this area for years, their paper “A Secure Sharding Protocol for Open Blockhains” was published 2 years ago in CCS (first ever paper describing sharding) but Quarkchain has none.

Quarkchain has the problem of centralization while Zilliqa is fully decentralized. Quarkchain’s current testnet is running with 5 nodes while Zilliqa’s testnet with 1000 nodes and previous private testnet with 3600 nodes. Less nodes mean less decentralization, less security and less like blockchain. With relatively centralized network say 7 or 21 nodes, one can achieve as high tps as possible. The beauty of blockchain is the property of decentralization . It’s super difficult to achieve 100 or even 1000 tps with 1000 or 10K nodes in the network.“ Any result is not credible or you cannot trust the result, if the blockchain system doesn’t run with over 1,000 nodes.” So I don’t know if Quarkchain can even be called blockchain.

Quarkchain uses Solidity as smart contract language but Zilliqa uses a new designed smart contract language which is called Scilla to have better performance and more security."

yeah like how bitcoin surged in spring of 2014 and 2015 ..or maybe not.

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It actually did rise in spring 2014 didn't it?

If you guys could hold either: 5k AION and 5k ICX

OR just hold 5k WAN, what would you choose?

Having a dilemma between buying AION or WAN. Thoughts on which is more likely to succeed and which may yield better % returns? WANs lower supply and ready-to-go ICOs are appealing whilst AION does have some stellar tech and the connections with the ETH world are strong.

Thoughts? Or just split 50/50?

im 700k down from peak and ill still buy it if its a good price ($2-2.5 in this climate)

8 points · 4 months ago

My prediction of how this Elliot Wave correction is going to end. Contains fractals too:

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we're going back to 600?

Coins you think have the best potential for a further 10x gains in 2018?

So WTC are holding a "grand event" on the 28th. I've been wanting to put some money into WTC for a little while now. But with the upcoming event and prices rising my instinct is to wait for a sell the news - dump.

Any thoughts?

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Hard to say. The thing that makes me think sell the news is that most of the information about it (the specific partnerships being signed, media presence etc) is already known. And it has had some monstrous growth this month while everything else bled.

That said, who knows. Walton will be much higher than it is now by mainnet for sure anyhow

I need to thank you for my profits. You shilled it to me ages back at .0016. I bought in for the first and only time on something with absolutely no research. Went through a month of miserable hodling as it yoyo'd 0009 to 0015 and then we eventually doubled up. Will come back in if there is a pullback=)

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No worries :)

So.. I bought some ICX based on many shills on reddit. I do hope it does do well but I got some concerns.

I frequent Korean crypto forums and it is surprising that ICX is not hyped at all there. Even if I search for ICX, there are only handful of threads.

It seems like most Koreans are only interested in QTUM and EOS, which is confusing to be honest.

A lot of Korean investors are new, who started this crypto game around Nov-Dec of 2017. They are looking for quick gains. They think BTC and ETH are already grown too much and looking for the next BTC/ETH to become rich quick.

Frankly, I am surprised that most of users proclaim that they don't own any BTC and ETH. But I digress..

Anyways, so I am concerned that Koreans actually don't care about ICX. On the other hand, this can be a good news because not much Korean moneys are in ICX yet. If marketing catches on in Korea and all those Korean money flows into ICX, the price will surely pump.

However, this lack of interest in Korea is concerning. It seems like only the reddit communites are hyping the ICX.

Personally, I don't really trust Korean software developers. Koreans aren't really known for stellar software developers. Most of the Korean softwares are only popular within Korea and can't really comepete with the world.

Perhaps this is similar sentiment in Korea, hence not many Koreans pay attention to ICX?

Disclaimers: Hodls ICX. Can read and write in Korean. Eth is 90% of my portfolio.

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Isn't the fact that there isn't much Korean hype yet good for your moon ambitions?

Everyone's chasing VEN while I am quietly stocking up some cheap OMG. May the best wins.

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When it pops, boy is it going to pop

Will this year be the year of interoperability chains? (AION, ICON, WAN, ARK etc). Seems like that's the next big step to really bring blockchain to widespread global use, and these projects still seem somewhat under the radar relative to a lot of other big namers.

10 points · 5 months ago

keep climbing AION. 6k sats is within reach!

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aion is my boy right now. criminally undervalued!

wtf is russiacoin lmao up like 581.48%

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small cap shitcoins can get pumped ridiculously even if a semi-whale decides to buy a bag

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With the token swap still not announced, it seems that we might be waiting till the start of next month for exchanges. Which is probably good if the next couple weeks continue on an upward trend.


Can you elaborate? I've always heard socialism described as workers owning and controlling the means of production.

Unfortunately some people (on the left) are misled to believe that's all there is to socialism - it isn't. Socialism is the abolition of capitalism, private property, and everything that results from those things.

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Well capitalism is private ownership of the MoP, wage labour, surplus value, etc.

Private property is just MoP which is privately owned.

So if you abolish capitalism and private property, you are left with workers owning and controlling the MoP, which is...socialism.

Capitalism is generalized commodity production, aka, the production of goods/services for their exchange value. With socialism being the abolition of capitalism socialism thus requires the abolition of commodity production -- the abolition of markets.

To that extent Co-ops are still capitalism as they still operate in a market economy.

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I think that's just wrong, because capitalism describes a system of ownership and not a system of exchange. Socialism is compatible with markets - you have market socialism, market anarchism, mutualism etc. which all have exchange of goods in a free market but certainly are not capitalistic. Because private ownership of capital, wage labour, production for profit would all no longer exist, and industries would be owned and ran by the workers and for the workers.

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29 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

God it makes me cringe when y'all say "dead cat bounce". A few years ago my grandpa's cat died after grandma died and he couldnt take it anymore. He tried to deny that the cat is dead and started to play with it and show us how it bounces (spoiler alert: he was moving the dead cat around) He starred into our eyes and tried to convince us that the cat is alive. If we didnt force him to burry it i think he would've kept it for a week rotting in the living room. Im not even shitposting.

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Well that was a little dark for ethtrader

Just got an email from bee token stating that KYC registration starts Jan 20. What do you guys think about bee token?

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Possibly next REQ in my fairly unqualified opinion

Has Kucoin gotten worse? My token deposit is still not showing and it's got 86 confirmations on etherscan.

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Kucoin is absolute ball sack

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Audi-owned Italian supercars back on the menu boys

I feel like it's safer to assume that an authoritarian communist government would try to crack down on something like this. Is that just me?

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Lol the Chinese govt is pretty authoritarian by modern standards yes, but they're far from "communist". They have a capitalist market economy, just one that has a lot of oversight from the state. They aren't going to miss out on a technology that is sweeping the entire world.

Also never underestimate the ability of even self professed communists to acquire wealth for themselves through corrupt means.

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waiting for it to dip below $7 again to gobble up some more.....

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Yeah I think that ship might have sailed

Couple points here

1) Who is planning to buy at $10? If the price is that high initially, that's a 30x return for ICO folks and they are going to dump spectacularly so I certainly won't be buying anywhere near that price

2) Wanchain isn't a good investment unless you make 100x returns? Personally I would have been more than happy with 10-15x returns on it this year if the crypto market remains bullish

Looks like mainnet is pretty priced in. Hopefull ATH break by end of month with the summit

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