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Manslaughter is murder. It’s just not murder with intent. And you don’t have to prove they did it intentionally. But if you charged her with murder. It would most likely go to trial and then she’d end up winning because you’d have to prove she thought about going in there before hand to kill him. Basically it’s the same but one is easier to get through the court system. She will still go to prison for most of her life.

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0 points · 8 days ago

You're confusing intent with premeditation. She had intent, making it murder. We're she driving and accidentally ran over a guy, that would be an accident and manslaughter. There was nothing accidental about her firing her weapon to kill this man.

No. The intent wasn’t to kill him. If she’s telling the truth. Cause the intent would be to kill in self defense. Which makes it manslaughter.

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That would be justifiable homicide which wouldn't be a charge. You have to prove that your life was in danger or you were preventing another serious crime such as rape or murder of someone else.

This, at best would be an imperfect self-defense which the prosecution should charge as second degree murder and manslaughter. The jury would then decide if she truly acted in self-defense and had reason enough to believe her life was in danger. Texas has a castle defense law which is tricky here because the castle defense law only applies on your property, in your car or at your place of work. Because she was not in any of these places, I do not believe that it applies but I am not a lawyer. So, unless they are utilizing the castle defense, this should be charged as at least second degree murder as she had an intent to kill even in self defense. The jury then decides if the self-defense was reasonable. As for the castle defense, that should not be applied by the prosecution when bringing up charges, but by the defense to allow the jury to determine if she has the rights given by castle defense when she is mistaken about being in her home.

In other words, the reason for the intent does not negate the intent. Her intent was to kill. And, it was an excessive use of force unless the castle defense doctrine is in play. She does not have the right to stand her ground in his home as far as I know.

If you are seriously concerned about a close friend or family member (or yourself), there are a number of subreddits to help you out that will give you much better answers than askreddit

r/alAnon is a support group for those affected by others who are alcoholics

r/alcoholism is a good place to speak with a mix of people who would frequent alAnon, alcoholics who have since stopped drinking through diverse means, and alcoholics still actively in the throes of their disease.

r/stopdrinking is—to my knowledge—Reddit’s largest support group for people seeking to stop or continue abstaining from alcohol.

Of course there are support groups in real life, such as the aforementioned and relatively ubiquitous alAnon, AA, SMART Recovery, etc.

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0 points · 6 days ago

r/stopdrinking is—to my knowledge—Reddit’s largest support group for people seeking to stop or continue abstaining from alcohol.

"...start or continue abstaining..."

Or, "...stop drinking or continue abstaining..."

I do wish I were the type of person to not be bothered by this. Is there a support group you can recommend?

On the real though, don’t you get sick of everything being a contentious political statement? Trump sucks I GET IT ALREADY. It just never stops and tbh Law and Order is a crappy cable access drama, using that show to push social commentary is like trying to serve caviar at McDonald’s. It’s not what I go there for.

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It's only contentious because it means heavily to the left. Media, Hollywood, music, news, are lean heavily to the left. Maybe reality leans heavily to the left. 🤔

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You folks paying for text books with out making sure you can illegally download it? Couldn't be me LMAO

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Damn man. You're so cool... Can I be your friend?

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I have to assume, due to weight classes, he makes up for his lack of a lower body with far more muscular strength. Like, I'm know how this is going to sound but it's almost unfair for the other guys. His build, he's definitely over 140 with legs, more likely 160+. But he's only 88 pounds so he's wrestling at 106 and probably way over powering a lot of wrestlers that size. That said, obviously there is no way to know who actually has an advantage and seeing as he didn't win a title, it's probably pretty fair with skilled wrestlers using their legs for leverage and all that. More power to him.

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I saw that on my TL too and this whole shit is toxic. Fuck Chris Brown, he should pay more than 70k a year for his kid.

And I'm not responding to anybody defending Chris Brown. This shit is so fucking stupid. Go look up the @ and read those stupid team breezy comments if you want a headache and a realization that 90% of y'all are just as bad.

Edit: p.s. I get it. He pays a good chunk now. That's fine. But you all are defending a known abuser why? Because the mother of his child is asking for the same payout many other woman would if they got a rich dude pregnant. And there is no evidence that she's not taking care of the child but she maybe just wants to be able to provide for her everything that he can (or at least close to it) so she doesn't grow up wanting to spend time with him more than her.

If she were crazy first, he could’ve left instead of being disloyal.

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I mean, if she was crazy first maybe he did leave and she just hasn't accepted it.

I second this. The Wire is the only non-sitcom that I believe truly outdoes it's own hype. Omar coming.

This is a scene from (I think) the third season that really sells the show without really spoiling anything.

I thought this was about to be a joke about school shootings... Man, this world's got me fucked up.

Oh I've had the daydream.

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Before I moved to Hawaii, I'd play the lottery just for the fantasies.

I think it's pretty rude to try and tell a stranger what they can and can't say without being asked.

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That doesn't really excuse telling someone to suck your dick. Both are equally rude. Plus I don't think the guy was actually being serious.

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27 points · 25 days ago

Really? Reminding someone to watch their language when representing themselves as a prospect for NASA, is rude?

I mean, I imagine he was there because of some #nasa tags in replies. Seems like a polite and appropriate way of telling someone, hey, calm down, this is a public forum and maybe you shouldn't use that kind of language talking about joining NASA.

If it was attempted on women I don’t believe it would have worked even a little bit

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10 points · 25 days ago

Or, you know, people see a camera and hope for a chance to become even a little bit famous themselves.

I mean is she though? She knew the stuff she did wasn’t right, but she wanted to make a point. You know a statement

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81 points · 25 days ago · edited 25 days ago

No, she is a terrible fucking person. A complete and other narcissist, probably with psychopathic tendencies. She chose to hurt a lot of people to make a point a hopefully popular video. She could have chose to match with people and ask them to be a part of a taped interview. She could have made this point in many other ways that didn't involve seriously hurting a hundred or more men.

No, seriously. Imagine it. She didn't even take the time to get to know any of them personally. Imagine there is one very lonely, very depressed guy swiping on tinder and putting all his hopes into this one match. Imagine he's 5'8 and crushed by this event.

This is one of the most fucked up "prank" videos I've seen. And that's all it is. It's not trying to make a point, it's a prank video. To her, none of the victims were people. They were cattle for her to utilize.

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6 points · 28 days ago

Yawn. Black folk always thinking with their dicks/vaginas. This is a basic conversation that is better left under the rug. The short answer is no you can't be Pro-Black and date out. STFU. If you think you're pro-Black and date out it's because you're not pro-Black. End of story.

We need to move above and beyond 'sex' talk--you're supposed to build your Race up. You not building the Race up if you are privately building up a cracker.

And the reason why you would have REQUIREMENTS is because you want QUALITY.

This is why Africa is rife with DICTATORS. Because we don't demand QUALITY. We say "Oh, well, he's from my city therefore let's give him control of our military?" WTF. No--demand of your people that they are LOYAL to your RACE. That they find YOUR RACE BEAUTIFUL and EXCLUSIVELY SO. And so on. Black folk need to evolve beyond their dicks and vaginas. We don't have time for that stupid shit. Come here with smart conversation.

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My question for you is: Can you be pro-Black and also not be anti-White or anything else? Is it a requirement of being pro-Black, that you don't support any other race?

Only Michelin star awarded food I've ever eaten was a roast chicken street vendor in Singapore.

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Grab a knife, cut open both palms and flick blood at him, telling him I have AIDs.

Fish can drown.

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But is water wet?

“I’m black”, said any black person online never.

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Turns out I have nothing to prove to you.

Can you give me a tldr as to why you stopped saying it?

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Initially, it was refusal to accept a difference between nigga and nigger. To me, nigger was ignorant black person and nigga was an ignorant way to say that. Also, I decided that my ancestors would not be onboard with me answering to or calling others either word.

Eventually, I went to college(@ an HBCU for a year, then another for 6 months), joined the Navy and found myself surrounded by a majority of white people for the first time ever. I found out quickly that you cannot allow any shit around white people. It starts with jokes, ("you don't get offended, right"), sexist jokes, Jewish jokes, then black jokes. Then, the n word. And being in the Navy, as a submariner, the culture is just such that you cannot allow yourself to show offense too easily. And racist jokes can be funny, I'm not entirely a prude and understand shock humor but man....I learned quickly white boys love to tell racist jokes to black people. You try to act cool, you better be ready.

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