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wulgpwns commented on a post in r/KronosWoW
wulgpwns 2 points

Honestly, I saw someone running around wearing Truefaith Vestments yesterday....1 month in. It really doesn't seem right but whatever. Maybe it's because people have done this so many times now that they jump into those farming runs immediately so it feels like they are getting stuff much faster than what you would normally see.

Porta-Ninum 1 point

Pras rng i got it on my third run on my ud on lh, barely three days 60

I feel like its mostly due to grp xp on this server, a shitton of ppl who wouldve otherwise not quested as fast can farm to 60 now way faster then on other servers.the more ppl at end-game the more of the end-game shit will ‘flood’ the market.

Somewhat of a by-product of grp xp is having a ton more ppl at end-game sooner then what weve all xped on other realms, this certain items will also be obtained sooner. Likewise with raiding, i’m guessing there will be hell of a lot(fu bot) more raids(like more individual raids) going on when mc’s out compared to other realm at the time, simply cuz more ppl are there yet

wulgpwns 1 point

True, good points

wulgpwns commented on a post in r/KronosWoW
wulgpwns 3 points

There are some armor and weapon model updates currently in, but that's basically only the higher tier pvp stuff. A future update to the improved models patch will add some new weapon models

wulgpwns 3 points

They aren't addons, they are patches. Check this out

wulgpwns commented on a post in r/classicwow
skewp 0 points

Nah. WoW was always the more casual/approachable form of EverQuest. It was on this trajectory from day one. If anything the players kept it more hardcore, not less.

wulgpwns 2 points

LOL. What fuckin game have you been playing?

wulgpwns commented on a post in r/KronosWoW
Asheron1 -1 points

I enjoyed Kronos but it's lost a lot of steam tbh. Gonna play on LH when it drops. Prob gonna be a lot bigger

wulgpwns 7 points

no, it's hasn't lost any steam lol

wulgpwns 1 point

Who cares. Let them go, miss out and suffer. Can lead a horse to water but can't make them drink.

wulgpwns commented on a post in r/KronosWoW
Dhoraks89 -5 points

it is really really REALLY under-tuned i healed it at 57 with a 58 priest ( paladin / priest ) with a fury warrior tanking the instance without a shield for about 80% of it, he only put on a shield for the trash near beast to drakk.

Long story short 58 is fine.

wulgpwns 3 points

Not undertuned, just Blizzlike.

wulgpwns commented on a post in r/KronosWoW
Yzfrsix 10 points

Sure PvP is blizzlike. Collusion is not acceptable. In all my years, I've never experienced that on live servers. 10 years worth of time. Never.

wulgpwns 1 point

I experienced it a ton during late TBC and Wrath. But us achievement hunters were in a world of our own.

TB12GOAT78 15 points

You don't need to be "blizzlike" to know that it is wrong and messed up to allow cross faction collusion. You already have 5G respecs and worldwide battlegrounds, do the right thing and drop the banhammer on this bullshit, blizzlike or not.

wulgpwns -7 points

You're an idiot sir

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wulgpwns commented on a post in r/classicwow
Lightshoax 2 points

I haven't noticed any jitter there was some insanely bad lag on old elysium but new LH runs flawlessly not any bugged quests I can think of and they surprisingly fixed all the class mechanic flaws I've had over the year I've played there you should give them another chance

wulgpwns 2 points

Yeah he's referring to a pretty common issue, but its mostly related to players from other areas in the world. Once you get used to it, you no longer notice it and its basically unnoticeable from players in the same region of of the world as you. I've been playing off and on with Kronos since 2015 and the server is still up so arguably longer than retail vanilla.

[deleted] 11 points

I’d rather never play it again than play privately. It’s just too jank for one, plus a few other reasons. But that’s just me, I’m glad some people can enjoy it like that.

wulgpwns 2 points

You really don't know what you're missing out on. Having an incredible time playing through vanilla with friends on discord. For the most part, it feels quite legit.

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wulgpwns commented on a post in r/KronosWoW
eleze 0 points

so "XX level (mage warlock priest tank) lf aoe grind group!" isnt going away

wulgpwns 3 points

I think its pretty awesome and should stay

wulgpwns 4 points

It better mean that 30 mins hard respawn timer on quest named mobs in STV will be fixed. Multiple groups of horde and ally battling over a fuckin 30 min spawn is cancer. It's like a mini world boss.

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