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xero_art 53 points

A king has decided his wise men are not all that wise. So, one day, he gathers his 100 wise men in his dungeon for a challenge.

He says to them, "You will all be staying in this dungeon tonight. In the morning, you will be put into a line all facing one direction such that the last person in line can see everyone in front of them. You will then be buried to your necks in sand and a hat will be placed on your head. The hat will either be red or blue. A guard will walk on the sand with a sword and starting with the last person ask each of you which color of hat you are wearing. If you say the wrong color, you will be beheaded. If you say the right color,you will be spared. If any of you say anything other than red or blue or more than one word, the guard will exit and you will all be left down here to starve and die."

The wise men decide to come up with a plan to save the most number of people. You are one of the wise men. What is your plan to guarantee saving the most number of people?

ViolaNguyen 1 point

I love these riddles.

Last time this question came up, I was able to explore the infinite version of this scenario, where the prisoners have to save their necks (heh heh) without even speaking their guesses loud enough to hear the other prisoners.

xero_art 2 points

Care to share the riddle?

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lejefferson 2,067 points

The weather was in the 30's all of the top athletes were unable to endure the conditions. It was basically a race to see who could endure the hypothermia conditions the fastest.

This was the first time an American has won the Boston Marathon in 30 years because none of the African runners were able to compete in the conditions.

xero_art 1 point

Yeah, she came from Arizona and has a trainer in Utah.

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xero_art 1 point

I'm in the middle of writing to let you know that there is a great opportunity for Trump movie and I know it's a little late but I'll try to clean it up before the end of your shift. Thanks for your help and support the team is working on my third email to me. Keep me a pick. He had a great opportunity for the rest of my life. Please let me preface this by saying that I have been an easy fix but I'm not sure if I can make it to the meeting tonight. Never been to a couple dozen eggs and bacon but it didn't matter of course.

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holowolf83 1 point

mary magdelene wasnt christian in fact jesus wasnt .. he was jew . mary more than likwly wasnt since she was prostitute and more than likely was roman . at that time israel and surrounding areas were roman territories... also no roman evidence exists of jesus or mary of magdela

xero_art 1 point

You can start here.

Most historians agree on the existence of Jesus. Obviously his divinity is up for debate.

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exactoctopus 2 points

Great Danes. They're giant teddy bears around their people but also great for protection. I grew up with them and I'll always have them.

xero_art 1 point

My buddies had Great Dane and Pitbull mixes and they were bundles of joy. But I would also not try to rob their house. Also, they were super protective of the infant of the house. First day I visited was to see their son and I picked him up and he started crying. All three dogs came out and as soon as they saw me started growling. They were terrifying until I handed the baby over to their mother and got to know them. Now I really miss them and want to go back to the east coast to visit them more than my friends.

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lorenzovc 33 points

Pass over a line of cars that is waiting to turn by purposefully driving in the wrong lane. If you do that, know that I hate you and silently judge you!

xero_art 15 points

I refuse to let people in my lane without a turn signal. I will always slow down for a turn signal but if I see you trying to get over without one, I will speed up and not leave you the gap if I can (obviously not if going too fast).

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xero_art 52 points

My opinion that it's totally ok to downvote an opinion you disagree with outside of /r/changemyview

Human_musics 14 points

Can I ask why you hold this opinion. Everyone does this but you’re the first to be open about it.

xero_art 7 points

I don't want to argue with every opinion I see on Reddit. So, rather than reply, 'I disagree,' adding nothing of value to the conversation, I downvote.

Now, to be clear, I don't automatically downvote an opinion because I disagree with it. If it is a well thought out and written opinion, I may even upvote it begrudgingly. It is short statements of opinion that I treat as polls.

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xero_art 28 points

Had a co-worker this week tell me Nelson Mandela was a terrorist. Now I know the history and I know what the ANC did [while he was in prison] but Nelson Mandela was not a not even sure I'd categorize the ANC as a terrorist organization. I started to argue but...I'm exhausted. Why is it my responsibility to educate these people? Is it? I've gone for hours in the last few months about the killing of blacks by the police, about how MLK was not what is taught in schools and was more of an extremist than people want to make him out to be, about how slavery and segregation still affect those who were born after the 60s, about why I consider myself an African-American, about why I'd refuse to answer to the 'n' word, about how America is not post-racial....and I'm exhausted...I don't shout, I don't cuss, I typically welcome the dialogue...but, sometimes I feel like just the angry black man. And hearing multiple people say they consider Nelson Mandela a terrorist just...seriously, do I have a responsibility to keep talking to these walls? I mean, I hate the excuse of racism. Oh, he's a Trump supporter, must be racist. I find it lazy. And I don't think they are racist...not KKK or swastika tattoo on a shaved head racist at least. But, later that day, I remembered Trump's response to the Charlottesville riots: 'there were bad people on both sides.' And it occurred to me that maybe something in them needs to see Nelson Mandela and the ANC as villains. Maybe it's difficult to accept that the Apartheid government as a lone villain. And it's hard for me not to see that as a little bit racist.

I know I'm rambling. And I'm sure I'll get into another argument discussion this week but it's so damn draining. Sorry for the ramble.

HorseAFC 4 points

Damn...and i was content with 100k

xero_art 2 points

I was so happy with my little 20k

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