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The most useful tip I ever got was to disable the notifications for every app except phone calls and texts. I still use Facebook and Twitter, but I use it on my terms, when I want to, rather than when my phone buzzes. This also makes it so I can pull out my phone and send a text without feeling obligated to deal with 5 other notifications

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CanaryRich 4 points


xXxM0RPH3USxXx 2 points


ColoredUndies 5 points

Imagine them on a good night

xXxM0RPH3USxXx 1 point

Or once we have a playbook, communication, and cohesion...

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kick_dicker 46 points

Yeah but I don't really think any move we could have made would have us close to a championship

xXxM0RPH3USxXx 1 point

This is the most important comment here. In reality, there is nothing we could do to beat GS or Cleveland anytime in the near future. Bringing in a star will sell tickets and bring more media coverage to Detroit. From a business perspective, this is a solid move.

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loosegoosestool 320 points

Not regarding PM Modi, but Trump impersonating an India Call Center Rep. All he says is "I am from India."


All I could find

xXxM0RPH3USxXx 8 points

What's up with YouTube videos having those types of voiceovers recently? This is like the third I've heard this week, and I've never heard one before....

x-dubqnp 0 points

I guess you have to get used to the comments not being with a russian accent?

xXxM0RPH3USxXx 1 point

Not sure I follow...

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xXxM0RPH3USxXx 1 point

I have a rega rp1 with the performance pack upgrade if you're interested

jstbuch 1 point

I would be interested. Do you have photos?

xXxM0RPH3USxXx 1 point
xXxM0RPH3USxXx commented on a post in r/audiophile
xXxM0RPH3USxXx 1 point

Anyone know how the DAC is on the Onkyo TX-8270? I'm looking for something that has a DAC, that can play music from my PC and wirelessly from my phone. I don't need all of the video outputs, or anything for speakers; I only listen from my headphones.

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xXxM0RPH3USxXx 1 point

Do you have any advice on where to start learning about DSP, what it is, and how to use it?

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morsegar17 1 point

For a cheap server, I’d recommend splurging on m.2 storage and a great value processor (r5 1600 comes to mind). All other parts are just necessary to keep the lights on per se, so go as cheap as possible. I’d recommend looking into gigabit Ethernet cards in case the mobo doesn’t support it.

xXxM0RPH3USxXx 1 point

What does the m.2 storage do that others do not?

eLZhi 2 points

What convinced me to go with active monitors was:

  1. No audiophile voodoo magic
  2. No worrying about amp matching
  3. Less clutter on my desk.
  4. It seemed less expensive than buying amp, DAC and speakers separately.
  5. Most of the speakers/amps I was interested in were only available in US.
  6. Due to my room layout I'm unable to use sound treatment effectively so I went with a speaker+room DSP package instead.
xXxM0RPH3USxXx 1 point

What is your "dsp package"

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