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Hi, thanks a lot for your reply!

I'm sorry, what did you mean by " If you use unlicensed music you could (and if you use enough you absolutely will) get Content ID'd and make 0% of the ad revenue."?

I just found out about Kevin McLeod's music, but his music is licensed under Creative Commons as well.

In the website (, it does say that using music as well as remixing is allowed, however some creators may vary on that.

"remix, transform, and build upon the material

for any purpose, even commercially."


"No warranties are given. The license may not give you all of the permissions necessary for your intended use. For example, other rights such as publicity, privacy, or moral rights may limit how you use the material."

By "remixing", I mean for example taking the end of the track to the middle of it, and end the track early.

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Just wanted to add that what you stated regarding remixing is not remixing in regards to music and copyright.

That's simply editing a song and the copyright remains to the owner.

Remixing a song means you have created an original piece from another song, by using parts from said copyrighted song.

The ownership of the copyright of the remixed song is a very muddy legal matter. Sometimes the remixed artist will lose all proceeds from the remixed song, sometimes they will strike a deal with the original song owner and split proceeds, or you can even have the owner of the original song allow the remixer artist to take all the proceeds.

There have been many legal battles, in regards to remixing, with different resolutions. That being said, taking any parts of a song and reusing it is copyright infringement if permission was not sought and granted. It doesn't matter if it was only 1 second of audio (people always misinform others stating that you're safe if you only use X seconds). It doesn't matter if you greatly changed the 1 second of audio. You can even end up in trouble if it just sounds like it was taken from another song but wasn't done so in actual fact.

The terms you are looking for would be to "splice" a part of a song, simply "edit" it, or "use parts of it". The song is still the same song, just spliced/edited. It won't be considered a remix, but just parts of a copyright song (this is ultimately worse than remixing since the remix would have created an original piece of work).

Sorry for butting in. You seem to be doing your due diligence and I felt obligated to try and clear it up.

Not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but you can find struggling artists who will do a drawing for <= $100.

You can then commission it based on what your SO likes.

I've done this before, albeit paid closer to $400 as the artist was known, and my SO is in love with it. Best gift I've given her, and I've previously bought her a kitchenaid.

Disclaimer: not saying to screw artists over. Some need a gig and will do it for <= $100 if it's not too demanding.

It's based on an old PC game called Drugwars that was very popular at the time.

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A-are you okay, bro? You badly want me to be some 'bad-ass' blood drinking marine, but I can happily inform you that I've never even worn a uniform. I have celiac disease which prevented me from joining the army at 18 (it was mandatory for men at that time). Even if that wasn't the case, I consider myself a pacifist and would object to joining the army if I was 18 now (since I now have a legal right to).

And yes, I do think that individuals in the mess of collective actions fueled by some dictator or other politicians deserves pardon at least to a certain extent. I say this given the knowledge I have of human psychology (particularly when it comes to conformity).

You come off as pretty rambling and I'm not going to address everything you wrote (for example, I don't see how it matters that you've been to Norway or any country, or whether I've been to your country which I don't even know what is).

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You clearly don't know shit about war, killing people and the repercussions.

So why did you even bother replying when you dont know shit.

I know US Marines, the protocols, and I know the army of the US. This all said while being born and living in Africa. My sources for learning are compromised and always a battle in itself, so why the fuck are you so stupid in regards to a matter that impacts you even in a remote location like Norway?

Just dumb as shit because you couldn't take the time to learn when there is no excuse as we live in the Age of Information. Too fucking dumb to even realise it.

You're excusing killings based on a politicians actions, when they weren't even on the floor. You dont even seem to see that you've accepted that killing is based on a mindless action, yet you want there to be comfort.

Must I fucking spell it out for you?

A majority share country goes out killing for their own benefits, now on a global space we must accept that there is comfort in doing so.

JC. You and this US blog funnel are so fucking blind to reality. US marines and their bullshit mentality (propaganda) must die off. You are evidence that it ripples far beyond their own shores.

Edit: weren't

Original Poster1 point · 4 days ago

On the one hand you're telling me to fuck off cause I don't know shit. On the other you're telling me to "take the time to learn". Since you are the almighty oracle on the matter, isn't this the perfect learning opportunity for me? Why then are you asking me to leave it?

You're excusing killings based on a politicians actions, when they weren't even on the floor.

I am not excusing anything. Let me put it this way. If it was made law that every citizen had to swallow some pill that made them love killing, and the punishment for refusing was death, would you morally judge those who swallowed the pill and went on to kill? Cause that's what I'm saying. People who aren't "on the floor" as you say are manufacturing and distributing this (metaphorical) pill, and people are being forced to swallow it (be it through culture, economic pressure or by law).

You dont even seem to see that you've accepted that killing is based on a mindless action, yet you want there to be comfort.

Comfort? I don't even know what you mean by that in this context.

Must I fucking spell it out for you?

Yes, please. You're pretty incoherent at times.

A majority share country goes out killing for their own benefits, now on a global space we must accept that there is comfort in doing so.

"we must accept that there is comfort in doing so" - what? What are you even trying to say here?

As for the last part, I don't understand how you conclude that I've fallen victim to some militaristic propaganda. I don't think having "served your country" is heroic at all. I see it as a prison sentence of sorts. People end up there without a real choice and do what they must. It's terrible for them and whoever they're fighting. That's what I believe, and I don't see how it makes me a victim of propaganda.

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You're right and I'm wrong.

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827 points · 5 days ago

And scratch resistant lenses, and LEDs, and infrared thermometers, and heart pumps [VADS], and anti-icing systems, and better tires, and chemical detection systems, and video enhancing, and various analysis systems, and fire-resistant structural reinforcements, and better firefighter gear, and temper foam, and enriched baby food, and freeze drying, and efficient solar energy, and de-polluters, and good water purification, and shit loads of software, and structural analysis programs, and appliances operated through the internet, and powdered lubricants, and better mine safety, and pens you can write upside down with!

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How did you even manage to come up with such a bullshit list of unfounded claims?

Is this meant to be propaganda or are you just a product of it?

A simply Google search on most of your claims will show they it was not invented by NASA or introduced in a recent time frame. Freeze drying? lol.

Some of the claims are even attributed to Russian and Japanese individuals, which as many have stated here were the drive for the US to reach the moon.

"Good water purification" lol

SC changed the cancel button to properly cancel a battle if you cancel it immediately.

Seems like most of you didn't need the change otherwise you would have noticed it ;)


The map overview for the legendary arena looks like a fist pumping panda.

I can't stay in touch with all of the developments in the game.

Did I miss a meme?

1 comment
243 points · 21 days ago

I might be confused, but that is not a double negative, or is it?

It's just a negative when you'd expect a positive or nothing.

Asshole design either way thou.

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This isn't a double negative and the sentence is very straightforward. It's just the opposite of what is usually offered when generally dealing with 'opt out' checkboxes. You could consider it 'bait and switch' given that most users expect to 'Agree' when clicking a checkbox.

The double negative, in line with the title, would be something such as "don't not opt me out" which is confusing to read.

The comments regarding "opt out" being a negative, so that the sentence becomes a double negative, are flawed. "Opt out" and "unsubscribe" are interchangeable terms and actions in this context therefore, using the same flawed logic, "Do not unsubscribe me" is argued to be a double negative which it simply is not. It is a very simple sentence. The flaw is attaching a negative to "unsubscribe"/"Opt out" when these are terms and actions that are not English negatives.

Here's some examples to further illustrate the point:


"Do not unfasten your seatbelt"

"Do not unpack the box."

"Do not unroll the mat."

Opt out (These are easy so I'll only supply one):

"Do not climb out of the ..."

As for it being asshole design, I feel you could argue the opposite. If the company does what it says, then leaving the box unchecked will automatically unsubscribe you. This is taking into account that OP has already subscribed to the newsletter as worded in the sentence "Do not opt me out of the occasional newsletter...". This is seemingly not an 'opt in' but instead a confirmation for the removal of a newsletter already subscribed to and it's unchecked by default. If they do remove you automatically, then there are good guy devs.

Thanks for the explanation, that's what I was thinking (that opt out is neither positive nor negatives) when I commented but since they corrected me otherwise I accepted it.

Also I get your point about it not being an asshole design, it's just that the subscription service is handled very much like an asshole design everywhere that is hard to not see it as such, like maybe they think people go over it quickly, read "opt out" and tick the box, idk.

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2 points · 20 days ago · edited 20 days ago

I went and checked the website out on both Desktop and Mobile.

Fairly certain what I said regarding OP being already subscribed is what is happening here.

Take a look at this image which is to sign up for an account for the game. Imgur Link of Sign Up Page on Desktop

It has a 3rd Checkbox which states:

Desktop: "Sign me up to receive game newsletters and exclusive offers."

Mobile: "Newsletter"

OP is being a karma whore/promoter (50% off game atm) and shame on him. I don't know these developers, nor the game itself, but it appears they are willing/prepared to remove you off a mailing list, not trick you into subscribing into one, when you choose to not click the box. This removes an extra step for the consumer where they have to find an 'Opt Out'/'Unsubscribe' link in an e-mail or the website.

This seems to be ahead of the curve for consumer satisfaction and definitely not a feature for consumers to complain about ("Are you sure you wish to stay subscribed to our mailing list" / "Do not opt out of the mailing list"). I for one welcome this kind of implementation.

There's a movie that was very popular in South Africa called 'Gods Must Be Crazy'. It's a very controversial film in this day and age, which is a bit of an understatement.

The Director also made a documentary called 'Animals Are Beautiful People'.

In the documentary there are monkeys, elephants and other animals getting drunk off fermented Amarula fruit that had fallen off the tree.

Here's the part from the documentary (Not my channel, tried to find a low view count to avoid ads):

Here's the twist.

It was allegedly staged and it's alleged the director and/or crew had found other means to get the animals drunk. Some say they soaked the fruit in alcohol, however imo they could have possibly avoided all of that mess and just shot footage after an animal was darted for other reasons (medical check up, relocation etc).

Regardless, experts came to the table to prove that elephants can't get drunk off the fermented Amarula fruit.

Wiki article on the documentary:

One scene depicts baboons, elephants, giraffes, warthogs and other African animals eating rotten, fermented fruit of the Marula tree. The animals are then intoxicated, and they stagger around to comic effect, before nightfall comes and they fall asleep. In the morning, we see one baboon wake up, disheveled, next to a warthog, and quietly exit the burrow, as not to wake her. Some experts have claimed that some scenes were likely staged; elephants would be too large, for example, and drink too much water (diluting the alcohol) to get intoxicated.

I apologise for the lack of links. On mobile atm.

Original Poster9 points · 26 days ago

“Latin America has generally been a very positive place to invest; except for Venezuela, which is a disaster. Then, of course, we have Africa. Most countries, particularly in West Africa, have been very successful for companies, despite various political and social risks. There are a couple of outliers that have been difficult, such as South Sudan, Eritrea, and South Africa, which I think will continue to be a problem.

see more

“In my career, I have worked in almost every country of the world, and I have seen that each one must be looked at uniquely. You can never be too clever in analysing country risk – the best can be the worst, and the worst can often be the best. 

This is not a TIL and a bunch of propaganda bullshit on your behalf. South Africa is mentioned once and only in the quote you just supplied.

Please go post this on TIL instead of here, you coward.

Edit: why is this even the 3rd thread when you visit RSA.

Original Poster5 points · 25 days ago

Why don't we take it around back to the Spurs on Atlas Road in Boksburg and see who the real coward is

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Haha, you just pulled a "fite me IRL" as a scapegoat.

Again, you're a coward. Go post your bullshit on TIL and let's see the answers.

Just be a man and do it. No reason not to, right?

Too much of a fucking coward to do it because you know you will be called out for your bullshit.

13 points · 25 days ago

But he did have ill intent for a woman in the bathroom. You wouldn't lean up on a car parked in a handicapped spot and wait for the owner to come out to make sure they're really handicapped. You mind your own damn business.

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What a shit comparison and a poor strawman argument.

A two gender bathroom in currently society has no comparison to an open parking lot.

Fuck off with your piss poor argument. Narrow minded cunt.

Neck yourself.

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Spends entire life playing games and making shitty emo art "by request" because she can't handle criticism. Tells people to kill themselves.

lol, what a joke. And in your depressed mind you're somehow better than this male individual when you're telling people to kill themselves.

Enjoy your life ;)

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Usually 30 bunk beds with more than 30 prisoners. Losper correctional services in Brits houses political prisoners, terrorists basically people who commits acts against the State and is a penal farm where the agricultural goods produced by prisoners in this case dairy, beef, wheat and potatoes are generally used primarily to feed the prisoners population and other wards of the state (residents of orphanages, asylums, etc.), and secondarily, to be sold for whatever profit the state may be able to obtain. Hours are usually 08:00 - 16:00 with a break time in between. Mon - Fri the rest is lockup.

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2 points · 25 days ago · edited 25 days ago

What a crock of shit. You don't know jack shit about RSA prisons. Keep to US politics and propanga.

Edit: lol, people believing this Afriforum dumbass. He doesn't even know what the outside of a prison looks like let alone work for one.

Okay then....

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3 points · 25 days ago · edited 25 days ago

There is so much bullshit within your post, I don't even know where to start.

Let fools be fools. A simple Google search will show you have absolutely no idea what you're taking about.

Edit: Had to ask. Please explain the process where a large majority in prison with untreated tuberculosis; meningitis; STDs; Hepatitis; and HIV/AIDS share leftover "produced" food with orphanages when there is no health standards or funds to treat the diseases/ailments above. I'd really love to hear your answer to this.

You also said it's sold when RSA food restrictions prohibit the above. Please link where this "produced" food is sold despite strict government (who the fuck says "state" in RSA) regulations.

They suspected her, most likely with good reason. We don't know the facts but based on what's told we know they knew what they were looking for. And they found it.

You have a very strange understanding of what constitutes evidence... you know absolutely nothing about this situation other than what one person said. That exact person (your ONLY source in this matter) said that the police had "nothing on her", and elicited a confession by lying to the suspect and making her think they had solid evidence pointing to her as the culprit. That does not give any information that suggests "good reason" to suspect her.

Re-read that comment and with each sentence think to yourself "what if she didn't do it?" Nothing in that comment proves she did it or even gives enough information for us to suspect she did it.

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You have a very strange understanding of what constitutes evidence... you know absolutely nothing about this situation other than what one person said.

I have a solid understanding of what is evidence. I also know that what "the one person said" is my only source of information to go off. I expect that of a Reddit comment so I need to ask what personal experiences your mind ran off into.

A court does not prosecute a scared teenager who felt pressured into lying about making a bomb threat. The truth comes out way before a court date is even set.

They do charge teenagers who are pressured into making a confession despite being innocent, though. I don't know who you are trying to convince otherwise but you are completely incorrect and just naive.

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And then the case gets thrown out.

If the police are corrupt, that's one thing, but you're not going to convince me I'm naive for wanting the police to investigate a bomb threat.

I'm not sure what answer you're trying to pander from me. You basically want to justify a bomb threat on the basis that some individuals are forced to make a confession even though they're innocent.

Shitty frame of mind considering that an innocent party at a school will have an alibi.

Do you want untrained school teachers to handle bomb threats? Gtfo. You would bitch and moan about a bomb going off at a school if there weren't professionals handling the matter.

You compare one life to potentially hundreds. Don't come with "naive" and bias bullshit when you can't think of anyone other than one individual who possibly placed the bomb.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

It wasn’t supposed to be a dodgy site, I was looking for a review on an airsoft rifle/ one for sale (I can’t really remember too well) and it was the 5th/6th one down

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Bullshit. I'm for RSA and see the same as you.

These fake ads are commonplace on Warez/torrent networks.

The people here are too stupid to know the difference between a fake ad and a real one. Responses here are proof of it.

Holy shit, most of you are new to the internet.

Report to Google? lol

You will automatically assume it's a Google ad based on the picture but at the same time argue over the authenticity of the image above the ad.

Stop browsing dodgy sites and you won't have dodgy ads.

Explains why Canada has come into agreement with South African politicians to grow on thousands of hectares of land, despite it being illegal here.

First come, first serve.

6.9k points · 1 month ago

I work as the marketing manager for a small travel business and we've actually found our newsletter is more effective now - because anyone who gets it has genuinely decided to engage with it.

Frankly I just regret listening to the people who told us we should expand our list as much as possible rather than focusing on getting good-quality contacts.

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This comment and the responses are such bullshit haha.

Noone wants marketed emails and most providers filter them out even when subscribed.

Don't tell me people are "genuinely" interested when the majority of the time an email subscription is done shrewdly when registering an account or purchasing a product/service.

The funny part is just the other day Reddit was hiveminding over how they don't tolerate email newsletters even in their scope of interest. Ridiculous that so many people can be swayed over a voting system that has no value.

I'm aware of referral coupon codes and other discounts that are done after quotas. I host a few sites.

Fun fact! If you ever go to a major academic hospital, the doctor taking care is probably an overworked resident who hasn’t gotten more than 5 hours of sleep a night in weeks.

They tried to fix this by implementing rules like you can’t work more than 24 hours straight. Or you have to “on average” have 1 day off a week.

The best part is when the hospital makes the resident stay an hour after work, after they’ve been on for 27 hours, and have worked 80 hours so far that week, for a mandatory lecture on the dangers of sleep-deprecation and tells us we need to be getting more sleep.

I really do love my job. But sometimes I have concerns that maybe this could be safer for everyone involved...

see more

Related to people in healthcare. In RSA they have residents doing over 48 hours. Additionally, the hospital will also be understaffed and often not have all the right equipment.

I don't feel like our healthcare system is safe with these hours (24 or 48).

You wouldn't let an individual do these hours on any other job that could harm someone (driving, heavy machinery, working with explosives etc.), so where the hell is the logic in having these hours where individuals are purely focused on the health of humans.

Then you have the health of the doctor in the longterm where these individuals, known to be academics, are basically brain damaging themselves; unable to hold relationships due to these hours; and shorten their lifespan due to both the lack of sleep and not having the time to prepare nutritious food.

It's all so backwards. Imo, it kills the person inside the doctor and explains why they are seemingly like a drone at the workplace.

Why does OP get to market his site here on a daily basis with clickbait monetized bullshit?

Can we all start linking our blogs here or is that reserved for alts?

Fucked up on so many levels.

  1. Why are these kids not introduced to vegetables at a young age so their palates are more attuned to natural flavours?

  2. Why is a fast food company solving something that parents have the onus of dealing with when raising their children?

  3. Again, a fast food company dealing with it (profit) meaning many children are consuming their food, relating to the point above.

Making solid foods for a baby transitioning to solids is not hard, are not greatly time consuming in singles or batches, nor do they require any ingredients other than the fruit and vegetables themselves.

Stop fucking your kids up.

1 point · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Don't know why it's so hard for US people to see that Nazi hatred is typical US propaganda to excuse themselves from their own, collectively far worse atrocities.

It's like when people from the US don't see the irony of focusing on the horrors of Apartheid, which once again was nowhere as bad as what occurred in the US. The colonizers in the US still have control if it slipped by you and the killings that took place in South Africa never touched the hatred in the US where it was a pastime to lynch a black person on false allegations.

Stop the Nazi hate. There were people who had very little options, if at all, and had to support the country. Just like US Marines etc. will almost always follow through on orders or face being sent to prison. Manhunts on people who simply leaked the truth digitally.

It's so painfully obvious this is the reason it's fine to shoot Nazis digitally without going into all of the censorship crap seen here.

The worst part of it all is that US atrocities continue to impact millions of PoC through past atrocities. Nazis aren't doing that. Who is the real enemy here?

I think you have to login within X time period otherwise they expire.

Some advice: Make sure you disable the option that deletes watched episodes. I fell asleep during an episode which played another afterwards. It ended up deleting both the episodes.

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