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beatrixotter 2 points

Not sure if this is the one because it could probably be a lot of things, but this makes me think of Nelly Furtado - Turn Off The Light.

xlnqeniuz 1 point

Yeah sorry, my description isnt very detailed. Sadly this isnt the one, thanks thought!

Jefferncfc 2 points
xlnqeniuz 1 point

Not the one, thanks anyway though!

xlnqeniuz commented on a post in r/formula1
SeriousShitAt88MPH 230 points

Hot damn!

More famous people around!

xlnqeniuz 75 points

I mean, while I'm happy Mercedes and all the other teams are here, it's not a suprise. This place is growing really quick. We only hit 100k subscribers in May 2nd 2016 and look at us now. It's insane!

xlnqeniuz commented on a post in r/worldnews
Eagle20_Fox2 121 points

One of my favorite parts was MSM fear mongering over how the President has the nuclear codes. That shit made me laugh so hard.

xlnqeniuz -65 points

The fact that one man has the power to ruin our planet for good? Yeah, scary as fuck. Especially when it's Donald Trump.

stenzycake 22 points

Except he doesn’t. Takes two keys to launch. Sensationalism isn’t good for anything.

xlnqeniuz -3 points

2 keys, 1 commander in chief.

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xlnqeniuz commented on a post in r/TRXTrading
i-sell-reddits 11 points

tron was wayyy oversold, this past week was perfect for entries. i'm already up 20%. with mainnet coming we will reach 1200 sats in no time

xlnqeniuz 6 points

Someone at my work told me about TRX and I decided to put €30 (36$) in. I stopped with trading 4 months back and this is my first purchase since then, I'm glad I did it and am thinking about putting in some more! :D

vizzim 5 points

30€? You really mean it, don't you? xD

xlnqeniuz 5 points
xlnqeniuz commented on a post in r/thenetherlands
z0ltan_x 117 points

Het zou Ferry Kesselaar sieren als hij nog eens terug zou komen op de manier waarop hij me toentertijd in de studio bejegend heeft. Dat was echt niet leuk.

Maar voor het overige: We did it Reddit!

Credits gaan ook vooral uit naar /u/HerHor voor de daadwerkelijke analyse.

xlnqeniuz 20 points

Dit vraagt om Bitterballen! Ik trakteer!

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