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What formation do like to run?


FYI: been playing for 2 years and only qualified because of the weekly challenge Pre-Question: 5 minutes into my first match and am clearly dominating my opponent, didn't score though. He concedes a corner and leaves the match. Doesn't get chalked as a match at all. Question(s): People can forfeit WL games as a draw and not take a penalty? What's stopping me from doing this in my favor? Is this as scummy and as much of a waste of time as I am forseeing in my WL future?


I'd have to side with Moisty Oyster here. There is also the debate about the water tower being in MOTD but it was built in 1940. More reason to believe there is some timeline fuckery going on

My American self thought it was September and my heart sank 🤣


Other than having your 90 rated squad show up in the lowest tier of my squad battles


The New Familiars

The Citadel tunnels are a section of the map in BO2, as well as actually at Alcatraz. No Easter egg there.

where in NC? I'm in greensboro looking for it :)

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This was in Huntersville, exit 25 off i-77

How much do they cost in store?

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