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yangchi2436 commented on a post in r/Chain_Strike
TheRealDimz 1 point

I was working on tracking every hero skill in a spreadsheet as part of the community tier list. I worked on it for 2 hours and someone deleted it. We would have been able to see if what you claim is in fact happening.

Since then, I quit working on this spreadsheet. The original purpose was to have a skill compendium so that we can see heroes with similar skills (example you have a Nat 3 and get a similar Nat 4 with better % chance to debuff). It would make it easy to filter and see things like in my example but I don't have the motivation or desire to do something like that.

The only reason why I needed to do it as a public effort is that there's no way to know the effect of skill books on hero skills unless you own that hero and obviously I don't own every hero in the game.

yangchi2436 1 point

Dang, I was wondering where it went cus I spent a good hour filling in and adding data validation stuff. Could you not revert it as the host?

yangchi2436 commented on a post in r/Chain_Strike
WanderingWasabi 1 point

So after we can auto b5, and we're still using 3 and 4 star gear...we should just spam farm b5 until we get good 5* EQ to help us progress?

yangchi2436 1 point

Personally, I'd farm hell mode until you get all 4 stars with the main stat you want. Make them all +12. With a decent team for each dungeon, that will at least make it so you can farm b5. You might even be able to farm b7 if you have the right team. For example, if you got a lot of multihit for kraken, or a lot of debuffers for apollon. Make sure you 6 star and awaken your guardians first because that is really important.

WanderingWasabi 1 point

I can already auto b5 reliably for apollon and none of my gear is above +9. Although hell mode seems helpful given the low 5* drop rate in b5 since you at least get money? I'd have to farm 1-9 hell for strike gear for my dps but that's less gold then :/

yangchi2436 1 point

Currently, farming hell mode should net you more gold than farming mysterious sanction. If you can farm b5 reliably with what you have then upgrade your equips to +12, it makes a huge difference. And you can always farm 4-9 for crit sets. Personally, I find crit sets a bit more useful than strike sets, but that's just me.

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yangchi2436 commented on a post in r/Chain_Strike
yangchi2436 3 points

I personally think Bishop is the strongest. King just doesn't provide much in PVE with a single target strip when there are other guardians that can do AOE strip. Even for equipment dungeons, I find Bishop way better due to the atk break. Also I wouldn't ever run Knight if I am running Bishop because I personally think CD reduction is way stronger. Ms. Dale and other buffers can buff better than Prebella so to me that makes the use of Knight or Queen kind of obsolete.

So my ranking would be:


yangchi2436 commented on a post in r/IntltoUSA
zninjamonkey 9 points

I think it's because they stick to their cycles.

yangchi2436 5 points

Just going to chime in here with my opinion. On some levels I agree that is part of the problem, but there is a bit more to it than just that. I am an ABC and I graduated with a Chinese and Chem major. My gf is an international Chinese student as well so there is to some extent some bias from me.

We as American students really don't do much to help them integrate, which kind of forces them into their cycles. They are here to try and understand our culture, so it's part of our job to help them understand. We almost expect international students to just "blend" in, when in fact their culture is so much different than ours and blending in is way more difficult than it seems.

I can explain further if needed, but its not as easy as saying "they just don't go out of their comfort zone."

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