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Check out /r/Keto. Basically, its done by removing carbohydrates (sugar) from your diet. This will force your body to use fat cells as its fuel source rather than carbs. People lose 100+ pounds without working out. The best part? You can eat as much as you want, as long as it has no carbs (peanuts, cheese, chicken, veggies, eggs, and so much more).

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Historian here: this actually isn't entirely true. In fact, a French philosopher named Michel Foucault spent part of his career studying the history of violence, discipline, and punishment. His research determined that although executions used to be public events, the publicity/visibility of these executions allowed them to be protested by the average citizen. Nowadays, these things happen behind closed doors and most of us never know when the state executes someone.

Here is a link to a cool 101 level video introducing Foucault's ideas and contribution to the way we understand the history of violence: (Fast forward to the 2:22 mark to skip his life history and start with his ideas) (the part that is specifically relevant to this post starts at the 5:00 mark)

EDIT: One of the things Foucault was so fascinated with was why everyone blatantly agreed that "things were so much worse back then." His work can be vaguely summarized as trying to challenge these assumptions that we all have that everything is better now.

Taxtro1 2 points

Foucault is a foolish revisionist. For you to take him seriously as a historian destroys all of your credibility.

If you think executions being public and horrible and humiliating and dealt out for minor offenses and cheered by sadistic masses is better than a neglibile ammount of painless executions dealt out only for the worst crimes and protested by compassionate masses, then that shows nothing but a massive bias on your part.

xXxM0RPH3USxXx 3 points


He is the most cited academic in all of the humanities, so I am not the only one who takes him seriously.

Public, horrible, humiliating vs painless executions

I think Foucault was looking to challenge the assumption that everything is more humane now than everything in the past. This thread is an example of what Foucault was looking to challenge. The above comments show how most people (on Reddit at least) have the general opinion that in the past, public killings were entirely inhumane (killing for no reason, with questionable methods, etc). Foucault challenges that by saying "wait, there were some benefits to public execution and there are some issues with our current system."

massive bias

It's possible to debate ideas without being degrading. I am just trying to contribute to this thread by adding some other ways of thinking. I don't need everyone to agree with Foucault. These are his ideas not mine. If you think these ideas are wrong, I would love having a discussion without the ad hominem attacks.

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Name: [Potentially Smart](

Location: Online, Herndon VA

Elevator Pitch: We are an Academic Coaching service designed to help students perform better in school. We hand-picked the most useful productivity tactics, habits, and routines from the most successful people in the world. We studied the leading academics, entrepreneurs, and athletes to deconstruct their approach to success.

More Details: Early Stage, 1 employee, crowdfunding

Looking for: Feedback & Investments

Discount: Yes

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Echocookie 1 point

Also interested in buying.

Echocookie 1 point

I'll pm instead

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The most useful tip I ever got was to disable the notifications for every app except phone calls and texts. I still use Facebook and Twitter, but I use it on my terms, when I want to, rather than when my phone buzzes. This also makes it so I can pull out my phone and send a text without feeling obligated to deal with 5 other notifications

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CanaryRich 5 points


xXxM0RPH3USxXx 2 points


ColoredUndies 3 points

Imagine them on a good night

xXxM0RPH3USxXx 1 point

Or once we have a playbook, communication, and cohesion...

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kick_dicker 46 points

Yeah but I don't really think any move we could have made would have us close to a championship

xXxM0RPH3USxXx 2 points

This is the most important comment here. In reality, there is nothing we could do to beat GS or Cleveland anytime in the near future. Bringing in a star will sell tickets and bring more media coverage to Detroit. From a business perspective, this is a solid move.

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loosegoosestool 319 points

Not regarding PM Modi, but Trump impersonating an India Call Center Rep. All he says is "I am from India."


All I could find

xXxM0RPH3USxXx 8 points

What's up with YouTube videos having those types of voiceovers recently? This is like the third I've heard this week, and I've never heard one before....

x-dubqnp 0 points

I guess you have to get used to the comments not being with a russian accent?

xXxM0RPH3USxXx 1 point

Not sure I follow...

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