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xSeventhwavex commented on a post in r/Vechain
astontech 7 points

Why would VEN be included in this?

I see IBM as a direct competitor to VeChain. Although IBM will have the rule in the west, I think VeChain could dominate the East.

xSeventhwavex 2 points

This was mentioned and covered by a journalist for TRT world.

Paraphrasing Sunny, VeChain doesn't see IBM as a competitor, more of a co adopter of blockchain, where they can learn from one another.

xSeventhwavex commented on a post in r/Vechain
SolidCake 3 points

will the vechain go to the man Tyrone himself or the person who wrote the script and commissioned him?

xSeventhwavex 2 points

The user who submitted the entry has stated they will donate a per centage of the money to a charity of Bigman Tyrone's choice.

Once there is more information I'll share as they submitted to me.

xSeventhwavex 1 point

A few weeks ago I posted the contest link and got shot down and accused of soliciting "Spec Work'. It really wasn't the case and as the contest draws closer to the deadline I thought I'd post up the entries.

As filmmakers if you can give feedback on the entries that would be great, if not then than at least I tried as I had to ask :)

Thanks Seventh

Redmoons 1 point

This is an opinion piece, not a "media giant reporting". I dont understand why you feel the need to be misleading.

xSeventhwavex 0 points

An opinion from a journalist who interviewed Sunny while being paid by AlJazeera. The article has since trended at #1 spot for the past 12 hours.

So to split hairs, yes it's a journalist reporting on behalf of one of the largest media conglomerates in world.

However I'll endeavour to make the titles less click vanity, thanks!

Redmoons 6 points

yes it's a journalist reporting on behalf of one of the largest media conglomerates in world.'s not. It's an opinion piece. Which is why it's in the opinion section of AJ.

The article being good and/or popular doesn't mean it becomes an official stance of AJ, it is merely the (you guessed it) opinion of one of their correspondents.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great thing it's getting exposure, but I've always been annoyed by opinion pieces about any subject being mistaken for featured reporting.

xSeventhwavex -1 points

Semantics. In the future I'll keep your advice at hand for future posts. Thanks

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