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Huntred 24 points

You can’t be serious...

EDIT: Dropping in the relevant paragraph:

“Since 1904, when Greek Life was introduced to the University of Alabama, only one black women was ever offered a bid (an invitation to join) at a sorority during formal recruitment. That was in 2003, the woman was Carla Ferguson, and the sorority was Gamma Phi Beta. Sororities were not officially diversified until September 2013, when Melanie Gotz, Kirkland Back, Caroline Bechtel, and Yardena Wolf organized a 100-student march. Thanks to their advocacy, the University of Alabama implemented continuous open bidding, and offered spots in traditionally white sororities to 21 black women. Given that Greek life at Alabama is the largest, and most intense in the country, and made up of over 9,000 students — a fourth of the undergraduate student body — 21 is not a very significant number.”

xero_art 2 points

But....but...I thought racism ended in the 90s /s

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xero_art -7 points

I know it's not popular but I don't think she should be expelled. I was incredibly angry when I saw the video. The hard 'we and the evocation of MLK Jr. sent me into an immediate rage. But, it was also the evocation of Dr. King that settled me back down. What does expelling her really do besides saving the University a little bad publicity. Not only that, but it's a violation of the first amendment. She wasn't speaking from an official position for the University. I think a better response, and one more fulfilling of the legacy of Dr. King, would be to embrace her with love. For the Black caucus, historically black fraternities, and others at the university to shame her with love. The University should respond with maybe a suspension, mandatory counseling, even community service or volunteerships in nearby black communities. I'm not saying she can be cured but fighting intolerance with intolerance breeds more intolerance. Believe me, she's not alone. Her sororities sister that were there with her, the people close to her on that campus are all suspect. Expelling her sends a message to them to be more careful how they share their hate but it doesn't dispel said hate. Instead, it further strengthens their likely belief that the white majority is under attack.

commonCentss 1 point

It does just that. It saves the school from bad publicity and it also teaches her a life lesson. It will also cause the rest of the sorority to get their shit together and act as if they are representing a well known school. I find it amusing when people try to condone this kind of behavior. Yes. You are right about her freedom of speech. Absolutely... say what ever the fuck you want. But, on the opposite side of the token you should expect the repercussions that will most likely follow. She got exactly what she deserved.

xero_art -3 points

I don't condone it. And it only teaches the rest of the sorority not to be public about their racism while giving them another grudge against minorities.

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Lachwen 1,477 points

Rick and Morty.

I have never had a fan base turn me off to the thing it likes faster or more thoroughly than fucking Rick and Morty. It's got to be one of the most toxic fandoms out there. The show may well be great, but I'd rather not be associated with a fandom that has crawled so far up its own ass.

xero_art -1 points

I, too, refused to watch Rick and Morty due to the fanbase. I figured it was just another adventure time, another show I refused to watch because of the fan base. However, this cut from an episode changed my mind and now I thoroughly enjoy the show.

doctorjerome 30 points

That and he basically just uses his films to hang hang out with his friends.

xero_art 26 points

This is why I like even the newer Sandler movies. They're fun. I don't go in expecting 90 minutes of laughter, I don't expect to cry or have some cathartic revelation about my life. I go in expecting to see some goofball comedy and hope there's some impromptu terrible singing somewhere along the way. Adam Sandler is far from my favorite actor. He makes dependably amusing films that I can watch while lurking reddit.

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superchaddi 4,040 points

I'm a teacher and the idea of going out of your way to tell a kid that they won't amount to anything is rather bizarre. Not saying no teacher has done it, just that it's a lot of emotional effort to go to, and most teachers would prefer to just let things slide if they're not the type to try to help.

xero_art 244 points

I haven't actually thought about it in a long time but after my older brother went to juvenile, one of my teachers told me I'd ptobably end up in the same place. I was in 8th grade at the time. When my brother first got caught, I quit smoking weed and wanted to get on a better track. They probably knew I smoked before then, but I got good grades and was in the AIG (academically and intellectually gifted) track. But this man looked me straight in the eyes and told me I'd probably end up in juvenile with my brother. I barely registered it in the moment. I didn't even think it had anything to do with racism at the time. I already knew he didn't like me and I assumed he was just an ass. Anyways, entirely anecdotal but thought I'd share. I don't think it happens often but I do believe it happens

TwoFlamingos 2 points


I hate telling people that I love to write because it's not like I write stories or anything, I just love writing about my life. When I say it's more like journaling, I know people always think I just write about guys or where I ate that day in a "diary", but it's not like that in the least bit.

xero_art 1 point

So, is it like a stream of conscious or internal monologue type of writing?

mothfactory 5 points

People keep telling I should to read books digitally - or listen to audio books - but I just can’t. I’m just super comfortable reading a book made out of paper.

xero_art 5 points

I was the same way and sometimes still am. It's a point of pride for me to collect physical copies of books I really enjoy. But, I had to switch to a kindle a couple years ago when I went underway on a sub, and haven't been to a library since. It's actually something I feel fairly guilty about.

SeafoodDuder 3 points

My basic phone, I have the LG Cosmos 3.

Why? because almost everything I can do on a smartphone I can already do on my computer or basic phone. I've saved hundreds of dollars by not buying a smart phone and I don't have a smartphone payment plan.

We don't need to be online or know what's happening 24/7 all the time. I can see instagram posts, I can see FB, I can go on reddit, etc.

xero_art 1 point

Literally, the only reason I feel I need my smartphone is to use GPS and Google maps. Incidentally, I prefer Reddit on my phone more than on the computer, but I could easily use the computer if I didn't have a smartphone .

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xero_art 3 points

My depression wasn't/isn't that debilitating. Before I sought help, I did nothing but go to work come home and lay around. My mess around the house just grew more and more unmanageable. Thing is, while I hated waking up to go to work and loathed the morning routine that led me into the office, being at work was the only time I was productive. Having things to do, that I had to do to keep people from questioning my state of mind, actually gave my mind a sort of break from the spiral. I was anxious at work, some times quick tempered, sometimes less productive, but all-in-all, the fear of letting others see I wasn't being myself kept me outwardly cheery for the most part. Sometimes I'd laugh at a joke, thinking to myself, 'why the fuck are you bothering me?,' but I still laughed and sometimes those laughs were genuine.

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xero_art 3 points

I regularly get questioned when I smoke dokha. It's a loose tobacco smoked from a medwakh. A medwakh looks a lot like a crack like to anyone who has never seen a crack like. In reality it looks like a pipe with a small bowl, so a one-hitter so, if anything, it does look like I'm smoking weed but I'm not.

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ACrusaderA 2 points

Nothing that outright states It, simply that high risk people are more likely to be denied from the list and that due to the damage created by the disorders they would be considered high risk.

xero_art 1 point

Is that different from alcoholics then? I don't know much about the effects of anorexia, bulimia, or alcoholism

ACrusaderA 2 points

As far as I know any sort of uncontrolled substance abuse or mental illness can be grounds for denial because it usually results in non-compliance and increased risk of the transplant being a waste.

xero_art 1 point

Yes, I knew that. Just not the extent of it. I partially addressed it in my original comment, though as grounds for lower prioritization, not denial. I believe the fact that it is sometimes denied on a case by case basis strengthens my argument though.

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Burflax 2 points

Okay, so you said this:

they are hypocritical for in one instance saying he shouldn't sing at all and in another instance saying he should sing better.

What part of them doing those two is behavior that contradicts what they claim to believe?

See how there isn't even a claim of belief of theirs that you listed?

You're missing a necessary part for you to claim they are being hypocritical- the belief you think they have betrayed with the actions you've mentioned.

xero_art 1 point

Whether or not they believe he should be singing during the national anthem.

Burflax 1 point

That's not even a complete sentence, much less an explanation for why you think something is hypocritical.

What about their belief regarding whether or not he should sing the national anthem would make doing an article on him singing during the funeral hypocritical?

Or are you saying that their having a belief about whether or not he should sing during the anthem means they are hypocritical for doing a article on that itself?

xero_art 1 point

I do apologize but this has delved too far into a nonsensical argument. I'm done. It was not a complete sentence, it was an answer to your question. I'm done here. Thankyou for your time

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Corporate_Jigsore 0 points

I'm not concerned with what goes on in his head. I care about what he does. He did nothing illegal.

xero_art 4 points

Well then, when did Obama overstep the constitutional bounds of his office?

ObamaandOsama 1 point

Now you sound like a TM...

xero_art 1 point

And what rate are you?

ObamaandOsama 1 point

TM... cause screw being a nuke.

xero_art 1 point

That explains so much.

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D5-Boosted-Bum 1 point

Thanks for the info! So I've heard being a nuke is Terrible in a lit of different places and I'm leaning towards aecf but I am not sure if it's too late to switch or how hard it will be. I don't ship for a few months so I'm going to speak to my recruiter tomorrow about switching my rate. I'd rather not have a huge sack of bonuses and miserable.

xero_art 2 points

Fair warning. Many (not all) recruiters will lie. They'll tell you they don't have jobs in specific rates, etc. They'll say your DEP period will extend if you change rates (sometimes true). The truth is recruiters have quotas and recruiting nukes is of greater value.

Also, as I said, being a nuke does suck but I'm not going to advise you one way or the other. Personally, if I could go back, I'd still be a nuke. It really is about you.

D5-Boosted-Bum 1 point

Hey, I'm in the DEP for the navy and in the nuke program and my ship date is going to be in May. How was A school and the environment there? Is it like a M-F school schedule with daily PT? I've asked some nuke recruiters but they don't seem to know anything since they did it so many years ago. Thanks in advance.

xero_art 1 point

First things first. In bootcamp, they'll grab all the nukes and sit you through a video presentation with some nuke masterchief and then ask you to put your wishlist for rates. You put them in the order you want: Electrician' s Mate, Machinist Mate, or Electronic's Technician. I'll speak on their jobs, just know that I've only actually seen what they do on submarines.

I'm an electrician's mate. If you want to stay in for 20, this might be the career for you. Unlike the others, we have little oversight in our day-to-day jobs. On submarines, we own equipment all over the boat. That said, we have the most strenuous maintenance schedule on submarines. We are often the last ones to leave when we hit a port. But, the little oversight is a good thing. Most of our job is non-nuclear. We fix and do preventative maintenance on galley equipment, fans, pumps, etc. Anything electrical, printed circuit boards not related to the reactor, big and small electrical equipment. We also do the most real troubleshoot. There is very little reactor maintenance we do. On the new Virginia class boats(I have no experience serving on one of those), we have less maintenance and don't get our hands as dirty. If you become a submarine electrician, you will be God's rate. You will hate it, you will love it. We also probably have the most diverse opportunities among nukes for our job relating to fields outside the navy. But, with that, they are probably the least specialized and possibly the lowest earning, if you don't get some certifications while you're in. However, if you don't reenlist, this is the hardest rate to advance to second class in because so many electricians star reenlist. After second, it's fairly easy to make first.

Machinist Mates. They work really hard in port and in the shipyard. They work with pipes, valves, etc... tmThey are the mechanics of the engine room. A lot of their maintenance is very time consuming and requires Quality Assurance controls. A lot of paper work. They don't have to work as hard underway. Most of their work underway is getting QA packages ready for the next time they are in port or doing corrective maintenance. They advance extremely easily. The QA work is where they will excel when they get out. Any rate can qualify QA stuff but MMs will be the ones pushed to do so.

Electronics Technicians. These are the nerds. They don't stay in. One, they can get nice jobs easily when they get out so long as they are good at their jobs while they are in. Two, their jobs suck. They work on electronics related directly to the reactor, printed circuit boards and stuff. They don't have to work as hard as EMs or MMs but anything and everything they do has to be absolutely perfect. Common sense and understanding of the system be damned, if you make a tiny mistake outside the procedure, all work stops and you're talking to the engineer, probably the captain. If you're in poet, Naval Reactors (spoken, the assholes) might want to sit in as well. This applies to 95% of what you do as an Electronics Technician. 5% of what Electrician's Mates do and 60% of what Machinist Mates do.

Fourth choice. Oh, there is a fourth choose. If you become a Machinist Mate, you may, at the end of Prototype be offered a chance to be an ELT. ELT's do very little work if nothing is wrong. However Their work is watched almost as closely as ET's.and in the shipyard, life is going to fucking suck (but it sucks for everyone in the shipyard). ELT's control chemistry and are the authorities on Radiological Controls. Wanting to be an ELT does not guarantee you will be chosen to go to the school, so, you may end up and MM if you try this route. It is possibly the cushiest job for a nuke though. This is not an option in Boot camp.

Now, A school: PT 3 days a week except, it's not really, unless you end up on FEP.

When you get to A school, you go on hold as you wait to get into a class. While you're on hold, you're phase red, no drinking, curfew, have to be in uniform all the time, I think. Next is phase yellow, you get this at some point after class starts, I think 2 weeks. Here, I think you can drink and wear civilian clothes off base but you still have a curfew. Some time later is phase green, no curfew, civilian clothes except in the Rickover building.

All throughout A school, Power School, and Prototype(not as bad here), the being formal, squared away, and integrity are harped on hard. Any mistakes you make here are more likely to destroy your career. The idea is, if you get a DUO before you even make it to the fleet, let's just cut our losses now. Most instructors stick firmly to the no fraternizing rule and are always very formal. It's not like that in the fleet but that is a necessary facade in the school environment.

A school is incredibly easy. You learn math and in-rate things: how to be an electrical theory or fluid theory. You made it to the nuke program, you deserve to be there. Don't sweat it. Then you graduate, put on 3rd class, gripe because your recruiter might have told you that you get a third of your bonus here, and you go on hold. Then power school. Power school is tougher, here you actually start learning reactor concepts, and what the other rates learned in A school. Everything is dumbed down for us dimwitted enlisted so don't sweat this either. However if, at this point you've decided the nuke program is not for you, speak up, loudly, over and over. After power school, you get that first installment. Then prototype, where you do very little maintenance but learn to stand watch and follow procedures.

Now, at every point in your navy career, people will tell you it gets better. It doesn't. It keeps getting worse. The fleet included. Before you go to the fleet, in prototype they will ask you to choose surface or sub. The deciding factor for me was surface guys adhere to the formality of the navy more strictly. They also have 5000 people on port calls. So, if you're in a foreign port, no matter where you go, you are running into navy guys. That said surface life is a lot easier.

Lastly, don't be a nuke. Being a nuke sucks. I wouldn't choose any other job in the navy over EMN on a sub, but, you will hate it. I've hated it. I will hate it again. No matter what job you choose in the navy, you will probably hate it at some point. But, not as much as being a nuke. At least, not most jobs. That said, just like boot camp, go in knowing it is going to fucking suck and you may just enjoy it.

Oh, and don't reenlist until you've spent some time on a real ship.

Any questions, I'm more than happy to answer

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xero_art 2 points

When Picasso first began painting, he was not the best painter to have ever lived. He was likely not the best painter in his village.

The fact is, you may not end your career with laurels but almost no one starts their career with laurels. Savants may exist but hard work often beats them out. The top brain surgeon in the country had to choose to pursue that path before ever doing brain surgery. Yes, it's a gamble, and most people fail. But, the worst brain surgeon is still a brain surgeon.

If you want to pursue the arts, you're not going to pick up a guitar and suddenly write a billboards top 100. But mists artists don't. Most artists make little to no money their entire lives. And those that do make it big (without prior connections) still starve until they catch that first break.

If you want to pursue athletics, same story. Even Michael Jordan couldn't dunk when he was 13 playing in peewee. Hell, there were better players on his team in college.

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xero_art 15 points

I was not on Duty, I'm actually on leave, just staying on the island. I imagine submarine guys were looking at emergency 'get the fuck out of dodge' procedures. But it would take less than an hour to hit from, close all hatches and grab the rosemary.

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Powerdwarf_Kira 8 points

There is an anime series called code geass, in which a character names llelouch gains the power to make anyone obey his commands. He is in Japan and uses this power to get revenge against Britannia (A faction who rule over Japan). He created an alter ego named "Zero" who led a rebel group, which for most of the series was speculated by others to come from Japan.

Bit of a long explanation, but watch the series. It's quite good and on netflix.

xero_art 0 points

Yes, but umm...actually, Zero comes from Britannia.

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xero_art 3 points

I live on Oahu. Couldn't find anything on Google, thought maybe I hallucinated or dreamt it-admittedly, I am hungover. Then a friend calls and asks me if I had heard about it. wouldn't load. I made some coffee, thought about my life insurance, what would happen if we went to war (I'm in the navy), got dressed and planned to start watching 'What Dreams May Come' (it's been on my list to watch since Robin Williams passed over a year ago). Then the friend texted saying it was a false alarm. Making me really think about the nature of fear. I don't think of myself as being afraid of death. And, I should have been able to dismiss it, when I couldn't find any news on it. I typically get automated calls from my base for any emergency alert so I should have known that one little push message was probably an error. And in the front of my mind I think I did know. But that didn't matter. The possibility that the threat was real and the inability to really imagine the fallout and devastation made it hard to suspend disbelief.

Decided, I'm still going to watch it today.

Thousand_Year_Stare 1 point

a year ago???

xero_art 2 points

Damn man...its been over 3 years? I feel so lost...

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usmcmd52 0 points

Ummmm How?

I invite you to read the book

xero_art 1 point

Yes, but that's based on the premise that everyone just up and disappears one day and considers the future as over 10,000 years. The ancient Mesopotamian civilization is about 5,000 years old. Archeologists actively search for remnants only 500 years old.

Edit: this is assuming the premise is the same as the documentary you cited, either way, still holds true.

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xero_art 25 points

My post from my own question asking how you would react:

This just happened in Hawaii. Couldn't find anything on Google, thought maybe I hallucinated or dreamt it. Then a friend calls and asks me if I hears about it. wouldn't load. I made some coffee, thought about my life insurance, what would happen if we went to war (I'm in the navy), got dressed and planned to start watching 'What Dreams May Come' (it's been on my list to watch since Robin Williams passed over a year ago). Then the friend texted saying it was a false alarm. Making me really think about the nature of fear. I don't think of myself as being afraid of death. And, I should have been able to dismiss it, when I couldn't find any news on it. I typically get automated calls from my base for any emergency alert so I should have known that one little push message was probably an error. And in the front of my mind I think I did know. But that didn't matter. The possibility that the threat was real and the inability to really imagine the fallout and devastation made it hard to suspend disbelief.

I freaked out a little at first, and never fully calmed down until it was shown as false. I am also hungover so all-in-all, I'd give this morning a 5/10. Not the best way to wake up.

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