HELP by iliketoswimwithnemo in SurreyBC

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yes you tap the card reader

Just a big shout out to Gimlet for playing music underneath all their podcast's ads. by dinosaur_computer in podcasts

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It’s because of that shenanigans with the kid. Now they make sure their ads are noticeable enough.

Edit: Here's the episode about it. https://www.gimletmedia.com/startup/9-we-made-a-mistake

DOW 25k by MiscellaneousNachos in wallstreetbets

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One of my favourites! I watch this film every few months or so.

List of tutorials about build your own (insert technology here) by EMCM in learnprogramming

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It’s a linked list with a hash of everything behind it. ;)

me🐸irl by Blitzor_ in me_irl

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not really until you ask for context

Lebron James game winning three! - TNT by Metsvault in nba

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TBH I'm glad it went to pacers since cavs get the last shot.

I just started HUT and I’m beyond lost on what I’m doing. can anyone give me some starter tips? by trevsclark733 in NHLHUT

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Each player card give synergies. If you have enough players to activate a specific synergy trait, it will give your team stats boosts.

Makes team building harder since you just don’t spam high overall players in your team, you’d rather have a good team with activated synergies.

True shit by nvves in LSD

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He works in mysterious ways.

I never knew rowing could be so intense. by astonsilicon in videos

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That was only 2k? Yikes.

I already felt exhausted watching the video.

I definitely underestimated right hand advantage by smonch in FortNiteBR

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I mean, how else would you have grinded for Seriously?

I compiled a list of interview questions common when interviewing for a job as a Graphics Programmer by erkaman in programming

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Nope, graphics programming is pretty niche.

In my team of ~50 devs that work on a AAA video game, only 2-3 are doing graphics. That's on top of game development being a smaller subset in the whole software development industry.

Those few rendering developers are pretty hadcore though.

Dog eats Bean Burrito in 1 second by gapmunky in videos

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Poor doggy, he seems traumatized and embarrassed by it.