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y2k890 commented on a post in r/SquaredCircle
RegisterVexOffender 90 points

Love the woken matt placement.

does...does this mean the nickelback one is next? as bray would say

R U N .

y2k890 3 points

I actually love the nickleback one. I'm weird.

y2k890 commented on a post in r/SquaredCircle
y2k890 1 point

Hey Chris, loved reading your autobiographies. Three questions, one serious two silly.

First question, are you planning to release another autobiography soon?

Second question, did you add anyone to the list while in Japan?

Third question, is a hotdog a sandwhich?

y2k890 commented on a post in r/LastManonEarthTV
y2k890 5 points

I'm calling it now. Karl will die to the Rubix Cube bomb.

Demon_Hunter18 3 points

I thought that too prior to the episode. I thought they would have Karl bring weird, but no one would actually discover it, but there would be close calls. Kind of like what happened up until the ending. At some point he would be killed by the rubix cube and no one would no what he really was. However, because of that ending, I’m not so sure.

y2k890 3 points

Well either way that thing is gonna go off by the end of the season. Chekov's Gun.

y2k890 commented on a post in r/SquaredCircle
Lorddeox 3 points

I think this makes you the official champion of SquaredCircle and ambassador of the brand right?

Also, congratulations, hope for many more to come

y2k890 1 point

Nah. All of us were the official champion of SquaredCircle back when we held the Wrestle Circus Sideshow title.

Lorddeox 1 point

I honestly didn't realise we were that good. When did that happen?

y2k890 1 point
name_is_original 2 points

Wasn't Ben Swolo a December meme?

y2k890 2 points

Eh. It started pretty late December and stayed alive for a few more days so I count it for this month. Heck. Tide pods technically started in 2012 as a meme so yeah.

Powdered_Toastman03 2 points

You can ONLY choose one

y2k890 2 points

Nope. Aiming to chronicle all the major memes of the year.

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Darkpopemaledict 3 points

FYI this is the origin of the term "Bears" to describe large, hairy gay men!

y2k890 2 points

Huh. Interesting.

lurking_digger 38 points

So, Will and Grace?

edit: Yes, I'm a fan

y2k890 1 point

Dunno. Only saw like one episode of that back in its original run. Probably more The Odd Couple.

y2k890 commented on a post in r/SquaredCircle
skyfiretherobot 15 points

Umm, I'm pretty sure Joey Ryan's the hard counter to anybody using grips. Emphasis on hard.

y2k890 29 points

Haven't you seen the latest Being the Elite? He's a penis pretender!

y2k890 commented on a post in r/SquaredCircle
DarkySurrounding 13 points

I reckon Kharma/Awesome Kong couldve done just that, shame she had to go so suddenly.

y2k890 6 points

Well at least she made it into WWE '13

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