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xSeventhwavex commented on a post in r/Vechain
lukeyfosterp 35 points

Is it just me or does everybody else facking love vechain

xSeventhwavex -5 points

Underated comment.

neptunian 3 points

Underated comment.

xSeventhwavex 1 point


xSeventhwavex commented on a post in r/Vechain
Camsy34 7 points

The article seems very hype without actually saying anything, they didn't really go into how VeChain works or is different from bitcoin, or talk about the strong partnerships VeChain has formed.

But if it bring VeChain into the eyes of new buyers who can then do their own research and find out more, it's a good thing.

xSeventhwavex 2 points

The typical reader of the express wouldn't really know about Bitcoin , so it's great they are aware of VeChain.

[deleted] 0 points


xSeventhwavex 1 point

Settle down.

karakota 1 point

Meme competition but you can’t take a joke hmm... or even understand the joke for that matter hmm... and please do ;)

xSeventhwavex 1 point

No I got It, thought i'd up the banter with you!

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xSeventhwavex commented on a post in r/Vechain
alladvantageceo 23 points

Any interest in a VeChain holder skeptics thread/unofficial telegram? I feel like there have to be a few others in the community who would like a discussion sans rose colored glasses on all the time.

To be clear, I'm bullish on VeChain, have an X node, and this isn't for Salty Walty's or straight on VeChain bashing. This is for people who are holding, but maybe want to air some concerns without being downvoted to hell or shouted down in the TG.

Maybe even just call it a community Meta thread, whatever. PM if interested in helping out.

xSeventhwavex 3 points

Try the trader channel, I'll get back to you.

xSeventhwavex 2 points

Well you will be eligible for the prize.. The best meme will still win it! Or have the choice of 10VET. I know what I'd rather have.

ihatemodels 2 points

How do we know if we’ve qualified?

xSeventhwavex 2 points

You would have left a comment to the mystic who asks for certain information.

Born-Runing -1 points

10 Vet, that's it??? I never got a response for my last contest submission. I would rather ask you to get to work and make that VET price go ever higher, it is all i expect from you.So far I aint too impressed. If you want my creative talent then you are going have to pay more than 10 VET my dear friends. Hint, think of that same number but add a bunch of zeros....

xSeventhwavex 8 points

The contest is meant to be a bit of fun, nothing serious, actually I'm running this competition and staking my own VET, however little it might be.

The real prize is the bonus prize, that is priceless.

Cabrill 2 points

I wish I could find it. I've been scanning around everywhere. Sidebars, Twitter, FAQs, user histories, Youtube. Any hints at all?

xSeventhwavex 1 point

Have you got a QR scanner?

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