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unquietmammal 1 point

Yeah I feel I need a website because as I get more an more people asking me to write for them. I think I can say here is a website that will answer all your questions. I really just want a standardized way to save time and say my rate is X, I'm overpriced for a reason, if this piece doesn't move you to tear and this piece isn't as informative as you expected I might be underqualified for you.

I think Custom Farming is similar, anyone that fights me on price is probably not worth it but a job is a job and I don't know, the market just yet. Is 12 cents per word a good starting rate.

yourbasicgeek 1 point

Well sure, create a website if you like; sometimes that can weed out the chaff.

Not usually a good idea to say outright what your rate is. If you're charging $1/word and the client is willing to pay $2, you just gave away money.

I cannot fathom making a living at 12 cents a word. How much do you need to make the time worthwhile?

unquietmammal 1 point

At 12 cents per word if I sell/write 1000 per day. I make more per day that I do now by 20% at a 15/hour job working the same amount of time

At $1 per 1000 per day I would make about 3 times more than my dad ever made in his life.

yourbasicgeek 1 point

Well, which do you aim for? To match or exceed a low-paying job? Or to make a comfortable living doing what you enjoy?

As with anything else, you have to decide what matters to you. And then consider what you have to do to reach that goal.

I'm not speaking here in terms of cheering oneself on. There's lots of business decisions, such as, "Which beat is most remunerative?" and "What do I have to do to improve the quality of my writing so that I can command a higher rate?" Such questions may lead to specific actions, such as finding a mentor or accepting a lower word rate if you get useful feedback from an editor whom you admire.

Not to mention: What do I enjoy? What am I good at? Where do these intersect? That implies deciding what you're unsuited for, as well. (I learned the hard way that I don't write news stories very well, and it takes me twice as long to write them. That forced me to decide if I wanted to learn the skill, or if I preferred to write stuff other than news. I chose the latter.)

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petercooper 5 points

It's not exactly the same, but I run which covers similar ground.

We also do things like and a bunch of others for more specific areas, if you're deep into those.

Not mine, but there's also and worth looking at in this space.

yourbasicgeek 2 points

You run that? It's really excellent! Thank you. (I would share my chocolate with you in gratitude but... well, I'll just eat some and think of you.)

yourbasicgeek 1 point

I think she does the most amazing interviews. I've learned a lot by listening to her over the years. I suspect you'll like this as much as I.

reporter4life 1 point

You mean to make long, rambling statements, and then demand a response?

yourbasicgeek 1 point

Clearly we have different opinions of her. (Which is okay.)

I happen to love her interviews.

yourbasicgeek commented on a post in r/sysadmin
Casper042 3 points

Umm, hate to break it to you,but the author seems to be a CEO of some other company.
Just happens to be published on the HPE site.

yourbasicgeek 2 points

The author's bio: Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, a.k.a. sjvn, has been writing about technology and the business of technology since CP/M-80 was the cutting-edge PC operating system, 300bps was a fast Internet connection, WordStar was the state-of-the-art word processor, and we liked it. His work has been published in everything from highly technical publications (IEEE Computer, ACM NetWorker, Byte) and business publications (eWeek, InformationWeek, ZDNet) to popular technology magazines (Computer Shopper, PC Magazine, PC World) and the mainstream press (Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Businessweek).

Work_McGurk 28 points

I know we're not supposed to editorialise titles, but I really wish you'd changed that to "biscuit tin", OP

yourbasicgeek -2 points

Ha! ::laughing aloud:: Yeah, if I did it again I'd do it that way.

Benben2018 2 points


So funny that you posted this pic! I've been married a decade and almost forgot, but Bernie & Libby's Origin Story inspired me to marry my spouse after only knowing them for 2 months, then dating for 2 weeks. In my mind at the time I was like, "Fuckin' Bernie & Libby did it. It'll be FINE." And it is!! Thank for posting this!!

yourbasicgeek 1 point

Are you still in touch with the family? I sent a Facebook invite to Howie (who's my age) but haven't heard from him.

To tell you the truth I'm not sure I know Bernie & Libby's origin story. Lots of others, but not that one. (She is the person who taught me to cook, though.)

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