How to stop Netflix preview on xbox and possibly other consoles by xcalibre in netflix

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if you press Y then B too quick the preview still plays - wait for the text to show up when you press Y

John Pilger Speaks at Free Julian Assange Rally - Rips into Clinton and big media's involvement in establishment conspiration. by xcalibre in conspiracy

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Submission Statement

The US and UK are conspiring to force Ecuador to hand over Assange for exposing the truth.

Pilger highlights the media's support for the establishment's conspiration.

"Please do not climb" by outdatedopinion in australia

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jk sort of

Calling all JRE podcast listeners- What do you listen to when you’re not listening to him? by AC130benny in podcasts

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Old Rogan podcasts! but also:

Sam Harris has good content

Russell Brand is good but a bit loud & dynamic on the audio

I'm so fucked... On a friday...Why did he cut the files instead of copy!? by xarzilla in sysadmin

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EaseUS Data Recovery. Try the free version to see what it sees, then it's worth the $100 or so for a perpetual license. Saved my ass a couple of times. It sees much more than Recuva.