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Judging from most of these comments, the reddit community is made completely of the unemployed and those who have no self control

Edit: yes that includes me

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Delete your fcking amazon app

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Jeff Bezos has made enough money off us

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Back when I used to be into a lot of auto racing, my friends and I would go to the events for all-week-long camping/tailgating so that we'd be there for practice, qualifying, and the race. It's not quite like tailgating an NFL game where people are just there for the morning or for one overnight. When you have a crowd of people who have been camping and partying every night for a whole week, not only do the port-a-potties get absolutely annihilated with puke and diarrhea and constipation bombs, but the grounds turn into trampled mud and garbage just absolutely everywhere. I stopped going because by race day it was just absolutely disgusting. My friends ask me to go every year. Not only have I grown out of binge drinking, I just can't handle that mess and that many drunk people anymore. And racing kind of bores me now.

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Alcohol, long weekends, and hoards of people are never a good combination for regular loos, let alone portables



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