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Gamerunglued 2 points

Just went to take a look on MAL since I've never heard of it, and it looks like only around 300 people have actually completed it. This is one hell of an obscure show.

adds to insanely long PTW

y2k890 1 point

I do love me some obscure stuff.

y2k890 commented on a post in r/SquaredCircle
Nabz23 6 points

im like that rare minority that if taker comesback as ABA persona I wanna hear that kid rock "oooooooooooh they call me cowboy" theme, but yeah his rollin is the more iconic one

y2k890 4 points

In my opinion, his "You've done it now, you've gone and made a big mistake" is the most iconic ABA song.

y2k890 commented on a post in r/Piracy
masterx1234 0 points

This better fucking be an April Fools joke, KODI is the best thing ive ever used in the past 5 years and if it goes my TV will be practically useless because I refuse to pay a cable or satellite bill.

y2k890 1 point

There's also Plex.

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