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Why do you keep posting repeatedly in this thread?

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for the rubles, account is clearly a Russian schill. past history is far too consistent, narrow in subject range.

Can I ask your age if you don't mind? I'm climbing up on 44 this year and for some reason I get self-conscious on flights and feel like people will be judging me for gaming on flights. I know that's on me, but do you, or anyone else, notice non-young peeps like myself gaming on flights?

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31 here checking in, played Mario Cart with some baby boomers just a couple weeks ago. no one cares, everyone likes having fun, game on.

only tangentially related but on a flight last year I saw a dude who must have been in his seventies watching early seasons of adventure time on an iPad and having a blast. I doubt anyone cares about your in-flight activities, they'll probably just be jealous.

help me budget for a home, this is my monthly budget

$2000 on coffee

$100 on avocados

$100 on loaves of bread

$10 on necessities

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sounds good actually, might want to think about upping the coffee spending though.

Bartender, consultant, & former manager here: it's because service industry folks work long/odd hours, often lots of doubles, and we work hours that don't match up with every day life because our jobs revolve around everyone else's leisure time. Have you ever been woken up by church bells? Because that's happened every day for me since the church down the block got their loud-ass bells fixed. Bells start at 0800, not a problem if you were up at 0600, but if you got to sleep at 0430 then you're going to have issues.

That is to say, the folks working in bars and restaurants drink a lot of coffee. It's tough/impossible to charge your employees who are usually (in major cities in the US anyhow) working 8-12 hour shifts, sometimes doubles, with no break (aside from maybe a couple cigarettes but only if you smoke) or even a chance to sit down, plus the fact that you're paying them below minimum wage, for a cup of coffee - even a bottomless one. If you're rocking those dope micro-roasted single origin local beans that folks like me drink at home (day off, just finished my third cup, I tell you the service industry drinks a lot of coffee) then your coffee margins - which were already bad - are now utterly fucked. Restaurants are used to losing money on coffee but they do try and minimize the amount of money they have to lose.

That said, what other folks are saying in here about how it's not their focus have the right of it because sorry, it's not. Even restaurants with decent/good coffee beans (Sparrow roaster here in Chicago specialize in that) don't sell a lot of it, and so you have a total lack of incentive to invest in decent coffee equipment. Chemex's, v60's, french presses, digital scales? Yeah, they all break as easily as a wine glass, cost a lot more. Fetco's and their like are tough to clean properly and most folks aren't grinding to order for those batches, nor are the employees going to be cleaning the carafe's every time much less pre-warming them. The only espresso machine you want to bother training your employees on is going to be a MASSIVELY simple automatic.

As a bartender who cares about coffee I bring in my personal equipment (aeropress is quick and nigh indestructible, as long as no one touches my Orphan Espresso's LIDO E-T no one gets hurt), and sure I'll make you a cup if you're a regular and I've got time, but mostly that's for personal consumption.

Finally, just anecdotally speaking, in my 5 years working service industry, 4 of those in restaurant bars, I would estimate that probably 70% of patrons who order coffee are 50+ years old. I don't know about your parents, but mine wouldn't know good coffee if it bit them in the ass. Most people who either currently or still expect to collect social security don't have amazing or adventurous palate when it comes to a digestif cup of joe. You can call it ageism, I'm just reporting my observations.

Are you doing math in bed? Respect.

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bed math=best math

-17 points · 3 months ago

Are we in a total war scenario right now? Conservatives are aware a nation requires money, but they also want government to cut out the tremendous bloat it has acquired. It's different having your money go to social programs compared to the literal existence of the nation.

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cough comparably reasonable tax rate on corporations and very low taxes on the wealthy cough. The conservatives you seem to be talking about haven't really existed in the post-Reagan era, outside of their (your?) own masturbatory fantasies.

Now head on back to the_donald to recoup those downvotes you're incurring.

Moderator of r/whatisthisthing, speaking officiallyScore hidden · 4 months ago · Stickied comment

Replies with even a hint of antisemitism will be met with an immediate and permanent ban. If it gets out of hand the thread will be locked.

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thank you, Reddit needs more mods like you.

Everything is disintegrating. Nothing is is immortal. The television remote on the coffee table will not be a television remote in enough time, even if that means thousands of years have to pass before it loses its intended form.

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see, I find that comforting

Companies who bought a black-box component which is business-critical

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so so so much this. it's literally the only reason I know any programming at all, this exact thing.

I agree with you and I see validity in what you are saying - however I believe the emotions argument goes both ways in this case. Usually those who have their mind set, whether one way or the other, it is based fairly heavily in emotion.

It's unusual to find someone that can educate others with scientific fact and logical reasoning as to why they agree that climate change is real. If one even questions the idea of climate change with an everyday person who agrees with climate change policies, one will typically be called "anti-science" and completely dismissed (which is not constructive).

So, in this case, I really do think that more and better education on the topics of climate change, GMOs, and vaccinations - where people are allowed to ask questions without being called "anti-science" and completely dismissed - will be more conducive to scientific progress in the average American household.

Whether this should or can be achieved through modern education or through social change, I'm not sure. But dismissing those who are wrong as "anti-science people" because they are skeptical or ask questions is anti-scientific in itself and, in my opinion, certainly a root cause of the problem.

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my partner is a PhD climate scientist and even most of her colleagues are bad at explaining their field to laymen, she is exceptionally good at it and yet my father is still a climate denier. So, while I'm not sure what the answer, I can firmly tell you academia is definitely not encouraging or attracting people who have a knack for science outreach.

As /u/dirtmonger mentioned, you should invest in a scale. I have the cj4000 model and I really like it, I use it for everything from coffee to baking to cocktails and fermenting.

Second, are you using filtered water? Your response to /u/MrMurgatroyd where you mentioned things not fermenting or just rotting made me think that perhaps your issue is chloride/chloramine. It doesn't take a lot of contamination to throw off the lacto-fermentation.

My third thought is the quality of your produce. This is a relatively controversial opinion, but in my experience (and that of big name fermentation folks like Sandor Katz) home grown and organic (read: not walmart organic) produce tends to yield better results. The persistent pesticides present on conventional produce, or even the industrially administered USDA allowed organic pesticides/herbicides, can really mess with your ferment. I've had the best luck using local produce from CSA's and farmers markets. Yes, you're paying a bit of premium, but it seems less likely to fail to ferment and you're supporting local farmers and often times they're growing heirloom varietals that are important for genetic diversity in an increasingly industrial monoculture.

Best of luck, try and remember that even experienced fermenters have failures with some regularity. It's not an exact science.

you're maybe 10 years from this being r/oldschoolcool material, and I'm not just saying this because 2004 youaintnoEuthyphro would have thought you looked badass.

Probably Springfield, Rockford, or shit parts of Chicago. This state fucking blows

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hey, fuck you.

the state is great, the people are great, the politics/politicians fucking suck/blow.

source: Chicago bartender, Illinois born and raised, my family has been here for 150+ years.

agreed. Everytime someone asks "how's your wifey" I also retch. sounds like baby talk.

Mine is built on a older Haswell chip which might make a 2018 build for this purpose really cheap! It requires 0 maintenance for me and is my primary entertainment machine. Now I just need a gaming rig for those pew pew pews.

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sounds ideal really. my pew pew pew machine is relatively new, managed to snag a rx 580 8gb for like $20 over MSRP in September, - which in retrospect I'm ecstatic about - paired with a 1700x. loving it.

I actually have a 960 w/ 2gb in it because I intended to have access to roms (which I do) on it so I have a GPU if I'm desperate but I'm dreaming big. Also funny, I wasn't a gamer in Jan 2016 and was only interested in playing older NES games then. I've experienced real growth. Also this sub has been A+ for me, wish I knew about it in 2016!!

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oh yeah this sub is great for that, rough on the pocket book though.

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Might be the wrong thread there, boss

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how so?

This is the NRA/Ajit Pai thread, I think you might have meant to post in that other thread talking about The End of History?

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Hm, no, my post makes sense in this context. I was responding to a now deleted suggestion that I was using the wrong word for Fukuyama's criticisms of Marx, namely "enervating," which was in response to /u/Don_Quixote81 who was talking about Fukuyama:

Fukuyama was* a full blown liberal capitalist neocon. He simply couldn't conceive of a world where unfettered, free market economics didn't eventually rule everything.

So, nope, right thread. Just a tangent off of the Pai nonsense.

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I'd keep the Virtuoso and get another grinder for espresso. A Sette won't perform well in the drip range.

Honestly, I'd try to do better than the infuser. Keep an eye on Craigslist for a used HX machine or the like.

There will always be a learning curve unless you get a superauto.

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OP I agree with this completely but wanted to add I have an orphan espresso grinder (et model) and it is truly wonderful. bit spendy but for the quality of burrs you can't beat the price. super consistent particle size also, and having a travel grinder is a glorious thing: especially coupled with your aforementioned aeropress.

Rookie mistake kid...If you can't take a boot off and bust the lock open then its time to go one sock. You have backup drawers and socks and pants in the car right???

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sock trick is on point for sure. gotta say though, the hankerchiefs I carry always know there's a chance they won't be coming home with me as they may have to be sacrificed for the cause.

The problem is that people that like spice get used to just asking for the highest spice level since most restaurants 'highest' spice level is complete bullshit. Then you get the chef who hears highest spice level and thinks it's fucking mortal kombat and this will be his fatality move.

Restaurants should really use something like the scoville scale. If you offer spicy food and especially if you ask for a number on how spicy then you should compare it to the spice of a jalapeno vs habanero vs scorpion. Otherwise it's just an arbitrary number.

Level 10 means nothing.

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1,000% agree. FoH here, I always start with what I refer to as "the gringo scale;" one to ten where one is Midwestern-housewife bland and ten is your average St Louis style hot sauce. if they want something spicier then it's already a conversation and I can get a better feel for their palate, or rather how much of a masochist they might be.

What's an average St. Louis hot sauce? The only thing remotely spicy from STL I can think of is Red Hot Riplets.

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yeah I realize now that's not terribly useful out of context, but somehow it makes sense in Chicago. I don't have a specific hot sauce in mind when I say that, just think of your middle of the road hot sauce and that's what I'd consider a "st Louis" hot sauce. apologize for not being clear earlier, the scale obviously needs tuning.

also I was drunk.

Original Poster3 points · 7 months ago

I didn’t measure it by percentage, I just used 1 tablespoon for one head of cabbage

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I'm a big fan of doing things by weight in order to hit the correct percentages, kitchen scales are incredibly versatile tools. volumetric methods are at the mercy of so many variables: type of salt, size of cabbage, etc.

all the same, if you're worried I'd taste it before trashing it.

Original Poster3 points · 7 months ago

Okay thanks. I’ll see how it goes, then I’ll taste it. It smells great so far.

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smelling good is a good start. one final endorsement of weighing your ferments: from your post history it looks like you're doing a lot of test batches with a variety of ingredients, a scale would aid in finding reproducible results. good luck!

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56 points · 7 months ago

Yet another example of "bicyclists don't matter".

Every day I have to ride past a construction site (more apartment blocs in Silicon Valley), and the streetsweeper very considerately keeps the street clean by brushing all the nails, rocks, and debris out of the street...and right into the bike lane. Well, that is when the bike lane isn't blocked off for construction vehicles.

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tell me about it. we just had our first big snow of the winter here in Chicago, day after on my ride to work some genius in a Jeep yelled at me for riding in the plowed street "get in the bike lane!," oh sure the place where the plows put all the snow this morning yeah I'll get right on that...

I think this one is solved but I wanted to chime in and add some advice seeing as how I've had these wretched beasties before - along with their dirt bag moth buddies. buy a chest freezer, store all flour sugar and grains in it. chest freezers are cheap and efficient and they are really the only known way to combat these bastards.

Original Poster248 points · 8 months ago

Stitches get taken out tomorrow so hopefully not! The one on the bridge of my nose may but hell, every scar has a great story!

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I have a scar in exactly the same place from a cyst I had removed years ago and yeah it'll scar but it won't keep you from wearing sunglasses like a cyst does. plus my wife tells me scars are hot so I wouldn't worry about it, we're in decent shape buddy.

congrats on the sobriety and great smile!

No bueno! How’s that hand IV? I prefer them, I feel like I have more freedom that way but I think I’m in the minority there.

They letting you out soon?

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fellow hand IV advocate here checking in, definitely the way to go. good luck OP, feel better!

we're living in 2018 and this guy is out there living "things-contained-in-acme-boxes-the-coyote-opens-in-roadrunner-cartoons" life

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