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wtchodl commented on a post in r/waltonchain
sunfrogz 8 points

In NTs video he says that 'WTC is looking to hire developers as soon as they can hire them or create them, that's an interesting choice of words because there's something else that they have been working on which will become public later this season. I can't really share the details yet but I can clearly see it's a deep collaboration between public service and the private sector in a way that the crypto world has never seen before' NT is talking about the recently announced Huobi Business School Partnership right?

wtchodl 3 points

Doubt it since that’s already public knowledge, would be something else

ChadBroChill68 2 points

That wasn’t public knowledge when the video was created a few weeks ago however

wtchodl 3 points

We can just ask him instead of speculating i guess - u/networktraveler

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wtchodl commented on a post in r/waltonchain
drfaustus12 8 points

On the official Q2 roadmap, it does not include "Converting from an ERC20 to WTC Tokens" in May Events, but it does appear in the daily discussion roadmap. Can you explain this?

wtchodl 0 points

I didn’t put together the timeline for these daily discussions. I would have to speak to the other mod that put it together.

d0ckellis 1 point

when i updated this for the June dates And I rolled over the May dates already listed

wtchodl -1 points

Yeah either way from what i recall token swap occurs once they believe the network is secured. And i think we have hit that goal so it may be a matter of time, id rather they take their time and do it right i see no rush, and i trust them over myself on when that should be

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wtchodl commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
wtchodl 5 points

Real good effort on your wtc write up - “same as vechain less partnerships” - no it’s not the same they produce their own hardware software and have childchains that actually have to do with supply chain (r/freyrchain is in antiquities) where as vechain has a gaming company as a childchain on a supplychain platform, lol.

wtchodl commented on a post in r/waltonchain
DKill77x 22 points

Biggest holding of mine is VEN and I’m considering adding wtc to my portfolio. What’s the reason you guys are invested in wtc?

Ps. If anyone wants to link any interesting articles I’d be very thankful :)

wtchodl 29 points

I’m invested because of their creation in both hardware and software, the awards they have won on their tech, the govt and company partnerships they have, the team, their growth with hundreds of developers and working childchain with an actual focus on supply chain , list goes on and on - the all in one is a great start -

On a side note I’ve been looking into the blockchain community and jobs people are hiring - you’d be surprised how many of these coins are still hiring their first blockchain contractor, so much vaporware out there it’s comfortable to know where Walton is.

DKill77x 6 points

Mind elaborating further on what a child chain is?

wtchodl 16 points

Yeah, r/freyrchain - they do antiquities - for example a French museum just found out that 50% of their art was fraudulent - Freyr is a childchain built on Walton’s technology to solve this exact problem, and to bring more than just visibility into the verification of those goods.

Link to French museum article -

They announced that they have 6 childchains total.

However one of the knights mentioned that he saw 10 childchains in the works on his latest visit, if they are of the same quality as freyrchain (which I’m sure they are givin the fields of agriculture medicine smart cities etc that wtc is involved in) that will be huge for the platform and coins utility.

wtchodl commented on a post in r/waltonchain
Moonfuel 4 points

Can someone explain why bithumb listing is taking so long? So many coins listed lately, but still no wtc.

wtchodl 22 points

Probably waiting on token swap

[deleted] 0 points


wtchodl 3 points

When Walton’s coin goes from ERC20 to main, and its fully on its own chain

wtchodl commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Stockton_Slap209 -2 points

I know you're just here to flame as a Walton admin so I'll just be a dick too. Alibaba Cloud Strategic Partnership.

wtchodl 4 points

Not sure what’s mean about that lol, that’s still ongoing and you’ve been mislead if you believe otherwise, and since when did a community built around trustless technology get so mad about the truth?

Stockton_Slap209 0 points

Not sure what’s mean about that lol, that’s still ongoing and you’ve been mislead if you believe otherwise, and since when did a community built around trustless technology get so mad about the truth?

Walton community has been attacking him relentlessly even though his hardware videos have been so helpful to you guys. It's really unsettling.

wtchodl 1 point
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wtchodl commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
wtchodl 1 point


wno20 1 point

Thoughts about upcoming listing of Morpheus Network? It also integrates WTC.

wtchodl 1 point

They have some smart people working there, but i haven’t researched past the team itself.

I have a much more in-depth understanding of Waltonchain - i would dyor on morpheus

wtchodl commented on a post in r/waltonchain
TheAltWolf 2 points

It is likely that the tokenswap is not in May. This was all an assumption based on the roadmap, but it was never directly stated from Waltonchain.

I just want you to prepare for this.

wtchodl 5 points

This comment is premature, I’d ride May out before thinking about it

wtchodl commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
lamps92 2 points

shill me supply chains i heard a buzzword

wtchodl -1 points





waltonchain, they control both the production of their hardware and software, they don't use an api like ven, allowing them to be much more secure and truly decentralized, they additionally are working with the government, have live use cases, and will be in smart sanitation, pollution, oceans, stores, cities, and more. - and they sit at a 400m marketcap, which is undervalued based on their accomplishments and use cases today

wtchodl commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
DTDstarcraft 26 points

man a $364 billion buy order on vechain would be pretty cool

wtchodl -26 points

Would be even cooler on Waltonchain

Edit: literally commented to test the upvote downvotes of ven/wtc. Nice to see how heavily shilled & botted that project is

olypetey -5 points

"heavily". Dude he's at +3 and you're at -2, that's it lmao.

wtchodl 5 points

Seems to be increasing already

wtchodl commented on a post in r/waltonchain
lawlrus -4 points

Right but that's what makes this all the more frustrating, we already know so many of those types of people are out there waiting, so why would Admins of all people be doing something so careless and just straight up unnecessary?

wtchodl 5 points

That would be a question for them, i didn’t take part or even know that was happening. I also don’t find this a huge deal, if they wanted to make a voting competition more strict they should have limited to voters physically in the area, i feel like they made it digital to get more attention to their conference from people online.

wtchodl 3 points

Yes I’m a moderator, I’m also allowed to comment and respond to people in a thread.

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wtchodl commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
wtchodl 10 points

I love that WTC was just on stage with these guys -

More and more dots are connecting and its super exciting to be apart of.

"Waltonchain actively participated in the discussion on the IoT industry perception and layout, on how to cooperate with supply chain partners and jointly build the world with all things interconnected together with representatives of renowned companies, including Huawei, Qualcomm, Microsoft, China Telecom and Alibaba."

wtchodl commented on a post in r/waltonchain
Crypto2theMoonPhil 7 points

Year end predictions for the hell of it? Know way to know when summer is right ahead.

wtchodl 14 points

1k Q4 2018/Q1 2019

Crypto2theMoonPhil 6 points

My man. What about 2020 hahaha

wtchodl 4 points


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