Nvidia subreddit deleted all GPP related content. by Lurk_a_long_time in hardware

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nvidia business ethics are not relevant to nvidia customers, enthusiasts, etc....?

this news is huge, it should be plastered all over /r/novideo

Elon Musk deletes own, SpaceX and Tesla Facebook pages by beowulfpt in teslamotors

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"They" as in someone somewhere with access to google infrastructure is evil.

A Day in the Life of Elon Musk by Kvuthe in JoeRogan

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man, Elon would be an interesting guest

It’s Time to Panic Now: John Bolton’s appointment as national security adviser puts us on a path to war. by Osterstriker in worldpolitics

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yeah syria would've been iraq'd by now if hillary had taken the wheel

USA is sick to the core, on both sides

Netflix’s recommendation algorithm is garbage by queer_mentat in netflix

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(thumbs up, thumbs down)

ACT.IL in 3 minutes (Israeli online activists recruitment video) by xcalibre in conspiracy

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Submission Statement

Watch the video.

It's a recruitment video for an Israeli online activist group.

Attention has been drawn to this old video by Julian Assange.

Britain will punish Putin's oligarch cronies with new sanctions after spy poisoning by amtcp in worldnews

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Accusations without proof could also allow some 3rd party to get away with the murdering AND the escalation of West-Russia relations AND the terrorisation of the general public.

Britain will punish Putin's oligarch cronies with new sanctions after spy poisoning by amtcp in worldnews

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Without proof, you might be allowing a 3rd party to escalate tensions and terrorise. The eagerness I've seen expressed indicates potential cooperation with said 3rd party ie there are factions that want tensions escalated with Russia, even or especially in the west.

Any country can get hands on or produce that stuff. Many countries benefit from tensions between Russia and the West.

Scaring the few spies into submission that were not already scared into submission can not outweigh the potential international backlash from these actions.

TL;DR: fucking proove it or shut the fuck up.

Being Julian Assange by xcalibre in TrueReddit

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Submission Statement

A detailed look at Assange's works and situation.

The author draws attention to Assange's deteriorating health and falsehood attacks he has faced.

Julian Assange ⌛: The "news" Russian hackers have been probing US energy companies is not news. The US has been probing other states for at least a decade and China and Russia (at least) have mirrored. The question is why these facts, which are well known in the industry, were pumped out today. by Jeyhawker in WikiLeaks

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If Ruskis can make it, Yankees can make it.

USA has more to gain from it appearing to be Russia than Russia has for it appearing to be Russia. Why would they leave such an obvious signature when the benefits of "sending a msg" would be outweighed by international backlash and sanctions?

It was CIA.

Looking to buy the gh5- help me get over my reservations! PLEASE! by Splashboy3 in GH5

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rent a gh5 and see for yourself

af isn't too bad with 179